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Last updated: March 15, 2018

Ask any business owner what the most important key to their success is, and you are likely to hear the answer, “customers!” Without a steady flow of customers, even the most well-run business will wither away and die. Creating a steady flow of leads and potential clients is the key ensuring that you have a consistent stream of customers, both now and in the future. Learn how to harness the power of marketing software to guarantee that your business gains more subscribers and leads.

Make Your Website Work for You

Your website is a valuable tool. While some businesses treat their website as a glorified phone book listing, this is a mistake. In many cases, your website may be the first impression your business makes on your customers. It should be streamlined, and easy to navigate. If your customers can’t quickly locate the information they are looking for, they may simply move on to one of your competitors. This is not what you want!

Instead, make sure that you capture their data so that you can begin marketing to them, and moving them through your sales funnel. The first step in doing so is convincing people to subscribe to your email list. You can create a lead magnet that is connected to your email form. A lead magnet can be anything that adds value to your customers. It can be an Audio file, a PDF file, an e-book…virtually anything that will provide enough value to your customers that it will be worth their while to subscribe to your email list.

Another option is to offer a coupon code or discount once they opt-in to your list. This is typically a limited time offer for first-time customers. Don’t leave the code open-ended. Set an expiration date to create a sense of urgency that they need to use the code soon. You can also offer discount codes for referring friends who also make a purchase from you. Doing so can further grow your list.

Once you have determined your strategy for getting customers to subscribe, you will need to choose a lead capture form system. These are where your potential clients will enter their email address to be added to your database. There are many different options to choose from. Two of the leading systems are OptinMonster and Leadpages. The various options will allow you to perform A/B testing to see what format has the best conversion rate, use popups and stand-alone leadpages, and even set up text to opt-in codes.

Follow Up with Great Automated Content

Once you have potential clients opted-in to your email list, you want to continue to build a relationship with them. This is where automated content comes into play. You will need to use an email delivery system to communicate with your list. Just like with lead capture forms, there are many email systems to choose from. MailChimp, ConvertKit and Infusionsoft are a few of the more popular systems.

You will want to design your automated content based on triggers in customer behaviour. For starters, set up a drip campaign that is triggered when someone joins your email list. This should be a series of emails that help develop your relationship with your customers and moves them through your sales funnel.

Once a customer shows interest by clicking on a link, you can funnel them through another automated campaign that will show them more products they may be interested in. Then, once they have made a purchase, your email software can be triggered to add them to your customer list.

Effective email marketing software can be automated to perform all of these tasks for you. They save you both time and money, by automatically moving your customers through the funnel and reducing the workload for your sales team. They can also grow your list so that you have a steady flow of incoming clients and warm leads ready to purchase your products.

Connecting Multiple Systems

One of the most effective uses of automated software is connecting multiple systems. Your website should be connected to your lead capture software, which in turn should be connected to your CRM system. Your CRM can then be connected to your email delivery system so that all of your programs are interwoven and working on your behalf. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual imports, making the management of your customer relationships simple and effective.

Benefits of Automation

One of the biggest benefits of automation is that your systems can be working for you even when your offices are closed. If a customer looks up your company late at night, your marketing software will do the work of moving them through your sales funnel even when your employees are away from the office.

It also helps to reduce the need for manual categorization. Your team doesn’t need to spend hours updating spreadsheets and attempting to gauge customer interest. Instead of manually categorizing leads, your software can do it for you. It takes the information provided by an individual’s pattern of interaction with your content and categorizes them for you. Each new interaction provides new information that can trigger new campaigns.

It can also reduce the need for manual follow up by your sales team. While in-person follow up will never be completely eliminated, it should be reserved only for the warmest leads. Your sales team shouldn’t have to waste their time making cold calls and trying to convert a cold lead because the software will take care of the communication with those individuals. This frees your team up to focus on the leads who are most likely to convert to paying clients.

Using Marketing Software to Your Advantage

Proper use of Marketing Software can guarantee more subscribers and leads for your business. By taking advantage of automation, you can grow your business without the need for additional hours of work. The software does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Use marketing software to deliver a steady flow of leads so that your business has a consistent supply of customers both now and in the future. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Make sure that you are consistently communicating with them via your automated systems.

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