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Last updated: September 20, 2019

This hyper-digital era has skyrocketed the F&B businesses to new horizons. The Limetray application has majorly contributed to the following. Limetray is a comprehensive and sturdy restaurant management software that has already helped many businesses to progress extensively. It provides various suites like POS, Billing, Online Ordering, Loyalty, CRM, and analytics. 


The primary purpose of Limetray is to proffer a streamlined service to F&B businesses. They devote a lot of effort to provide excellent support to their clientele. Despite being such a dynamic platform, Limetray shortfall to acquire productive leads. They ardently desired a fruitful result for the assets invested. They wanted a qualitative and quantitative hike in their traffic and conversion ratios. 

SoftwareSuggest at aid

From the time Limetray started working with SoftwareSuggest, it has steadily obtained high yielding results. SoftwareSuggest specializes in analyzing the lacuna and dispensing a high-grade solution. We rigorously observed the daily website traffic and successfully devised strategies to optimize the lead generation process. We have proven out to be a consequential aspect in the deliverance of high-quality leads. 

An insight into the PPC Campaign

The campaign has a straightforward working. As soon as a person searches for any category like restaurant management software, the link of SoftwareSuggest routing to the particular category appears. The person could perceive the Limetray application with tracking links as soon as he accesses the SoftwareSuggest’s link. Options like ‘Visit Website’ and ‘Get a Free Demo’ entitles the prospects to gain deeper insights into the application. The campaign influxes large traffic increasing the possibility of reaching out to potential clients. 


This campaign made a significant impact on lead generation. The results of the campaign were prompt. Within two months of the campaign, there was a momentous hike of 21% in traffic and the productive leads. In a nutshell, the campaign has remarkably contributed to improvising the overall development and productivity.

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