How Live Chat can increase Conversion Rate for Business Needs?


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Last updated: February 25, 2021

In today’s highly competitive markets, any edge in sales or service you have over your competitors can make the difference in whether you gain or lose a sale. In this world of automated, touch-tone customer help systems, the ability to chat with a live person through a website is a distinguishing feature. Having such a feature on your website, especially when a competitor doesn’t, may be the crucial selling point that compels a potential customer to choose you over a competitor.

One way to increase conversion rates is to consider how we communicate. There’s been a significant shift in recent years, and adapting to it can help you engage with website visitors and capture more leads.

Live chat software is a valuable tool that you can use for your website to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. However, the needs of every industry can vary from each other. This post will offer you guidelines and tips for getting the most out of using live chat on your website for your particular business need.

Live Chat for Different Industries

Live Chat for Travel Agency

Convenience and accessibility are the main factors that customers look for when they need to make their travel arrangements. Hence, the main aim when setting up your chat system is to make it as user friendly as possible for your customers to connect with you and get the information that they need.

Most importantly, live chat must be placed on the index (home) page of your website. Live chat should stand out so that customers know it is there and yet it should blend seamlessly with the graphical outlook of your website. Good live chat providers often give you the option to customize live chat application according to your business needs.

In the next phase, you should add your travel agency’s logo to the Visitor Popup Messenger that the customer uses to chat with you. This way, the chat window itself becomes an advertisement for your agency. You may also want to modify the overall appearance of the Visitor Popup Messenger by giving it a “travel” theme.

It would be particularly useful to set up pre recorded messages with links that push your customer’s browser to favored websites offering commonly needed services, such as visa and passport services. Also, canned links can be used to quickly direct your customers to the web pages of hotels and metropolises. You can also create links to pages containing city maps, local tourist info, and other useful information.

Lastly, to offer a more personalized chat experience, you can add your live chat support agent’s photo to the Visitor Popup Messenger. The biggest advantage of this is to provide a human touch to your conversations; having an agent’s picture will make your website visitors feel as though they are sitting across the desk from you as you both discuss their travel plans.

Live Chat for Automobile Dealerships

As the technology is evolving and more and more people have access to the Internet, customers are expecting traditional brick-o-mortar businesses to have an active online presence. Automobile dealerships also fall within this category. Although, at first it may appear as unrealistic to have a business related to transportation which is accessible through the Internet. The Internet also offers you with valuable opportunity to sell your vehicles and build long term customer loyalty.

Since car dealing is an important decision for both the seller and the buyer.  Majority of the customer’s time is spent on the phone. Unless you have a large staff to answer phone calls, much of your customer’s time while be spent waiting on hold. Therefore, your goal in using live chat is to minimize long telephone hold times with fast, efficient service.

For auto dealership websites, if you post listings of your cars on your website you should also provide support setup on at least one of your sales staff computers. In this way, live chat representative can proactively invite website visitors to talk about the vehicle they are in the hunt for, and an interaction can take place as would happen on the yard.

If you own a large dealership, you will most probably have separate units for Sales, Parts and Accessories and Service. If you want these units to be available online all round the clock, then they should be selectable to your website visitors when they request for a chat. Even if these units are not selectable, it might be a good idea to keep at least one staff member available in each unit so that chats can be transferred to that department if expert assistance is needed.

Live Chat for Real Estate

The live chat feature needs to be heavily advertised. You can advertise in Sunday newspaper ads that your website offers live chat assistance and that people can use this feature at any time to get additional information on listings, even if they don’t have time to visit your office personally.

The live chat button should be placed in a way that it is visible to people when they are browsing the listings on your website. This also means that it should be placed on multiple pages, so whenever the visitor has a question regarding a specific listing, he needs not to return to the home page to click on the live chat button.

It is perhaps more significant with real estate offices to personalize their website visitors chat experience, as you want to give an impression of friendliness and responsiveness. Having a picture of the chat agent will allow customers to have more faith and trust in your website. For this reason, your chat agents may wish to upload their photo into the chat window so that visitors can see who they are chatting with.

Furthermore, if you have a large number of photo listings on each page, it may be a good idea to have an extra-large Live Chat button to make it stand out from the large number of graphics. This button should be placed at the top of every listings page so that it is the first thing your website visitors see when they move on to the next page.

Live Chat for Online Pharmacy

When a customer needs medication, they often need them right away. They don’t have time to exchange emails with you. With shipping delays, it is important to give prompt and efficient service. Keeping the ‘price’ factor aside, you want to make it worth the trouble to order prescriptions online, rather than a local drugstore. You want to assure them that they are getting name brand pharmaceuticals for a better price than they can find elsewhere, without sparing on customer service.

The main goal is to place the live chat button on your website in a prominent place. If you happen to have pages dedicated to side effect of specific drugs, you can place the chat button at the bottom of the page, so that if your customers still have questions about side effects after reading the page, he/she can click on the live chat button.

If your website has an automated purchasing feature, it might be beneficial to have a live chat button on the page where the customer gives his or her personal information, such as shipping address and credit card number. Majority of the customers abandon a sale at the point of ordering. Customers are concerned about providing their personal information during the purchase process. With live chat support, you can assist them in completing sales by walking them through the process.

Live Chat for Education

Nowadays, educational institutions are operated like businesses. And students play a role as your customers. This is why it is crucial to have live support on your website. Live chat support gives your educational institution an edge over others as it portrays a more friendly and professional image of the education institution and will attract prospective students while retaining the existing ones.

The placement of live chat button is the most important thing for all businesses. The best place for your live chat button can be where students fill in online forms for registration. Forms for registration and financial aid can be complex, and it is always helpful to have live assistance available if students have any queries. This will help student from disconnecting from the internet to pick up the phone to call your staff if they have issues. Having live support also means that online forms will be filled out correctly, as students will be able to get answers to their queries instantly.

Universities also have several departments such as registration, student counselling, finance etc. These departments should be selectable to your students when they request for a live chat. Even if these departments are not selectable, at least one experienced staff member should be available in each department so that chats can be transferred to that department if the student has a query related to a specific department.

Therefore, live chat software is a very valuable tool regardless of the industry you are in. Consumers are more tech-savvy today and expect all good companies to provide live chat support to guide them through their purchase decision.

Mike Alexander is an information system consultant at Chat Outsource. He is also an e-business strategist and an occasional writer who mostly covers software, customer service, and eCommerce industry.

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