Why always Live Chat is Winning the Customer Support Race?

Rohit Rajpal

Rohit Rajpal

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Last updated: August 25, 2021

Live chat was once a “nice to have” customer service system option. But lately, the tables have turned.

79% of customers today prefer live chats as they offer instant responses. Besides, 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that offers live chat support.

These numbers indicate that live chat has become more important than ever. But the question is, why? Why do customers love live chat more than other support channels?

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In this article, we will discuss how live chat helps provide the best possible customer service and how it can positively impact your business. Let’s get started.

8 Reasons Why Live Chat Is a Must-Have Customer Support Option

1- Increases Customer Satisfaction

Live chat is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and provide a memorable experience on your website.

According to LiveChat’s 2021 Customer Service Report, 81.4% of customers are satisfied with live chat. Zendesk has a slightly different number to offer. As per Zendesk, the customer satisfaction rate for live chat is 85%, just behind phone support (91%).

The primary reason for this is live chat can increase the conversion rate is the reduced response times. They can get answers to their queries almost immediately without shuffling off to make a phone call or send an email and wait for a reply.

You can even integrate a chatbot with a live chat option to further decrease the response time for common queries.

2- Highly Convenient

Live chat service is convenient for both customers and businesses alike. Here are some reasons why it is highly convenient.

  • Connects customers with an agent instantly: It eliminates the need to dial a number, listen to the pre-recorded messages, and press button after button to reach a human agent. Just a simple text and a representative will be there to solve the issue.
  • Lets customers multitask: With everyone juggling between tasks, live chat seems more convenient than any other support channel. In fact, 51% of customers prefer live chat because it allows them to multitask.
  • Decreases query resolution time: Customers don’t have to wait for hours to get a reply to their email or even minutes (on-call) to connect to an agent. The average wait time in live chat is around 2 minutes and 40 seconds, while the fastest response recorded was 7 seconds.
  • Resolves issues in one session: Customers’ problems can be solved in one session in live chat compared to email that requires back and forth messages.
  • Provides product information instantly: Customers appreciate your help in their buying decisions. With live chat, you can clear their doubts and concerns related to your products and increase the chances of conversions.

3- Reduces Repetition for Your Customers

No one wants to explain the same issue they’re having again and again. As per a 2017  research, 72% of customers expect a support agent to know their contact details, production information, and service history without being asked.

Quality live chat software allows your agents to read the text sent by a customer while also reviewing other details they have access to. This may include the product they’ve bought and their previous interaction with customer support system.

Some live chat tools even allow you to share a screen or screenshots with the customer to help them better understand the directions. The customer can even save the screenshot for reference. This, in turn, reduces the time to resolve a query and increases customer experience.

4- Boosts Your Team’s Productivity

As mentioned above, live chat plugins makes your multitasking easier. Your support agents can effectively solve multiple customer inquiries while they respond.

For tricker issues that require research, they can stick to one or two chats. But, if they are working on a queue full of quick and simple questions, they might handle as many as five conversations.

However, you will need to train them on handling multiple queries simultaneously without hurting the customer experience.

Also, be sure to choose the best live chat software for your business, as features and chat handling functionalities vary from tool to tool.

5- Decreases Support Costs

Customer support can be expensive. You have to invest in people, resources, and training your agents to ensure customer satisfaction.

Besides, in traditional call centers, a customer service agent can handle only one phone or email request at a time. Live chat changes all of that.

According to Telus International, an agent can engage in as many as six simultaneous chats depending on the complexity of the issues involved. Also, live chat can cut the customer service cost by more than 50%.

Besides, live chat tools are comparatively cheap to implement and provide a host of extra benefits, making them a great communication channel.

6- Builds Long-Term Relationships With Customers

In order to grow your business, it is important to build long-term relationships with customers. Happy and satisfied customers are less likely to switch to the competition. Plus, they are easy to sell than a new customer.

Live chat is an excellent way to build long-term relationships with your customers. It makes them feel that you are there to listen and solve their issues whenever they arise. This makes it easier to form bonds and relationships with customers.

7- Helps Understand Your Customer Needs Better

Another advantage of live chat is that it helps understand your customers’ needs better. It makes it easier to identify your customers’ pain points while using your products, enabling you to improve them.

It also helps determine your prospects’ expectations and concerns related to your product. You can then use the insights to create an article or FAQ section to address those issues to increase the chances of sales.

To begin with, create a set of tags that all your agents will use to categorize customer requests by question type or topic to pinpoint any frequent issues.

8- Increases Sales and Conversions

Did you know 50% of customers will abandon a purchase if you can’t give them a quick answer to their question? Besides, customers who had a chat with a support agent are 82% more likely to place an order.

It’s a good idea to have a few agents available at any time because consumers are highly likely to leave a website in the middle of a transaction if there is no one to address their concerns.

Wrapping Up

Irrespective of your business size or the industry you’re in, a live chat option is a must. It helps build trust with customers, increases sales, is highly convenient, and decreases support costs. In a nutshell, it helps improve customer satisfaction.

If you have not invested in live chat yet, now is the right time to do it. However, make sure to choose the best live chat software for your business.

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