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Last updated: March 19, 2021

Though the inception of telemedicine occurred in the 1940s, humans have understood its real significance only in the wake of the recent pandemic. Telehealth has genuinely been a blessing during the COVID-19 crisis and helped save the lives of countless patients all over the world. This has made 97% of healthcare leaders extend telehealth access to patients since the pandemic.

Virtual care has proved to be highly beneficial in the screening and treating COVID-19 cases and helped in adhering to social distancing and safety guidelines. Moreover, it has facilitated routine appointments and helped reserve bed spaces for critical patients in quarantine. Thus, many hospitals, private clinics, and dispensaries today have adopted telemedicine platforms to manage patients’ and doctors’ schedules, improve engagement, get timely alerts, and minimize paperwork.

Even before the pandemic, telemedicine has played a pivotal role in providing proper healthcare to remote communities and serve populations in need. It has supported specializations such as psychiatry and cardiology, minimized risks for contagious diseases, saved countless hours for patients and healthcare personnel, and boosted the productivity of medical facilities.

Telemedicine is typically defined as a combination of devices and technologies that help gain information about patients’ health remotely and offer sound medical recommendations. Today, several telemedicine solutions provide the right set of tools that monitor patients, manage electronic health records (EHRs), schedule appointments, and capacity. Additionally, they help clinics be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability & Accounting Act (HIPAA) regulations which ensure the privacy of personal health data.

Telemedicine software not only helps patients connect with doctors via conferencing but also aids in sharing EHRs securely. However, there are several unique challenges faced by telemedicine centers like workflow management, handling of no-shows, outcome improvement, etc., that many of these solutions ignore. This review will focus on MEND, premier telemedicine, and patient engagement solution powered by artificial intelligence. MEND has been thoughtfully designed to keep in mind the problems that telehealth providers frequently face in a quest to improve compliance, accuracy, and visibility.

Through this review, we will glance over the following topics:

What is MEND?

MEND is an AI-powered cloud telehealth solution that allows patients and healthcare providers to connect, interact, schedule appointments, and share files effortlessly. The company was founded in 2014 to revolutionize telemedicine services, boost revenues, and provide superior and seamless communication with patients.

Going beyond the confines of traditional telehealth services, MEND aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for healthcare front-end operations while offering superior patient engagement. MEND is available both as a SaaS-solution and mobile application. It can be integrated easily with EHR and PMS software and ensures HIPAA compliance for better data safety.


Using MEND, patients can interact with practitioners via videoconferencing and live-chat tools. Once patients click on the link provided, the system automatically creates a secure connection for sharing video, images, text, and files.  Patients can schedule appointments on the go and fill out necessary forms digitally with just an internet connection. Moreover, it provides timely reminders and alerts, reduces errors and redundancies, and predicts no-shows via AI.

MEND Patient Self Scheduling

MEND’s PredictiveIQ can help find outpatients unlikely to show up for appointments and show them directly under the scheduling module. Additionally, it mitigates no-shows and last-minute cancellations with automated text, phone-call, and email reminders.

Besides integrating with your existing EMR and practice management systems, MEND also helps you work together with pharma management companies, lab informatics providers, insurance agencies, and much more. The above features have helped MEND create some impressive figures, which include:

  • Recapturing over $1 million in lost medical practice revenues
  • Over 85% engagement rate for digital forms
  • 99% connection rate through their telemedicine module 
  • Drastic reduction in no-show rates for virtual appointments

MEND’s success as telemedicine management and engagement platform has made it launch a new version of the software recently – and it’s COMPLETELY FREE. Besides making healthcare more accessible, the free version would offer live technical support, automatic patient reminders via text and email, file sharing, and interactive waiting room experiences for patients. It would also allow unlimited staff and patient profiles to be created, offer screen-sharing and canvas mode, and help relay HD videos. 

Now that we know how MEND works let us look at the main advantages of using the software.

Key Advantages of using MEND

MEND offers an array of benefits to patients, physicians, and dispensaries, which are listed below:

1. Flexibility & Customizations

MEND offers a high degree of customization within its application based on your best practice business processes and provides an interactive dashboard with all of your patients’ and physicians’ schedule information. It allows the telehealth staff to schedule appointments based on doctors’ availability and expertise. Its PredictiveIQ predicts no-shows and cancellations, allowing you to pursue high-risk appointments carefully. New data received is communicated back to the master schedule instantly.

2. Easy Connectivity

Another great thing about MEND is its reduced dependency on both hardware and software. No matter where your patients and physicians are and what device they are on, MEND helps you connect them securely while following HIPAA guidelines and offering HD video quality even on low bandwidths.

3. Better capacity utilization

MEND helps telehealthcare providers make optimum use of their resources. This includes medical practitioners, equipment, and rooms. Effective scheduling reduces business losses caused by no-shows and cancellations and prevents overbooking due to manual errors.

4. Efficiency & cost-effectiveness

Virtual visits cost less, require fewer resources, and help you broaden your market. They make processes like scheduling, data retrieval, and reminders much more efficient. They also mitigate the risks of cancellation of critical appointments through timely reminders via multiple channels. Reduced paperwork also helps minimize overheads and errors.

5. Telepsychiatry

While typical telehealth psychiatry platforms find it challenging to get patients connected to their visits, MEND makes patients connect and participate more with advanced engagement techniques. The average engagement rate for MEND is about 80%, with certainty groups reaching as high as 98%.

6. Better assessments & surveys

Digital clinical assessment forms help in better engagement and make it easier for your firm to take patient surveys. MEND can procure patient forms from any device and automate consents, pictures, medical histories, insurance information, and all other data in a fast and secure way.

7. Easy integrations and advanced API coverage

MEND also helps simplify workflows by integrating data from multiple sources and making it readily accessible. It integrates with other medical practice management software and offers advanced API coverage to provide a seamless telehealth experience.

The Final Verdict

The above features make MEND a truly unique platform and an intriguing choice for modern telemedicine providers. MEND is perfect for virtual care enterprises of any size and is designed to boost productivity, profitability, accuracy, and engagement. MEND has received rave reviews from its global clientele and has been rated as the number 1 telemedicine software platform by the renowned product review platform KLAS. Thus modern healthcare firms and enterprises looking to find a secure, user-friendly, and integrated platform for better patient engagement don’t need to look further than MEND.


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