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Last updated: August 18, 2018

The world of today functions like a speeding car on a highway without a speed limit. Running a business in such an environment demands a lot of energy and meticulous organization. But today business people can count on hundreds of different IT tools that can make the whole management experience a real pleasure.

Staying informed is crucial

As a business owner, you want to know what happens in each and every department that you have under your supervision. In line with this statement, probably the most fundamental rule of running an enterprise successfully today is always being informed on all the major affairs and operations within the company.

How to manage your business from mobile devices - SS

Easy management through IT tools

To achieve the goal from the previous paragraph, a businessperson has to find out more about different business tools, so we have made a selection of some popular and useful tools for improving your business productivity. All of them can be handled either from your smartphone or your tablet/laptop/PC.

1) Space place(s)

Since nowadays it is possible to keep your data stored online, here are some useful space-storing places.

  • Google Drive

As probably the most popular location for keeping data on the cloud, Google Drive offers up to 15GB of free storage space. Also, if you use Google Apps for work, you can get addition 15GB, which makes 30GB altogether. In addition, you can pay for extra space, as shown in this chart. All the data can be accessed from any device and they are all synced as you change it.

  • Dropbox

This service enables you to save your documents and different multimedia files on the cloud. The free version is useful for simple everyday purposes. The business option gives you 1TB of space, as well as improved security features and special backup options. Also, there are interesting business packages which are perfect for small businesses or the managerial staff.

2) Sales assistants

Whatever job you do, increasing sales is a common goal of entrepreneurs. These services will help you get there.

  • Highrise

This tool has the function of a home office and a virtual secretary. It keeps a record of all the business contacts you have and also of all the calls and communication bits that you have done. It really assists in keeping your business connected with your partners and thus boosting your sales.

  • Bidsketch

With this helpful service, every businessperson can create visually attractive proposals in a couple of minutes. It also does calculations pretty fast and supports the electronic signature option. In simple words, faster and improved business experience comes with Bidsketch.

3) Online bookkeepers

Taking care of every single receipt and transaction could be a mundane job. These solutions can be very helpful in keeping your books neat.

  • Freshbooks

A cloud-based accounting software is a perfect program for a wide range of businesspeople, from beginners to more experienced ones. It tracks your transactions as they are done, makes invoices online and records expenses.

  • Expensify

You set your rules and limits and this program will play the role of your financial tutor. You can connect your account and expensify straight to your bank card or note down all the expenses and the receipts via your phone. This service will keep you within the zone of your prescribed expenses.

4) Operability

Being efficient is very important and is easily done from your iPad or smartphone with the following tools, as well.

  • Trello

If you want to use a service that informs you on your current projects, the individual tasks of the staff members and the locations of your works, Trello is a great choice. It gives you a full insight into your complete workload and makes it easier for you to reach a high level of operability.

  • Equity Feed

Many entrepreneurs also deal with stocks. Those who always want to know about hot deals should use Equity Feed. This real time software provides you with all the best offers in the market at every single second.

With the use of all these online tools and apps from your phone or tablet, it is much easier to handle a venture in a successful way and secures a better business future.

Nate M. Vickery is an entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. In recent years he is involved in website design and development. Aside from work he enjoys a good game of Aussie football and spending time with his family. Nate is also the editor-in-chief at bizzmarkblog.

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