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Last updated: July 23, 2021

Technology has taken over the education sector with a bang! With everything moving online due to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, online education is the future. It is hence no surprise that schools, coaching centers, colleges, and universities are relying on sophisticated tools to conduct virtual classes and examinations.

With tons of virtual classroom software available in the market for remote learning and assessment, it becomes difficult to choose the best one for your educational institute. Today, we bring the spotlight to Learnmagica – an integrated online teaching software that streamlines all critical processes and drives efficiency in a remote learning environment.

Introduction To Learnmagica

Learnmagica is a complete learning platform (click here to visit) used by coaching centers, schools, and competitive exam training institutes that conduct teaching and assessment processes online.

With Learnmagica, teachers can conduct live classes for learners of various age groups and upload audio, video, or written study material. They can easily assess students by uploading quizzes, correcting them, and providing live student feedback.

The best teaching software for home tutors to large-scale educational institutions, Learnmagica provides multiple vendor classroom support. With a comprehensive question bank of over 2 lakh questions in different question formats and difficulty levels, Learnmagica is ideal for schools (CBSE, ICSE, State Board), coaching classes, colleges, corporate training, campus recruitment tests, and competitive exam (JEE/ Banking/NEET/UPSC/CET) preparation.

Powered with a diverse range of innovative features, Learnmagica has a growing customer base across the world. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for students, teachers, and administrators. The system has powerful reporting capabilities that make it possible to view real-time data instantly and make better decisions.

Online teaching and testing are where the future lies! Powered by advanced JAVA technology, Learnmagica is a perfect solution that allows teachers and students to enhance the learning process, anytime and anywhere. So let’s move forward and understand Learnmagica’s features that make it the best teaching software in the market now.

Key Features of Learnmagica

  • Secured Live Classes:

With Learnmagica, teachers can easily conduct live interactive classes for multiple batches of students. They can schedule the class and conduct class attendance to know the exact number of students attending a session. The classes are highly secure as there is no exchange of a meeting link – only registered students can log in to attend classes.


The classes can be conducted in real-time by teachers or they can provide recorded videos. This enhances flexibility in the remote classroom environment where students can pace their learning. Teachers can provide detailed study material through audio or video flashcards that can aid students to understand concepts better and clarify subject doubts.

Recorded Classes/ Animation Videos: With Learnmagica, teachers and faculty members can easily record audio and video classes to share them with students at their convenience. They can also insert animations, images, and links in the videos to keep them engaging and interactive.

Recorded classes ensure that learners have access to educational content anytime, anywhere. This provides them with the opportunity for self-study and repeat topics multiple times for better understanding.

Structured Study Material and eBooks: Study material is an essential component of remote education as it allows self-directed study and promotes self-paced learning. Learnmagica facilitates teachers to create and share structured study material that makes it easy for students to grasp topics. They can prepare documents, Excel sheets, audio and video files based on the subject, chapter, and topic. Learnmagica also enables teachers to create eBooks that are interactive and self-explanatory for students.


  • Organized Content Creation:

One of the greatest strengths of Learnmagica is its ability for organized content creation. Teachers can customize learner-centric content based on the board/Curriculum of education, class, subject, chapter, and topic. The system has the option for bulk import from Word that saves time and increases operational efficiency.


Learnmagica enables teachers to insert various audio and video questions within study material that tests students’ understanding of complex topics. They can also create flashcards – an incredibly versatile study tool that helps learners actively recall concepts.

  • Test Creation:

Creating online tests can be a real challenge for teachers and educational administrators. Learnmagica simplifies the test creation process by allowing teachers to generate multi-subject chapter-wise test questions. They can use in-built test templates or customize tests to create new templates that can be used repeatedly.

With Learnmagica, tests can be conducted in both online and offline mode. Teachers can conduct multiple-choice questions (MCQs) assessments where different options are given to students. MCQs questions rendering is highly structured and customizable with Learnmagica as teachers can add any type of image, audio, or video file.

