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Last updated: July 10, 2020

Mumbai Based MEDICIN ERP is one of the fastest-growing Pharma inventory and accounting software solutions provider in the market. MEDICIN ERP simplifies inventory management, accounting, government compliance, payments, GST compliance, sales, marketing & HR.

MEDICIN ERP automates repetitive tasks by automating critical business operations. This saves time on manual work and increases profitability by 30% to 40%. The main aim is to digitize each pharmacy in India and offer our clients the best of tech solutions with world-class service support at an affordable price point and a guarantee of a substantial increase in per man productivity”.

Let us know about the Medicine ERP with Harish Jain, Founder, and Managing Partner in a recent interview with SoftwareSuggest.

In Conversation with Harish Jain, Founder at Medicin ERP

How do you see technology as a key growth driver for Pharmacy or Pharma Distributors?

Technology is a key driver for scaling up the business and plays a significant role in growth however when we looked at this segment, we found that competitors were still offering less user-friendly services that were costly and impractical. Most of the technologies are high on cost & less on productivity with pathetic service support however as there is no better option available; customers have to buy them.

We offer Latest Technology with Best Service Support at Affordable Prices. MEDICIN ERP ensures seamless management of business operations, flawless accounting/GST filing/inventory management, wide customer reach, reduction of long-run costs, etc. If you look at data there are 8.5 lacs pharmacies in India and ironically only 20% of them are using ERP solutions to run complicated aspects of their business.

Just imagine the need of technological platforms that will ease out business operations and give pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to explore newer avenues of growth and expansion. It is also an ideal solution to help businesses tackle new challenges like COVID or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Tell us something about MEDICIN ERP, when was it started and the journey so far?

To conquer the dream and vision of making each pharmacy digital, Pankaj Jain, Vandana Jain & I founded MEDICIN ERP in 2009. I had a good and rich experience in the pharma supply chain as I spent one decade working with renowned pharma companies such as Nicholas ( now ABBOT), Medley, Ipca, and Ferring.

Today we are humbled that MEDICIN ERP is India’s MOST trusted technology partner for large, medium, small, and micro-enterprises. It has a successful track record and has established a credible name in the field.

With a focus on making operations easy for pharmaceutical distributors and businesses, we envisioned disruptive and user-friendly technology that can enhance all performance indicators for long term success. We have a strong R&D team that caters to simple and affordable solutions that can be customized for targeted trade segments.

With a footprint in all states of India, the company now has global ambitions. We are looking for international partners to collaborate with and extend our global reach. The company is also on the mission of creating impactful education, skill development, and job avenues in the country through tie-ups with renowned institutes like NMIMS (MUMBAI & SHIRPUR) and HYGIA LUCKOW, etc.

How has Medicin ERP enabled some of its customers to grow their business?

At MEDICIN ERP, our motto is to simply offer Latest Technology with Best Service Support at an Affordable Price Point. The latest technology is used MEDICIN ERP to simplify every complex business situation and this enables growth for our customers by delivering ultimate efficiency and productivity. TEAM MEDICIN and our franchise partners always stay connected with our customers to train, update and support customers about the solution, making sure they are fully trained and confident to meet future challenges by maximizing the potential of the MEDICIN SOFTWARE

We are training them in emerging technology such as owner apps, patient apps, and online ordering techniques so that they can operate digital software without any challenges. This helps to deliver enhanced customer care, streamline tasks in a unified manner, and scale up business operations rapidly.

How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace?

We are here to serve, not to earn. Earning is a by-product if we serve our customers well, with the best of abilities and intentions. MEDICIN ERP differentiates itself in terms of its approach to provide high-end solutions with best of class support and service at an affordable price point to even the smallest of businesses.

“A great product will die if service and support are not given on time” We are creating inroads very fast into this segment because our competitors still offer old technology and the worst is the after-sales service support offered by most firms. Just imagine a situation where a customer is waiting for medicine on the counter and is not able to receive it on time due to technical issues or mismanagement.

It would lead to so much inconvenience and dissatisfaction. Pharma companies and distributors can reap exponential benefits through our innovative all-inclusive approach.

MEDICIN ERP has serviced 25000+ users with a big smile & is renowned for the best service, support software amongst all clients. It has also been awarded by experts for the same in the year 2020.

MEDICIN ERP is highly user-friendly and affordable. We design and develop our solutions keeping the client’s requirement at the focal point, translating operational convenience into technology solution structures. Features that are exclusively available on our platform are Salesman app, Owner’s app, B2C app, e-ordering, and mobile applications where we have enabled distributors to directly buy/ sell a product which automatically reflects in the books of the vendor without physical interference.

Multi-Location warehouse,10k types of MIS reports, and compatibility with tally software are key differentiating features. We have launched MEDICIN TV on which client pharmacies can run promotional campaigns for services or for nearby referral doctors. Recently, we have also incorporated 1000+ features based on feedback received from pharmacy clients; for which there was no solution available to them.

Our target is not to capture market share but to win the heart of clients in targeted segments in the pharmaceutical industry and help them in achieving proficiency and desired productivity for their business. Also, we are very proud of the huge team of franchise partners we have; however, we are aiming to add 1500 more channel partners by next year to strengthen our network and reach out to the under-served pharmacy chains & pharma distributors.

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