Leverage LinkedIn’s Emerging Popularity For Your Business: Here’s How


Aniruddh Parmar

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: May 18, 2021

When LinkedIn was first launched in the year 2003, people used it to know the professional life of fellow workers and get information on job opportunities. But as the years passed, it evolved just like other social media platforms, in terms of what people can do on LinkedIn.

Individuals use it to portray their work and share it with other connections in the same domain apart from getting noticed by potential leads. Going a step ahead, LinkedIn has taken the networking game on another landscape where everyone, right from individual users to companies are flourishing due to better visibility. Companies can not only get in touch with prospective clients but can get new employees and market themselves on LinkedIn. 

Some LinkedIn Statistics that you should know before proceeding


Top LinkedIn Statistics You Should Know

The above-mentioned statistics must be enough to open your eyes wide and gape at the potential that can be tapped from LinkedIn when it comes to putting your company out there. But just making a Company Page on LinkedIn and waiting for your stars to play won’t work. You have to put consistent efforts and take conscious steps daily to reap the benefits of this platform through smart LinkedIn marketing. Fret not, we have laid down a step-by-step guide to walk you through the strategies and methods that you can deploy to leverage LinkedIn and make the most of this social media platform.

Follow The Steps Given Below To Mark Your Presence on LinkedIn

1. Update your LinkedIn Company Page

You might already have your company’s page but how often do you update it? This serves as the face of your company on LinkedIn and keeping it optimized and updated can do a lot for your business then you can imagine. 

Let’s start with your Company’s Profile Picture

Adding a picture to represent your company on LinkedIn is the first step. Usually, the profile picture is the Logo of your Company. This must be kept in high resolution and the ideal size is 300*300 pixels. Make sure that it is aligned in the center. 

The profile picture of your company also appears on the profile of your employees in their experience section. So it has to be immaculate without any chances of errors. 

Cover Photo to represent your Brand

Just like Facebook, you get a space on LinkedIn to present your brand and what it stands for through a picture. This is the cover photo of your profile. Make sure you keep something that represents what you offer as a company. You can go the conventional way and keep your products or services, or you can leverage the effect of a uniform representation and use vector images to resonate with your brand theme. The recommended size for the cover image is 1536*768 pixels(w*h). 

Company Summary

You get a section where you can write about your company, your values, and your services. The one mistake that most companies do is keeping it the same as the About Us of Website. But to optimize your company page, this is a strict No-No. LinkedIn algorithms work based on Keywords just like search engines. So it is advisable to scavenge keywords relevant to your company and scatter it throughout your summary. This helps you in getting discovered easily by anyone who is looking to have a business in your domain. 

For example, If your company is into Digital Marketing Services, you can use Keywords like Content Marketing, SEO, Search Engine ranks and the likes. But make sure you don’t stuff it. Those who read your summary section must feel what you stand for as a brand. 

2. Gain Followers for the Company Page

You are all set with the Company’s Page, now is the time to bring yourself in the feed of LinkedIn users. This can be done by making people follow you. There are various ways of getting followers and this includes organic and paid methods too. 

Your Employees are your first level of Followers

Your employee base is your first level of followers. You can urge your employees to follow your page and tell them to add their experience in the company in their LinkedIn profile. This will do two things; 

  • People in their network will get an update about your employee stating they work for you, which, in turn, helps you to be in their feed, and
  • The company stays in the Experience section of Employees which is another step in getting visibility. 

Generate Content consistently

Another way of getting noticed is by sharing something to be consumed by the users. Once the users get quality content on their feed, they are bound to follow your page for more updates. But make sure you publish something relatable, useful and something that adds value to the feed of LinkedIn users. 

You are already creating content on your website in the form of blogs or articles and might be doing guest blogging to generate leads on popular platforms. Such content can be shared on LinkedIn to educate people regarding your services and how they can benefit from it. 

Engage in First Person

It is always better to engage in the first person, even as a company. This shows how much you value your customers and you listen to what they have to say about your company. Showcase updates of employees in the form of their achievements. Your employees feel valued due to this gesture and they are likely to share the same in their network. You can also post the news coverage that you receive, any accolades that you have bagged, or your new clients too. The more you show what you do, the more your company gets noticed!

The content that you publish will already reach its organic audience that has followed your Company’s Page. But you can also go for paid promotions to show it to the targeted audience that might not know about your page now but are interested in updates in your industry. This will help you in expanding your Brand Reach. More on this topic is covered in the later part of this blog.

3. Some Technical aspects that you can leverage

LinkedIn Marketing is here to stay for the long run. So if you have already set your mind in growing an audience here, you may as well do it more professionally keeping in mind how to make the most of the platform using technical aspects mentioned below.

Use LinkedIn Analytics

You get a dashboard within LinkedIn to measure the performance of your content. Go to your Company’s Page, click on the Me in the Top Right corner and once the menu expands, under Manage Tab you will get Company. Click on it and there is the Analytics Tab. 


You get the data of how your posts are performing in terms of engagements that include Likes, Shares, Comments, and Views. You also get to know what type of content is working with your audience and with this, you get an idea of what to focus on in your future LinkedIn Marketing strategies. You also get an overview of how your Sponsored content has performed and how you should prepare a strategy combining both these types of content. 

LinkedIn Analytics also tells you the type of audience that is interacting with your content. You get a detailed view of the demographics and professional backgrounds of your post viewers. 