Learnmagica enables teachers to test theoretical knowledge too through subjective questions. Teachers can frame theory questions. Students can type the answers to the questions or attach notes, documents or images as the answer, thus making it convenient for assessment. Teachers can evaluate student answers with annotations to gauge the in-depth subjective understanding of various important topics. Students can then see the annotated answer sheets, which helps them understand where they went wrong and see the teacher’s comments on each question in the test.


The user-friendliness of Learnmagica is a major advantage for students as they can easily give online tests without any hassles. Students can easily resume an online test from where they left in case of any connectivity issues or power failure. The answers that they have marked and the test timer will be maintained by the system. The test window displays the number of attempted questions, and students can even mark questions for review to attempt at a later stage. This makes the assessment process a win-win situation for both teaching staff and students alike!

  • Detailed Test Analysis:

One of the best features of Learnmagica is the detailed test analysis. Teachers can drill deep into test results to understand student performance based on chapter-wise and difficulty level-wise analysis. This enables them to understand chapters and topics that are proving to be difficult for students and allows them to reinforce weak subject areas.


Learnmagica enables teachers to analyze test results based on time spent per question. They can also conduct a rank-wise analysis to understand overall student performance and provide in-depth individual learner feedback.


  • Leaderboard:

The leaderboard in Learnmagica is an engaging and interactive dashboard that displays the top performers in each class, subject, and course. It creates a healthy spirit of competition amongst learners and increases visibility concerning student performance. The leaderboard displays the top students both at test level and board level. It is a great motivator for the student community and helps them sharpen their skills to move to the top position.


  • Ask A Doubt:

One of the most useful features of Learnmagica is Ask a Doubt – this unique feature enables students to ask queries or doubts. The teachers can instantly view student doubts and respond to them with solved explanations or results. The student can view the teacher’s reply and ask for further clarification if required. This ensures fast two-way communication between the teacher and student for quick doubt-solving sessions.


  • eCommerce Enabled:

Learnmagica is eCommerce-enabled, thus allowing educational institutions to list their packages and boost online sales. The system has detailed package management that allows schools, coaching institutes, and educational centers to list down various test series, courses, and classes with the duration, expiry, and pricing. The system simplifies the order management process by integrating with various payment gateways. It displays the set shipping charges and discounts so that students can instantly finalize the course or test series and close the deal.

  • Proctor Enabled:

Online assessment is definitely ineffective without systematic proctoring. Learnmagica conducts artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled proctored tests. It can check for required devices such as web camera, mic, and stop remote desktop sharing software. Students must upload an ID card for verification, and the proctor can validate the student’s phone and ID. They can also view the risk level associated with the student for better clarity.

With Learnmagica, there is no chance of any cheating or fraudulent activity! The proctor can view the students’ photos captured from the webcam in real-time. Learnmagica has multi-face detection capability and can detect if the student is not in the frame. The proctor can give live warnings to the student, send notes, and in extreme cases, disqualify the student from giving the online test.

  • Mobile App:

Learnmagica has a responsive Android mobile application that is easily navigable. This makes it easy for teachers and students to access materials, tests, question banks, and content anytime, anywhere. The mobile app provides seamless test rendering and results analysis, making it a useful tool that is convenient and user-friendly.


  • User Security and Admin Rights:

Learnmagica ensures complete data protection and user security through multi-layer access rights. The system administrator can provide different rights to teachers, students, and administrative staff. For example, all teachers may not have access to displaying test results. Similarly, students may not have access to instantly view test results and wait for the result declaration by teachers. This high level of security and admin rights customization ensures that no one can misuse important data and streamlines workflows.

The Final Verdict

Learnmagica is an all-inclusive platform that empowers teachers, students, and administrators to enhance the remote learning and assessment process. It is a must-have educational tool, especially in the current virtual environment.

The system is highly user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal training for users. A cost-effective solution compared to competitors, Learnmagica focuses on all aspects of live classes, content creation, test analysis, and proctoring to provide an exceptional experience!

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