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Smartphones have invaded our private spaces and took an irreplaceable spot in our lives. However, a smartphone is lifeless without applications, which make the phone useful and functional. From Google to Facebook, and from the Camera to YouTube, applications are a part of our day to day tasks and needs. These mobile app are result of great mobile app development ideas. These apps are playing an important role in our lives.

But, in this new era of technology, applications are not only used for entertainment but to help users complete complicated tasks, and make their lives hassle-free. If you want to develop a mobile application as your startup then this blog will help you.

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Here are 15 mobile app development ideas for startups: 

1. Custom Itinerary Apps

Custom Itinerary apps are used as a travel companion for tracking routes and searching for facilities during the trip. Therefore, the struggles of planning a trip, and carrying it out become easy and efficient with custom itinerary apps. Adding certain features like mode of transport, nearby hotels & restaurants, etc. can make the users’ life easier. It is one of the best mobile app development ideas startups can hire developers for.

2. Graphical Restaurant Reservation System (GRRS) Apps

As the name suggests, GRRS apps are used to schedule reserve tables in a restaurant with an app or website. GRRS apps show users a graphical representation of the layout of the tables to see and select the available ones. Partnering with various restaurants makes it easy as all the data is merged into a single system. You can also partner with restaurants to provide latest deals and offers.

3. Blockchain Apps

Blockchain is not a new word in technology, primarily because of the presence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is gaining huge popularity because of the safe,  secure, and undetectable transactions it offers. A good blockchain app can offer features like payments and money transfers, distributed cloud storage, smart contracts, etc. Blockchain is game changer technology. So, develop app based on this technology is comes in best Mobile App Development Ideas.

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4. Instant Messaging Apps

Texting apps are never out of trend and will never be. Free or cheap texting has taken over SMS and MMS completely, and thus, apps like WhatsApp and Telegram have experienced intense growth. Take mobile app development ideas from all the popular instant messaging apps in the market, and make your own unique texting app. Add features like stories, profiles, etc. to make it more functional and interactive.

5. Chatbots/Business Bots

Chatbots or business bots are the future of communication. Chatbots helps users manage their daily tasks, help them with basic queries, and make the overall experience more engaging. More than 30 percent of e-commerce companies use chatbots, and this number will increase for sure. Therefore, Chatbots can be an excellent app development idea.

6. Artificial Intelligence Apps

You must have used Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa. AI is the next big thing and a top investment priority among more than 30 percent of CIOs. With the scope and demand of AI-enabled apps increasing rapidly, they are a great development idea to consider.

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7. Telemedicine Apps

Telemedicine apps are used to provide healthcare facilities to someone over telecommunication and IT. The total worth of the telemedicine industry is expected to rise up to $66 billion by 2021, making it a good idea for startups.

8. Tax Invoicing Apps

At the end of the year, paying the tax can be a daunting task because of gathering documents and looking legit. An application that calculates all the tax based on the users’ income, and schedules the tax payments would be a huge relief. Therefore, tax invoicing apps are a good development idea to consider.

9. Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual Reality has gained huge popularity in recent year, being used in watching videos and gaming. Therefore, developing a good VR app is not a bad idea at all.

10. Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality technology is used in games like Pokemon Go. The net worth of the AR industry is expected to rise to $170 billion by 2021, making it an excellent startup ideas.

11. On-Demand Apps

On-Demand Apps are undoubtedly one of the most popular apps in the market. On-demand apps allow users to order food, services, products, cab, etc. A good on-demand app that helps users is a great idea to look into.

12. IoT Applications

Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology, and is widely used in cars, homes, gadgets, etc. Some popular applications of IoT include Smart Parking, Home automation, Smart Office system, etc. With the world approaching an era of digitalization, IoT apps will be the foundation of the upcoming digital world.

13. Dating Apps

Online dating is a huge industry, and one of the most popular ones among the youth. With so many singles looking for a good companion, a good dating app would be a gift to the youngsters, and a great way to start a dating business.

14. Musician Hub

Music creators are increasing rapidly, and indie music creators cannot afford expensive studios to work and record. A highly functional music hub can be a gift to aspiring music creators, helping them achieve their musical ambitions.

15. Earning Apps

What can be a better app development idea than helping people make some money? You can create a PPC, survey, or tasks app to not only generate some cash for yourself but to help others make money as well.

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