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Last updated: September 6, 2021

An effective performance appraisal leads to improved employee morale, higher productivity and creates an engaged organizational culture!

Research suggests that people are more likely to identify their strengths rather than weaknesses. This ignorance can be a serious inhibitor to professional development. To overcome this problem, HR leaders across the globe have transitioned to a comprehensive performance appraisal system known as 360-degree performance feedback.

Conducting a 360-degree performance appraisal is quite challenging. It is a comprehensive professional exercise that gathers valuable feedback on employees’ performance from various stakeholders such as clients, vendors, managers, peers, and subordinates. 

Organizations often struggle with executing 360-degree feedback as it requires consistent participation, training, and advanced tools for a fair assessment. Traditional assessment tools will not cut the mark – you need to invest in a quick and reliable 360-degree evaluation platform that can streamline employee development processes. Mercer | Mettl 360View is a great option – a one-stop solution for all your feedback and assessment needs.

So, today let’s dive deep and Mercer | Mettl 360 View to know more about its features and key differentiators in detail.

Introduction To Mercer | Mettl 

Mercer | Mettl believes in empowering organizations to build winning teams by providing holistic solutions for talent acquisition and development. The organization was founded in 2010 and has established itself as a market leader in the global domain of talent assessments and people management.

Mercer | Mettl 360View has a team of psychometric experts to help organizations design personalized surveys for each job role and level. They can analyze your business model and create surveys to facilitate a seamless 360-degree feedback process.

With Mercer | Mettl 360View, you get access to a user-friendly cloud-based 360-degree feedback tool that focuses on ease of administration and powerful data analytics. It can help you streamline performance management workflows in multiple ways and enhance employee satisfaction exponentially!

  • Training Needs Identification: With Mercer | Mettl 360View, you get detailed insights into employee strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easy to perceive an employees’ gaps in skills, and personality traits, thus enabling managers to work on targeted development plans.
  • High Potential Identification: One of the biggest benefits of 360-degree feedback is that you get to identify high-potential employees who can fit in critical work roles in the future. It streamlines succession planning and allows managers to groom talented employees for complex roles with additional responsibilities.

  • Performance Appraisal: 360-degree feedback is a comprehensive exercise that requires planning and the right tools for structured implementation. Mercer | Mettl 360View enables you to gain a holistic perspective of an employee from subordinates, peers, superiors, clients, and other stakeholders. Since feedback is collected from multiple perspectives, the main aim is to make the process fair and unbiased.

Key Features Of Mercer | Mettl 360View

Mercer | Mettl 360View  is a must-have business asset – it has the potential to give you an instant competitive advantage by streamline performance management and feedback! Let’s have a closer look at some of its key differentiating features:

  • Higher Completion Rates: Mercer | Mettl 360View  makes managing and collecting feedback easy and user-friendly, resulting in higher completion rates. 
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: With Mercer | Mettl 360View, you get to fill out surveys anytime and anywhere. It has a convenient mobile application that is extremely user-friendly and gives you the mobility to take surveys on the go!
  • Auto-Save Option: Mercer | Mettl 360View ensures you do not worry about data loss. It has a powerful auto-save and data back-up feature that saves all the information filled out in surveys so you can continue right from where you left!
  • Auto-Generated Reminders: There is no need to send repetitive follow-ups with Mercer | Mettl 360View. You can send easy-to-configure custom reminders at fixed time intervals to ensure a higher rate of survey completion.
  • Pre-Built Templates: The system has a range of pre-built templates making it easy to quickly onboard small-scale customers. They can start conducting surveys instantly by choosing a ready-made template and save time instead of developing a customized survey. 
  • Customizable Emails: If you are looking to lend a personal touch to employee communication, nothing better than a  customized email to strike a rapport. Mettl 360View enables you to create custom fields for emails for impactful company branding.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: With Mettl 360View, you get to fill out surveys anytime and anywhere. It has a convenient mobile application that is extremely user-friendly and gives you the mobility to take surveys on the go!
  • Seamless User Experience: Mercer | Mettl 360View stands apart from market competitors. It is designed to provide a hassle-free and seamless experience for all stakeholders in 360-degree feedback management – employees, HR leaders, and professionals.

