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Last updated: May 7, 2021

Customer Service is the single most deciding factor which can distinguish between success and failure in your business. Nowadays, offering an individual touch to your customer services has become necessary to win and retain your customers. Personalized assistance and quick support lets your clients feel more treasured. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that you as a business owner must hunt for new and exclusive ways to convey personalized assistance to your clients. One of such ways is the implementation of live chat software in your business website.

Live Chat software is simply a software which allows the Support Team of any business to easily interact with their business prospects and clients. The implementation of the software in a website will allow the prospects/clients to put forward their requirements without leaving the site. The integration of live chat on websites has become immensely popular, as the existence of a chat option makes your website dynamic and more engaging for the visitors.

Now arises an important question — Why should you place a live chat feature on your website?

The best answer to this query is — To increase sales!

When clients visit your website and have a query regarding any product or service, they generally need a response right away. If they don’t get their queries resolved immediately, they will most probably shift to your competitor’s website and purchase their required product or service from them!

Forrester Research recently conducted a study titled “Making Proactive Chat Work”. Following is the conclusive finding of the study: “44% customers accept that having queries resolved by a live chat support feature is one of the most significant features a website can propose.

Thus it is very clear that a live chat software provides credibility to the website and the business it is related to. Even if the client does not utilize the chat feature, they can be rest-assured about making their desired purchase. They discern that if a problem arises, getting in touch with the customer support would be easy.

On the other end of the spectrum, Live chat software offers online business Owners and Managers the opportunity to provide “prompt satisfaction” to their customers. The customers hit the chat button and they are directed to a Customer Support Agent who can resolve their queries instantly. When the customer is fully satisfied, the chances of his/her making a purchase increases manifold!

Top 5 Reasons to Use Live Chat Software:

A study called American Marketing Association Study found the following info: The sales team’s distinctive ROI rate from live chat software is around 300%.

The same report states that: “Clients that use live chat software are thrice more probable to make purchases as opposed to ones who don’t.”

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Live Chat Software:

  • Better First Impression

Visitors who receive swift responses to their queries stay longer, purchase more products and show trust and loyalty to the company. That’s why numerous international startups trust on live chat support as a point of interaction on their website itself. This increases their chances of developing reliable and firm client relationships. A report conducted in 2012 — 2012 Aberdeen Group Report states: “Live chat allows convincing conversation between the company and its prospects, and this eventually creates a heavy-duty general performance.”

  • Chat With Multiple Clients At One Time

At the core of live chat software’s immense popularity is the fact that you can communicate to more than one client simultaneously. This way the live chat software is very similar to any instant messaging app. Thus interacting with every incoming prospect on the website becomes easy. This increases the chances of conversion, and subsequently more revenue. The live chat software can be termed as one of the best marketing tools to bring-in more sales and revenue.

  • Get Detailed Client Information & Requirements

The live chat software allows you to get detailed information about your prospects/clients with its real-time conversation feature. Collecting info about clients and their requirements from the conversation is made easy by the software. The collected data or information can then be used to articulate effective marketing campaigns which target exactly what the clients are looking for. Moreover, the live chat software saves every single chats of all clients. This can immensely help you in shaping your SEO campaigns according to their requirements.

  • Track Browsing Habits

Besides interacting with prospects and clients in real time, the software can track their browsing habits while they are visiting your website. This feature of the live chat software will help you to understand the requirements of your prospects/clients better and thereby provide support to them. By analyzing the chats, you can look at their interests to make improved proposals. In this way, the live chat software enables you to improve your sales proposals, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

  • Increase Sales

Simply put, the use of live chat software brings-in more sales. The reason behind this is prospects/clients tend to come back again to those sites which offer them speedy service and assistance. Clients patronize those services which offer prompt solutions to their queries and grievances. People won’t hesitate to make an online purchase on your site if they know they will receive prompt resolution if any issue arises. With a live chat support software on hand, you can resolve their query instantly, and push them in the direction of making more purchases. According to a survey conducted by eMarketer — “63% more clients were expected to come back to a live chat supporting website.” In short, the software is sure to push up your sale margins!

The Bottom Line!

Implementing a Live Chat software in your website helps you on multiple fronts: Reduced call expenditure, reduced employee task time, speedy client issue resolution, prompt technical support, enhanced customer loyalty, improved customer retention, higher sales, etc. The live chat software will also help you to scale up your business as it empowers your business development executives and sales reps to handle multiple prospects simultaneously. It is an obvious conclusion from the above article that if you desire to get an edge over your competitors, you must introduce live chat software to your website. With the help of this software, you can definitely be a step ahead of your competitors – Always!!

Bhavesh Koladiya is a software analyst at SoftwareSuggest and marketing executive at CallHippo. He is passionate about CRM, accounting, live chat, real estate, eCommerce platform and all things digital. When not working, you can find him either listening to Music or reading Tech stuff.

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