7 Major Mistakes That New Mobile App Developers Make



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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Perfect mobile apps are difficult to develop since they require a great deal of information and determination of the mobile app developers.

As it requires high concentration, efforts, and focus of mobile app development companies as well. If you just create an idea of having a mobile app, with the help of any of the mobile app development companies, then it is not much more necessary that your mobile app will win the millions of hearts.

You need to consider some of the factors and work out on those factors before even proceed for the app development. A mobile app development agency should have good technical expertise with a clear concept of latest programming for the unique development of the mobile app.

Here are 7 Major Mistakes Mobile app developers make:

1. A Lack of Market Research

Mobile app development involves huge investments. Moreover, just a great app would not suffice the decision to build a mobile application. Going for the app development with the proper planning and research is much more imperative. With respect to this, testing the marketing, conducting the customer surveys, and narrowing down the market audience is critical.

From the type of mobile application to the needs of your target audience, and to the features that will also help to engage the app users – you should know it all as well. Doing proper research would also provide with a clear idea about how to go ahead with your app development.

Moreover, once mobile app developers know who your target audience is, then it would help them to build an app that not just only helps in acquiring customers but also in customer retention too.

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2. Building a Multipurpose App

Being a mobile app developer, you may want to build an app that performs a wide range of functions. You may even want to build an app that is a substitute for some other applications. It may even sound more like a good idea – have one application that is able to do everything which you need – but the problem is that the more complex your program is, the higher is the percentage of the app warning and errors you get, especially if you try to deploy all the functions at just one place.

Make sure not to build a Swiss Army Knife type application, especially if your app development experience is not that much bigger. Keep your app simple, especially if you are trying to build the maximum viable product or the MVP. Moreover, it does not mean that your app should contain only one feature.

You also need to find the balance between the number of features your app will have with the programming experience. In other words, make sure that your ideas correspond to your programming abilities.

3. Bad Mobile UI Design

Not paying the proper attention to the User Experience and User Interface of the mobile app is a mistake that mobile app developers should avoid at a high priority. Just like it is much more vital to woo with the first impression, the same applies to your app as well. With the thousands of mobile apps uploaded on the Play Store on a daily basis, a good UI is the key to customer retention and attraction as well.

From high-end resolution designs to features like the gesture-based interface, a good User Interface is all you need to be successful in the long run.

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4. Avoid Beta Testing

Beta Testing plays an essential role, and here, mobile app developers can get as much information as they can from the users of the application. The main thing to understand is that to create an application for someone else, and users of the app should be confused by its user interface.

Let the people try the application out and get feedback from them directly. Feedback will help you to guide you and tell you what users of the application expect from it. Apart from that, beta testing is also a great way to test the application on different Operating System and hardware setups, which is key to understand if the app works perfectly.

It will also help to make the app versatile so that it will run flawlessly on any of the OS or hardware, which is much more crucial since the users do not want to get a hardware-dependent app, as it introduces certain limits. An app may run great on iOS and work with the huge errors on the Android.

5. Not paying attention to updates

Mobile app developers should consider their application as something that is not perfect, as something that always requires the improvements to make it much better. It is too hard to create a perfect app that will work quite well without errors and have all the functions that a user need. But it is essential to understand what users of the application expect from it.

Mobile App developer needs to introduce some of the new features and try to fix all errors to offers users with the best experience possible because mistakes even lead to unnecessary results and time losses, which is always bad. Any version which an app developer release should make the application better – at least with that goal in mind.

An app release is not the end – it is just a beginning. Then app developer has to support an application and continue developing it.

6. Not taking User’s Feedback seriously

Feedback plays a very critical role in the success of any application. So, make sure not to ignore this critical aspect of the app development. An Mobile app developer has to make sure that he is developing an app for the customers.

Moreover, it is crucial to take into account their feedback and reviews. It would even help you to understand their preferences and needs in a much better way. This is where the multiple iterations of the customer feedback can come in handy – which helps to make necessary changes in the app based on what customers and users want.

This is one of the major development mistakes in mobile app development. Your application has to be something new; it has to be unique; it should grant advantages to the customers, etc.

7. Using Old Repeating Ideas

It is common sense, but the first question which you need to answer is “What is the application doing?

What makes it unique from any other app which is already available on the App/Play Stores?”

A mobile app developer needs to create something that would help users with their needs. It may sound easy, but it is too tough to make every idea work as an application.

Before a mobile app developers starts making an app, they need to study the market very well. If they create an app for the photography let’s say, then they should study what application that works with the camera are available to customers and what they are capable of.

If they create the app that has the same sort of functions, then people will not pay too much attention to their application at all. He/she needs to add some of the unique features to their applications. Researching is so important, and they also need to know the market as a target audience.


So, these are the seven major mistakes which are being generally done by the mobile app developer. In order to make the app launch successful, you need to take some of the preventive measures rather than clearing your mistakes later, when all the efforts for its development had been made.

In the last, implementation of measures like the pre-launch marketing of the Android and iOS application, testing application before its introduction to the market, avid using web-references, user friendly features on app, space for user feedback, enough flexibility for upgradation, fast track loading speed etc.

It Would help to reduce these major mistakes, In developing an app but also increases the chances to sell the product in worldwide marketing on a large scale plan.

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

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