1. Administrators

Navigating through a complex performance management system can be a pain point for administrators. It provides multilingual support as all surveys and reports can be implemented in multiple languages, ideal for global audiences. With Mercer | Mettl 360View, administrators can easily manage 360-degree feedback projects without any roadblocks.

  • Analytical dashboards that display real-time data to track the success of projects.
  • Bulk upload of employee details in a single click – saves time and boosts productivity!
  • A wide range of pre-built templates to expedite the survey creation and data collection process.
  • Auto-schedule and ad-hoc reminders to ensure a higher survey completion rate.
  • One-click data download and report distribution to streamline workflows.

2. Employees: Mercer | Mettl

Mercer | Mettl 360View is the best 360-degree feedback management tool for employees as it strives to provide an excellent experience where you can take surveys on the fly, anytime and anywhere.

  • Multi-device compatibility – employees can fill their surveys on desktops, laptops, or mobile phones as per convenience.
  • Complete anonymity to ensure an objective performance appraisal process.
  • One consolidated email with all the required information to fill out surveys effectively.
  • Auto-save feature to save valuable feedback filled in surveys – prevents any data loss.
  • A user-friendly and navigable platform that requires minimal user training.

3. Fully Customizable and Intuitive Setup

Undoubtedly, Mercer | Mettl 360View biggest strength is that it is fully customizable to meet your unique organizational requirements. You can choose to use a pre-built survey template or design your survey from scratch by customizing the questions, competencies, and reports.

With access to a research-backed exhaustive competency question library, it becomes easy to design precise surveys. You can have customizable automated email templates to personalize employee communication. 

Another useful feature of Mercer | Mettl 360View is that you can upload all employee details in just a single click. This means you do not need to spend hours entering employee information manually – complete automation makes life easy!

  • Real-Time Actionable Reports: The 360View reports are insightful, customizable, and provide real-time data. These reports are designed to help you understand gaps in perception across self, managers, peers, and others for critical competencies. The reports provides a detailed competency summary that allows managers to understand their employees better and work on their personal development plan. 360View helps in identifying:
  • Hidden Strengths: These are the areas where feedback providers have rated an individual higher than his/her self-ratings. Hidden strengths provide a peek into capabilities that an individual may not know about and provide better self-awareness.
  • Blind Spots: Areas where feedback providers rate an individual lower than his/her self-rating are known as blind spots. Employees and managers can mutually chalk out a developmental plan to work on blind spots as they are potential areas of improvement.
  • Known Strengths: These are the competencies and characteristics where individuals have received the highest scores through self-ratings and other stakeholder ratings. Managers can assign tasks based on known strengths to harness employee capabilities to the maximum extent possible.
  • Areas Of Improvement: Statements in surveys where employees have received the lowest scores based on their self-ratings and others ratings are potential areas of improvement. Managers can plan for targeted training sessions and skill development based on the revealed areas of improvement.

The Final Verdict

Mercer | Mettl 360View  is a force to reckon with in the domain of 360-degree evaluation tools. It has a growing user base of many leading global organizations. It is the go-to performance management tool for Astra Zeneca, Bharti Axa, Wells Fargo, and Infosys.

With 24*7 customer support, Mercer | Mettl 360View  promises to deliver an excellent user experience! The system follows stringent security protocols, including GDPR compliance, so you can be assured that there will be no compromise of sensitive organizational information. Mercer | Mettl 360View is truly a global system that supports 30+ languages and works across 90 countries.

So, if you are looking for an all-inclusive 360-degree performance feedback tool, end your search with Mercer | Mettl 360View. The best in the market, 360View ensures quick and seamless installation for all kinds of organizations. It is a highly configurable platform that will push up survey completion rates and streamline your performance appraisal process.

It is time to ditch the conventional appraisal process and leverage the power of a multi-rater approach through 360-degree feedback. Mercer | Mettl 360View is a holistic 360-degree feedback system that can revolutionize your performance appraisals through a mobile-friendly interface, customized surveys, and analytical reports.

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