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Last updated: February 22, 2021

As a software vendor, you should know that a Landing Page is the most effective conversion tool. Even if your pages are well-optimized, your marketing is well equipped and you have good paid search ads, it’s not guaranteed that you would see your conversion number moving. Moreover, if you don’t have a good landing page, it’s like going to bat without a cricket bat. When describing Landing page in its purest sense it can be said that it is any web-page that a visitor can arrive or “Land-ON”.

However, discussing landing pages in relation to software businesses, it is appropriate to say that a Landing page is your standalone web page that distinct from the main website. Moreover, it has been designed with a single-focused objective i.e. converting leads. Statistically speaking, the average conversion rate for an authentic and well-structured B2B landing page is 13.28% and for a B2C landing page is 9.87%.

You do not want people just to visit your website. You want them to take action assertively once they are there. Thus if you make it easy, compelling and free-flowing you’ll not only catch your leads but keep them in your boat as well.

Hereby blog will show you what should be done to budge up (shift-over) your conversion rates and how to build a synchronized Landing Page for your software website:

Progressive Call to action: As it is said, the salesman approaches his customers with a simple Mantra which is ABC- “Always be closing”. This should be the theme of your landing page as well. And you can accomplish this by focusing on your call to action.

  • Make sure that your CTA (Call to Action) is clear, tempting and should not distract your customers with multiple requests. Moreover, if you have other CTA’s on your page deemphasize them visually as compared to the primary CTA.
  • Always use visual cues, such as arrows or images of people looking at the button to seek the attention of your user.

landing page optimization -tally

Here as we can see that Tally ERP software manages authentically their call to action by giving direct viewpoints to their customers.

Offers: Offer is something like a back doorway to make your visitors do what you want from them. Moreover, a free trial proposal or a matching gift can pull your users deeper into the conversion funnel

  • Whatever you try to offer, pair it with a sense of urgency or a deadline like this offer is valid on 15 days- conditions applied and see a spur in response.
  • Moreover, it should be kept in mind that the offer conveyed is simple and does not distract your users from the CTA (call to action)
  • The visuals of your offer should not cover the entire page and it should not be done in a rather “demanding” fashion.

Streamline your focus: Make your landing page simple and clearer so that your visitors can get the assertive guidelines. Moreover, researches have shown that the more choices you offer the longer they (customers) take to make a decision.

  • Visually minimize the things that can be clicked and are not there on your call to action.
  • Especially as a software vendor, keep the fields in your sign-up form to a bare minimum. Study after study have shown that more fields on the form = lower response from the visitors.
  • Moreover, your landing page should not contain any extra links, contents or actions.

landing pages 2

Hubspot shows how to streamline your submission form by keeping it more diminutive and clear

Highlighting Important Features: You should give your customers good reasons to do what you want from them. And this could be done by highlighting your most important features

  • Identify 5 to 6 things about your product that you think would be important for your customers and showcase them.
  • Along with this integrate those points that would help the customer in misery and the benefits your customers are going to get.
  • Make your attributes more visually appealing by setting visually clear and friendly icons or pictures of them.

Constructive Headline: Precisely speaking, your visitors are going to decide in a split second if they are going back or staying to see what your site is all about. So, compel them to stay by telling them in simple language what your site is all about.

  • People are generally not interested in reading your whitepaper, buying your widget or signing up your webinar. So while writing your headline, go for clear and explanatory words instead of “beating around the bush
  • When designing, make sure that your headline stands out visually even more than the logo or name of your site.
  • Moreover, your headline should comprehensively highlight your CTA and in a split second should tell everything about your enterprise.

Prominent Layout: While designing your landing page layout make sure you are putting the most important elements in front and center. Keep your resolution such simple that vendors with older monitors should see it without scrolling.

  • Moreover, if you can adjust your page display check it on different resolutions even on mobiles and tablets.
  • A prominent layout should contain all the things- a good headline, bright CTA, some attributes, and social proof.

All these suggestions and recommendations can do wonders if followed properly. While designing the landing page keep it simple and more directive. To sum up I should say be clear about what actions you want the visitor to take and make it as easy and compelling as possible for them to take it.

Arpit Sharma works as a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. In his free time he likes traveling and reading novels.

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