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Last updated: May 31, 2021

61% of marketers say generating traffic, and leads is their top challenge. True, finding, and converting leads isn’t an easy job.

However, with a lead generation software, getting quality leads isn’t that hard either.

Before getting started with the review, let’s quickly understand what is a lead generation software, its benefits, use cases, and why you should invest in a software.

What is a Lead Generation Software?

  • Lead generation software can enable you to collect and generate leads automatically from various sources and route them further to your sales/marketing departments. 
  • Because leads can be collected from various channels, there are many types of lead generation software. A few such software are designed for specific platforms, for instance, social media or websites while others provide all-in-one lead generation and marketing automation solutions.

Benefits of a B2B Lead Generation Software

A popular survey conducted by Salesforce revealed that 21 percent of a B2B sales rep’s time goes into finding relevant leads. That’s literally 2.5 months per year. A lead generation software can help you cut that time significantly. Here are the top five benefits of a B2B lead generation software:

1. Find New Leads & Track Existing Ones

We live in an era where data evolves rapidly. A popular research revealed that in just a mere span of 30 minutes – 120 business addresses and 75 phone numbers can change, and 30 new businesses may be formed.

You simply cannot synchronize everything manually. That’s where a lead generation software can help. It will not only keep track of your existing data but also help you find fresh new leads consistently.

2. Boost Sales

With a lead generation software by your side, you can significantly increase your overall revenue and sales figures. The software will take care of various aspects, thereby giving you the ability to scale up your sales numbers.

3. Gain Better Insights

Tracking high-quality leads is absolutely essential if you want to consistently gain new customers. A lead generation software will give you advanced analytics of your marketing campaigns. It will enable you to follow your customer’s journey at various stages of the buying process. This data will not only help you increase your conversion rate but also provide you with actionable insights for creating sales funnels for future prospects.

4. Real-time Reporting

Understanding what’s driving sales is important to get the most from your investment. A lead-generation software can provide you with real-time reports that will help you make informed decisions. You will know which channels you should focus on more, and which ones are less effective. Ultimately, this means more sales and better lead-targeting.

5. Productively Automate Lead Generation

Lead generation software will enable you to automate a few of your most intricate marketing activities. For instance, you can find your ideal prospects from various sources and send them personalized emails with just a few clicks. However, doing all of that manually could cost you hours and may not be very effective as compared to the software.

Use Cases of a B2B Lead Generation Software Tool

There are several use cases of a lead generation software tool. It can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Let’s look at the top 3 most common use cases of a lead generation software:

1. Collecting Leads from Social Media Platforms

Lead generation software is most commonly used to collect leads from social media platforms. It can help you gather contact information of your ideal customers. Once you have that, you can easily send them promotional emails and lucrative offers.

2. Email Marketing

Most lead generation software offers a gateway to reach your target audience through emails. You can set up email campaigns and convert your prospects with regular emails.

3. Gathering Information from Internet

Lead generation software can help you scrape data from company websites, and other similar sources. With just a few clicks, you can gather important customer data from the entire internet. That’s not all, a lead generation software will also enable you to target those prospects through various mediums.

A lead generation software can certainly go a long way in helping you reach more audience and expand your customer base.

Enters Leadwick – a Dynamic Lead Generation Software

  • While there are several lead generation tools out there, not all of them are effective. Moreover, the tool that serves one purpose fails to serve another.
  • You need a solution that not only helps you capture leads but also convert them effectively.
  • This is where Leadwick comes into play. It packs in ten powerful lead generation tools that will enable you to target and convert your ideal customers.

Let’s quickly have a look at the software, its features, and how it can help you.

Introduction to Leadwick

Leadwick is a bundle of lead generation tools designed to help you reach your prospects. By using it, you can find business emails of decision-makers with the job title, location and company emails with phone numbers, address etc. It will help you convert your prospects into existing customers.

Features That Make Leadwick Stand Out

Leadwick comes with ten modules to serve your every marketing need. As soon as you log into the account, you will see a dashboard with all those modules. Here’s how it will look like:

Leadwick feature

1. Information Finder (Find Emails)

This module helps you find relevant contact information based on your needs. It will enable you to target your ideal customers and find details about your competitors.

