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Last updated: May 18, 2021

Lead generation is the key to business growth today. The better your reach, the higher your business growth.

Thankfully, we have lead generation tools and software available to ease the process. However, not all are created equal. Some come with high price tags, whereas others offer limited access to features and functionalities. But that is not the case with LeadWick.

LeadWick brings marketing automation solutions to you at affordable prices. On top of that, it has got all the features with no usage limitations. Yes, you hear it right! Let’s explore more about this excellent tool from Mr. Chiranjit Singha, the Founder at LeadWick.

In conversation with Mr. Chiranjit Singha, Founder at LeadWick

Tell us about your professional journey from serving as a Demand Planner at Adobe to Founder of LeadWick.

It was a great and challenging journey. I used to manage a 20 members team and used to manage all demand generation activities for the USA and UK markets.

During the course, I had built some wonderful relations and was recognized as the top performer in the office for solving the client’s problems.

I loved the way databases used to be so useful everywhere along with different marketing tools. But those were too expensive. So, in between, I learned some basic programming.

I, along with some other friends, created Leadwick, an all-in-one lead generation platform, to serve people better. Our USP is pricing, unlimited usage, all-in-one bundle pack, versatility, and speed of the software.

What led you to the inception of Leadwick?

Back then, it was very expensive to use marketing tools with very limited usage. Hence, I and my friends wanted to solve the problem. That is why our platform is very affordable in terms of pricing with all unlimited features and no restrictions.

Once you are on Leadwick, you don’t need to go elsewhere for your prospecting needs. You get everything under one roof.

How is Leadwick different from the other lead generation tools available on the market?

When it comes to features and functionalities, Leadwick is the same as the other lead generation tools available on the market. But what makes us different is our affordable pricing, unlimited usage with no download/export/usage restriction, and faster and best ROI.

In this fast-paced and continually evolving SaaS industry, how is Leadwick maintaining its brand value?

We add new features every month and take feedback from our customers. Besides, we encourage our clients to provide inputs and suggestions at any time. We take the feedback and suggestions seriously and bring in a solution as per the requirements.

Is there anything exciting that your users can expect from Leadwick in the coming years?

LeadWick will unveil a lot of features in the coming years. One of them is a direct-dial extractor. No matter what the feature is, it will be provided with unlimited usage along with automated content.

Where do you see Leadwick in the next 5 years?

I see Leadwick to be known by every marketer and everyone knows that this product exists. Our clients will love the product. It will cut down their budget and provide them a lot more features with faster usage speed. They will save money and time.

We just need to create the buzz of our product and reach to as many professionals as possible.

According to you, what is success? How do you measure it?

Success is measured by our customers’ happiness. How much they trust us and to how many people they are referring to our product is a success for LeadWick.

How do you keep yourself updated and motivated?

I try to learn new things every day. I help at least 1 professional every day with their problem.

I exercise daily, read books, and conduct 3-4 team huddles every week.
Moreover, I invest a lot in technology. And, I myself, try to manage the biggest challenges.

If you wouldn’t be building Leadwick, what would you be doing differently?

I am a team man. And, I loved Cricket because of the team efforts it needed. So, I would be a Cricketer if not the Founder at LeadWick.

Any advice you would give to the emerging entrepreneurs?

Keep hustling. Keep working hard. Don’t waste time and stick yourself to a goal.

Trust your family, friends, and always believe in yourself.

Make everyday count by learning new skills and practicing them.

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