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Last updated: August 18, 2020

Do you know 60% of webinars are oriented at creating loyal customers? 

Yes, you hear it right!

Enterprises are using webinars as a tool to reach out to existing and potential customers. Webinars bridge distances and help reach the audience across the globe. 

While there are several webinar software in the market, only a few will draw your attention. And, one of them is LiveWebinar. Built with the latest technology, it is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use webinar platforms.  

An Introduction to LiveWebinar 

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based webinar solution that helps businesses and individuals stream meetings, share screens, and host/record webinars. It enables customers to customize the platform, share content, and generate reports. Moreover, it allows users to live stream events to their website, Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube. 

To invite participants with LiveWebinar, all that one needs is a shareable link. Moreover, there is no need to download any app as LiveWebinar works on all devices and browsers. What’s better, it’s state-of-the-art connection quality. So, let’s take a look at this advanced webinar platform that you can tailor to your business needs.

Salient Features of LiveWebinar

As you log into the LiveWebinar platform, you are greeted with an interactive interface. Besides, it is easy to navigate and understand. 

Let’s have a look!

1. Rooms/Events 

Live Webinar

You can leverage LiveWebinar for hosting three different types of events. This includes-

i. Webinar: Here, you can give a presentation. Your attendees will only be able to view and ask questions.

ii. Meeting Room: In this event, your attendees will be able to stream live videos along with the audio. However, it allows up to 25 attendees in a live meeting room.

iii. Q & A-based Webinar: It gives you the privilege to provide your attendees permissions to live stream audio and video.

So, let’s move ahead and look at how you can schedule these events. 

  • Scheduled events

Live Webinar

As the name suggests, you can schedule your events, webinars, and meetings here. However, it gives you a holistic view of events, rooms, and past events. You can apply filters and avail of any particular webinar’s details. Besides, you can host instant meetings or schedule any upcoming webinars.

  • Instant Meeting 

There are times when you need to call people for unplanned meetings. This is where instant meeting comes in handy. All you need to do is share the link with the invitees, and you’re good to go.

Live Webinar

  • Schedule Webinar  

With LiveWebinar, scheduling webinars is easier than ever. Just fill in the required information step-by-step, and that’s all. Your webinar is scheduled. 

a. Details

Live Webinar

You can fill in your webinar details and choose if you want to keep the room permanently open or restrict access. If you choose the latter, your attendees can join the webinar 1 hour before or after the scheduled timings.

Once you click on the schedule, you’ll receive all the details concerning your webinar.

Live Webinar

You can edit the information, copy the webinar link, send it to the attendees, embed details on your website, and even delete it.

b. Registration

With a registration form, you can have someone first register for your webinar. Once the attendee registers, he’ll be sent an event attendance URL. However, only one person can use the URL; thus, eliminating any frauds.

Live Webinar

You can enable/disable this field, depending on your requirement. Besides, LiveWebinar lets you choose a form from its library or create a new one. Reminders, access to multiple sessions, and marketing automation integrations are what make LiveWebinar stand apart.

c. Leads Form

If you’re looking for ways to collect leads, LiveWebinar has got one for you – leads form. Whenever a new attendee comes to attend the webinar, you can make them fill this form. Thus, you can collect their information quickly and build your contact book.

d. Presenters

At times, webinars are multi-sessioned. You want one presenter to host a session while someone else to present another session. In such cases, you can assign presenters. Your presenters will have more authority than the attendees.

e. Tracking

This is one of the most interesting features of LiveWebinar. It lets you track what your attendees are doing during the meeting, their behavior, and a lot more. To be specific, you can use platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more. 

f. Advanced

You can decide the type of event you are going to host – Q&A, Meeting, or Webinar. Moreover, you can password-protect the event to ensure that none other than attendees can join.

Live Webinar

What’s important, LiveWebinar lets you select the meeting/room layout, i.e., you can choose how the screen will appear when you join the meeting. Nevertheless, you can change the layout after you join also.

Live Webinar

Similarly, you can host permanent rooms.

