How To Build A New Revenue Stream From Your Irrelevant Leads?



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Last updated: July 17, 2019

Lead Generation is what all marketers aim to accomplish. They reach out to an audience, offer them an opportunity, and want the audience to grab it. When this happens, we call our possible future client a “lead.” These leads are then passed on to the sales team who work their magic and turn the lead into a client.

In this process of acquiring leads, you will also get some leads that are not useful to you.

But, you will only talk to the leads that matter. Isn’t it?

What about those irrelevant leads piling in your database?

Let’s comprehend this scenario with an example!

Suppose that you are a company providing Billing Software. And, the everyday leads you receive is 1000. Out of these 1000 leads, 400 leads are irrelevant. Let’s say; they are for HR, Restaurant, Hotel Management, and other software.

Now imagine how many such unproductive leads you would be receiving for the entire month! Here, what we can make out from the above numbers is 12,000 leads. Isn’t this a huge number?

What will you do with these 12,000 leads? Refer them to your competitor? Definitely, not! That might be the last thing you would think of doing. After all, who wants their leads to go their competitors! Then, will you keep them aside in your database? Obviously, there’s no resort to it!

But, but, but…

What if we say you can utilize those irrelevant leads to earn a handsome amount?

Well, we have a sure shot solution to this! And, that is the World’s Largest Lead Submission Program by SoftwareSuggest.

SoftwareSuggest, world’s best software discovery, and recommendation platform, offers you a chance to make money from your irrelevant leads with its Lead Submission Program. All that you require doing is sharing your irrelevant leads with us. For each shared lead, you can earn up to INR 5000.

With this Lead Submission Program, you have nothing to lose but gain! Here’s a look into the perks of this program:

  • Free up your database from the irrelevant leads and focus only on what is important to you.
  • Bring the customers back to your product when you actually have it.
  • Avail something instead of nothing i.e. earn up to INR 5000 for sharing each irrelevant lead.

           JOIN OUR PROGRAM     

So, what are you waiting for? Kick-start sharing your irrelevant leads and acquire some extravagant benefits!

SoftwareSuggest empowers businesses to discover top business software and service partners. Our software experts list, review, compare and offer a free consultation to help businesses find the right software and service solutions as per their requirement. We have helped 500,000+ businesses get the right software and services globally. Get a free consultation today!

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