Three main functions of information finder:

  • Fetch employee details:

You can find contact information of employees from targeted companies with just a few clicks. You only need to add domain names of the companies to extract their employee details.

All the data will be extracted from their LinkedIn profiles. And thus, you will be able to fetch an individual’s first and last name, their designation, email address, city, LinkedIn ID, and much more. Having all the information about employees of a company will help you reach them directly.


  • Discover companies:

This module allows you to search for companies based on their origin (country), industry, and size. It will help you look for competitors relevant to your business niche. You can search from over 50M B2B companies from across the globe.


  • Company name to domain converter: 

It will help you fetch domains based on a company name. You only need to add the name of a company, and the software will give you all the domains associated with it.


2. LinkedIn Email Extractor:


By using this module, you will be able to fetch email addresses directly from LinkedIn. You can target the users based on all the LinkedIn filters like designation, company name, location, industries, etc.

There’s no cap on the number of emails. You can extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn anytime you need them.

Email being one of the most effective means of marketing — it can give you an enormous 3,800% ROI. Leadwick’s LinkedIn email extractor will go a long way in helping you level-up your email marketing game.

3. Contact Info. Extractor:


This module will let you extract emails, phone numbers, metadata, and social media profiles from any website. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to collect information from 10,000 domains at once. This data can be further utilized to generate leads and connect with other agencies under the same niche.

4. Email Campaign Scheduler:


You can create and send email campaigns to your customers right from Leadwick dashboard. Configuring the SMTP email server is quick and easy. You also get pre-built email templates to get started with. There’s no bar on the number of emails you can send on a daily basis.

You can send emails instantly or create a sequence of emails that get triggered automatically until your prospect responds. That’s not all. You can also see the analytics of your email campaigns: total email sent, opened, clicked, and the ones that bounced.

5. Domain Registry Details Downloader:


You can download contact details of all the people who have registered a new domain with just a click. Starting from their contact number to email address and domain registrar, you get an entire database of prospects. It gets updated every 24 hours. This means you get lakhs of new prospects every day.

6. AI-powered Chatbot:


Capture leads right from your website through an AI-powered chatbot. You can create an entire sequence of operations triggered automatically to help your website users.

For instance, you can enable the chatbot whenever your team is inaccessible. In this case, you can create a macro that asks your customers about their query and email address. Once captured, you can see all the responses from the Leadwick dashboard. There’s also an option to send those details to your email, Slack, or mobile.

This way, you can capture leads even during your offtime.

7. Email Catcher:


You can find emails of employees from various companies by entering their details like first/last name and employer’s website. You can also find the email address of a specific individual by simply entering his/her name and company details in Leadwick.

Leadwick will not only find the email for you but also show whether that’s a verified, catch-all, or a guessed email based on the details entered by you. This way, you can be assured whether you’re trying to reach the right person or not.

8. Social Proof Widget:


Social proof is the best way to boost trust among your customers. And with the help of Leadwick Social Proof Widget, you will be able to show real-time notifications to your customers about the purchases made from your website.

Social Proof Widget will boost your engagement by 40%. It will not only help you show notifications but also redirect your customers to a specific page to generate leads.

9. Online Review Management:


Reviews are the most important aspect affecting your prospect’s decisions. If managed well, reviews can significantly improve your company’s reputation. Leadwick’s online review management widget will help you capture more reviews right from your website.

10. API to safeguard your web presence:


With the increase in the number of spam emails, you must protect your website from fake registrations. Leadwick’s fake email protection API will help you restrict registration with a spam/junk email.

Final Words:

Jam-packed with diversified lead generation tools, Leadwick can help you reach your ideal prospects and convert them into existing customers. Starting from email marketing to hunting leads and preventing fake email registration — Leadwick has everything that you’ll need to thrive in today’s rapidly disrupting economy.

If you’re looking for a robust and reliable lead generation software bundle – sign up for Leadwick’s demo and start capturing leads – faster than ever before.

You can also learn more about the software from its SoftwareSuggest profile page.

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