LiveWebinar also provides a comprehensive view of all your past events. It comes in handy to run analytics or reports.

2. Storage 

It can be an excellent resource for compiling your files, presentations, and other documents that you might want to show while in the webinar room.

Live Webinar

You can upload files with a simple drag-and-drop operation. Moreover, to easily locate the required files, you can create folders and organize your storage.

3. Tests and Surveys 

Surveys and polls are an excellent way to know more about customers and what kind of services they are looking for. When it comes to webinars and events, surveys provide feedback and unique information from customers. LiveWebinar allows you to create surveys and set their duration. 

You can re-use the surveys and polls in various webinars. Besides, data derived from it can be used to make informed decisions.

4. Statistics & Reports

LiveWebinar helps you obtain statistics and reports of different events and sessions. You can download reports for past and ongoing events.

Live Webinar

However, you might not find the dashboard that intriguing, but it is simple and easy to use.

5. Invite Participants

As mentioned earlier, inviting participants with LiveWebinar is easier. You can send them an invitation via email, call, text, and URL.

Again, LiveWebinar beats the competitors with its call out invitation. Call out enables your attendees to join the webinar by answering the call. Nothing can be so simple than this, isn’t it?

6. Integrations

LiveWebinar provides you with a host of integration capabilities. Whether you want to integrate it with your marketing automation tools or your CRM, LiveWebinar helps set up integrations.

Now that you got a hand on how to schedule webinars and meetings with LiveWebinar let’s move ahead and view the actual interface that it offers. 

So, you can go to any of your scheduled webinars and click on Join. And, below is what you see:

Live Webinar

As you can see, it offers all the controls and several features to make the most out of the webinar.

Right from the list of participants to the attendees who can stream live video, it covers everything. Moreover, the complete platform is customizable. You can expand/collapse any windows as per your requirement. LiveWebinar even enables you to send text and voice messages. This is something exciting about LiveWebinar. You can also share files, images, videos, and more in the chat window.

Live Webinar

Furthermore, it provides the host functionality to set status – away, available, and unavailable. The host can let participants enter the room and also poll them.

Besides all the controls that we looked at earlier, LiveWebinar has many powerful features on its interface. This includes-

  • YouTube Player: It allows you to play a YouTube video in the webinar.
  • Whiteboard: You can give an excellent visual presentation to your participants with whiteboards.

Live Webinar

  • Share Screen: While hosting a meeting, you may require to share your screen and help attendees better understand your ideas. Thus, it comes to the picture. It lets you share a window or complete screen, whichever you want. But this functionality requires you to have a Google Chrome web browser extension.
  • Call to Action: Setting a call to action helps you present your offers at any time during the webinar. Thus, you can increase your sales. You can send offers to attendees, hosts, presenters, specific individuals, or all.
  • Presence Manager: With this functionality, you can ping someone to determine if they are still watching the webinar or not.
  • Breakout Rooms: Managing big events cannot be easy. So, this allows you to run endless meetings in a single session.
  • Brightcove Player: You can stream live meetings and sessions with this robust feature of LiveWebinar.
  • Vote Manager: It is useful when you conduct polls or surveys. It helps you put questions, customize answer types, and choose the placement where the poll would appear during the webinar.
  • Vimeo Player: This enables you to add video content to your webinars; thus, making it more appealing and engaging.
  • Broadcast to: With LiveWebinar, you can broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, or some other options.
  • Prezi Presentation: You can underline the most critical points in your webinar with this animated tool.
  • Branding: LiveWebinar lets you create various branding templates. You can personalize the platform with different logos and color themes. It proves to be beneficial, especially when you run multiple businesses.  

Summing Up

LiveWebinar’s fully customizable webinar solutions are an excellent option for individuals and organizations with diverse sets of client bases.  Moreover, inviting participants to meetings and webinars cannot be easier. Its ability to let you stream and broadcast live webinars across different platforms is quite enticing. Not to forget, the branding capabilities.

Are you planning to host an event shortly? You must give LiveWebinar a try.

To know more about LiveWebinar, check out its website or its SoftwareSuggest Product profile page.

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