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Last updated: December 17, 2019

1. Best time to call your lead

Often, there’s the best time for almost anything. Making a call to your lead isn’t an exception. So you must be wondering what might be the best time to call your leads, isn’t it? Well, the best answer is to contact them as soon as you receive the enquiry.

According to statistics, “most leads get qualified within 15-20 minute period after the form is filled”.

The contact rate gets improved by 90% if you respond within 5 minutes of form filling. This is called the auto-responding technique. If there’s no response after 5 minutes, then you can drop a brief text message or an email describing your services.

For example,

“We help our customers by providing the best software as per their needs at the right time, right price and with the right terms. Each of them has an avg 4.5 stars out of 5. Please feel free to call or text me on (provide your number).”

2. Act before it’s too late

As you know, we are living in a fast-paced world. Everyone expects a quick response. So the more you delay the more are the chances of leads getting cold. They might think that you’re not showing enough interest. And if you contact them after 2-3 days of filling the lead form, it’s very likely that they are no longer in requirement of your services, maybe because some other company contacted them during that time to fulfill their needs.

3. Lead Nurturing

Many companies don’t realize the importance of assigning a lead to a particular member of the sales team. If a lead isn’t assigned then multiple members from your team might end up calling the same lead. This could create confusion or misunderstanding which leads to loss of data and information. You need to avoid this kind of situation.

Also, you need to make sure that your calling team possesses enough knowledge about your services and its utilization so they can handle customers’ queries with ease.

4. Multiple calls on the same day

You cannot rule out the possibility of your leads not receiving the first call. If the contact isn’t established in the first attempt, then you can inform your sales team to set up a reminder in CRM software. This will remind your team to contact the leads later.

According to statistics, “the qualifying rate drastically increases (up to 90%) after the 6th attempt”.

But you should make sure that your sales team shouldn’t contact a lead more than twice a day. Doing so might annoy them and you may end up losing them forever. CRM software can also help you restrict the no. of calls you can make to a particular lead.

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