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Last updated: May 13, 2020

Pocket HRMS is India’s leading hire to retire HR software that handles all your HR operations. With its AI-based chatbot, smHRty serves as a personal assistant in your HR’s busy schedule. It is designed to give instant replies to your employees’ queries regarding leaves, salaries, and much more. Besides, Pocket HRMS brings all your HR operations under a single roof with its cloud-based solution.

Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, Managing Director of Pocket HRMS, revealed some interesting facts about Pocket HRMS and its inception in his exclusive interview with SoftwareSuggest. Dig deeper to get a knack of the ideological principles he follows and more here:

In conversation with Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, MD of Pocket HRMS

What led to the inception of Pocket HRMS?

Established over 15 years ago, we started with a goal to enable time-saving across corporates and a vision to be a leading choice in helping companies be more efficient. To aid our vision of being highly efficient, we scouted the market for HR software that matched our desired level of technology, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. This search yielded no concrete results which led us to conduct in-depth market research in the HR space and, ultimately, the idea for Pocket HRMS came into our minds. Steadily we evolved and adapted to the growing need for an organized HRMS software by introducing our desktop application. Our company leaders saw Cloud as the next big revolution in technology and the limitless possibilities that it brought along.

Thus, we took a bold step by being one of the first to become a cloud-based HR solution and evolved with the changing times. Today, Pocket HRMS is the leading cloud-based choice across myriad industries and is known for its features of convenience, adaptability, and productivity.

With multiple HR solutions available on the market, what is it that makes Pocket HRMS different?

When it comes to staying ahead of the curve, Pocket HRMS has a dedicated focus towards being the best in the business. What sets us apart from the rest:

  • HR First, Employee Driven: Pocket HRMS follows a unique HR First, Employee oriented approach. This enables us to focus on HR requirements while ensuring that we address employee pain points using modern technologies and digital platforms.
  • Proto-pioneers:  With almost two decades of experience under the belt, we possess an unmatched industry-leading level of expertise that our customers trust. Time and again, we have pioneered and introduced advanced tools in the HR domain. This has allowed us to provide world-class support with minimal implementation time and fast ROIs for organizations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: One of our prominent differences is that we are promoting businesses. We strive to support our clients and grow with them together. This has paved the way for Pocket HRMS being the foremost choice when choosing a cost-effective HRMS software.
  • smHRty: Our drive for innovation can be gauged by our chatbot – smHRty, which we were one of the first to introduce in the HRMS domain. It has been adored by our clients and has been immensely instrumental in reducing the mundane task workload for HRs across industries. Today, smHRty can quickly answer employee queries, take leave requests, share important information, and is available 24×7. Just like Pocket HRMS, it embodies our vision of being lightning fast, highly efficient, and adaptable.
  • Peerlessly Versatile: From 10 employees to 100,000 employees, Pocket HRMS effortlessly caters to HR needs for businesses across manufacturing, IT, insurance, medical, hospitality, retail, and many other industries. We take pride in being adaptable to dynamic requirements and provide scalable solutions across the depth and breadth of the HR spectrum.
  • HR-evolutionary: We stay up-to-date on current technologies and look over the horizon. Our Next-Gen vision sets us apart from our competitors multifold. We were one of the first to adapt as a cloud-based HR solution, and utilize smHRty, the AI-based HR bot, in the HRMS domain. Now, we are leading the revolution or, as we like to call it, HR-evolution with an overhaul of Pocket HRMS and introducing the first-of-its-kind Global Search feature: the smHRt searcHR.
  • smHRt searcHR: This is a brand new feature that we have launched with our overhaul of Pocket HRMS which is one of the first-ever use of a Global Search feature in the HR Software industry. Now, HR teams can swiftly access functional menus as well as employee data from a single smart search field. It is already on a path to revolutionize interacting with employee data and has already proven to be highly useful to our clients.

These characteristics make Pocket HRMS not just different but also in a league of its own.

What changes in the industry have you observed to date?

I would like to quote Heraclitus here – The only thing constant is change. The last two decades have been crucial to shaping the industry. More importantly, in recent years, there has been a shift in the usual HRMS dynamics.

The previous generation of HR was analog-centric with a flair for book-keeping and a more physical approach to managing their employees. This has been upgraded to a youth-centric HR who believes in making the best use of technology to manage their ever-growing workforce.

However, the rate at which information is generated has increased exponentially. This has, in turn, changed the thinking and focus of many organizations with many looking at Artificial Intelligence as a source of relief.

Our introduction of smHRty, the AI-based HR chatbot, turned a lot of heads when it was announced. It bolstered the Pocket HRMS vision of helping HRs become omnichannel and highly accessible by utilizing futuristic technology.

Since the boundaries between working from office and remote working are getting narrower each year, there is an increasing interest in being device & location agnostic in HR management. Parallel to this, the next big changes will be in working to create a decentralized HR environment with a focus on greater employee data, adaptability to foreseeable changes, and data access security.

These changes have the potential to be the biggest change in perception of how we work and when the time comes you can rest assure that Pocket HRMS would be ready to tackle it.

How did the idea of developing an end-to-end HR software come across?

Our founders and leaders have believed in the essence of being proactive. When they initially came up with developing HRMS software in India, it was still a relatively new concept 15 years ago.

The goal to have an effective and feature-rich HR solution was discovered when our stakeholders saw untapped potential in the industry. This marked the beginning of Pocket HRMS’ journey and along the way we realized that an HR software is more than just managing a company’s human resources. It is about engaging them, as well.

To confirm this realization, we explored the available HR solutions. Sure, there were offerings with Core HR features like Payroll, Leave, and Attendance management but they lacked that fine balance of technology, cost-effectiveness, and scalability that modern HR prefers. We took up the job and created Pocket HRMS – a complete end-to-end HR software.

We added modules like appraisal, training, recruitment, employee self-service portal, analytic reports, and so much more. But, perhaps our biggest contributor on this journey has been our in-house AI chatbot smHRty who is the engagement powerhouse of Pocket HRMS. In a nutshell, I can say that it was our desire of being the best that led us to the idea for developing a hire-to-retire HR software.

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