Keep doing experiments with your content and keep a constant eye on your data metrics to come up with an optimized marketing plan on LinkedIn. 

Redirect Website Visitors to your LinkedIn profile

Those who visit your website might not know that you are present on LinkedIn too. Let them know this and leverage the LinkedIn Plugin to get followers through your website. 

This can be done with the following steps:

There is a LinkedIn Plugin Section that you can navigate to. Browse to the Follow Company Option there. You will be asked to enter Company Name here. Enter it and click on Get Code. Copy this code and paste it on your website and you are all set to have people following your page on LinkedIn directly from your website. 

4. Join LinkedIn Groups 

There is a place on all the platforms where people sharing common interests are present. These are called groups. Be it LinkedIn or Facebook, you have this space called Groups where people in the same field come together and discuss. This space has a lot of potential to get you more visibility and leads.

LinkedIn has around 2 million Groups and it allows you to join maximum 100 groups. This is enough to get you started with what you want to showcase your brand. Join at least 50 such groups and make sure you have enough audience to listen to your say. Groups with 1,00,000 members are the ideal choice. But this again depends on who your target audience is. If you are a B2B company, you want to present your deals only to that set of people who are into your services. So make sure to land into the right group space.

Plan your LinkedIn marketing strategy keeping in mind the discussions on such groups and reap the benefits of the platform to get maximum visibility through your content. You can take one more step and make a Group that focuses around not just your services and products but is helpful to people in your industry with valuable insights. But here again, the catch is to network with the right set of ears and eyes that will benefit your company in the long run.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Ads

Just like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn gives you different options on the Paid Advertisement Platter. This includes Sponsored inMail, Sponsored Content, Text Ads and Carousel Ads. These four differ in the way they are presented to the target audience and they serve a different purpose.

Sponsored inMail

When you want to reach out personally to a huge number of highly-specific target mass, Sponsored inMail is what you should go for. With an appropriate CTA in the LinkedIn Message that reaches to the inbox of your audience, you can send your message without worrying about any character limits. Go beyond the conventional means, i.e. Emails, by sending inMail and you get an added advantage here, send your Lead Generation Form to get the desired actions on your message or have people download your App!

You also get to know who is taking action with LinkedIn Conversion Tracking. This, in turn, helps you to come up with smarter LinkedIn marketing strategies for future campaigns targeting leads that have a high conversion ratio.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is similar to the posts that you publish, but in this case, you pay to reach your target audience that doesn’t know you yet. When you are marketing your new products or upcoming events and initiatives, you can use this format to reach the feeds of the users. This is an effective way to provide information that users can engage with and get followers for your Company profile. You can also publish lead generation form with pre-filled values to get the desired actions from your prospects. 

Text Ads

Text Ads are similar to the Pay Per Click we get in search engines. As the name implies, you only pay for the number of times your link has been checked. The ad is shown in the sidebar of the LinkedIn Feed. You get tools to show the Text ad to a highly-specific target audience who would be interested in what you have to offer. When you are running short of budget or want to make the most of your money, you can go for Text ads. This is ideal for companies who want to promote their content to B2B users. Also, you can use this method to get job candidates or get people on the landing page of your website. 

Carousel Ads

You can use Carousel Ads when you want to tell a lot of things in an appealing way to engage with your audience on LinkedIn feed. In this, you can generate a series of highly-attractive cards that can be swiped to tell about your new products or your brand story. Like the other types of sponsored content, you can also use lead generation in a carousel ad to drive traffic to your website or make people buy your products and offerings. 

6. Network as much as you can

In the end, the key is to grow your Network, a little each day. Once you have quality connections, you are bound to get desired engagements on your Company’s content. Sending out connection requests to anyone that comes in your suggestions won’t be helpful to promote your LinkedIn Marketing. What you need is quality connections with the domain knowledge to understand what you are sharing and selling and interact the way you want. 

This can be done with a little trick; go to the Search Tab on LinkedIn. Now if your company is into Software Products based on SaaS, type in Saas and click on the People tab. You will get a list of people who are working on the platform. You can check their profile and see the way they communicate with the rest of their connections. If you find them actively engaging, you have got your audience!

Send a connection request to such people that you get after sorting out through filters based on their interactions and roles in the current organization. You can also draft a message that is sent along with the connection request to keep it professional and reliable. 

Takeaways: Create. Publish. Network. Analyze. Repeat

By now, you might have summed up and made a list of what you can do and achieve by leveraging LinkedIn in your monthly marketing strategy to drive growth. You can always be open to trying newer techniques and content to see which method is giving you the most desirable outcome as per the time and money that you invest. 

Here is a quick summary of the above-mentioned points:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile by keeping high-quality images
  • Mention Keywords in your Overview section to keep it SEO-friendly and to appear in Search results
  • Leverage LinkedIn Analytics to gauge the performance of content that your audience engages with
  • Join Groups relevant to your industry to connect and share content with people and companies that can become prospective leads
  • Use LinkedIn Ads to expand the reach of your content and gain new followers
  • Connect and Network with the right kind of audience 

If you do all that is mentioned here and with hacks from your side, see the way LinkedIn marketing drives Leads to your inbox each day. Not only this, you will be able to project your brand as the one that listens and cares for their consumers and is always a change leader in the domain!

Aniruddh is Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest. Ready to grab a cup of coffee anytime if you want to talk about tech, cars, businesses or cricket.

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