Top 7 Mobile Application Development Tools for 2021

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Last updated: July 9, 2021

In recent times, organizations have seen a drastic shift from desktop websites to mobile applications, as the popularity of smartphones is rising. However, if you want to make your mobile app a real success, it needs to have the right selection of framework, platform, database, and technologies. Most of the apps fail due to improper ideation and choosing wrong mobile application development tools.

Here are the list of Top 7 Mobile Application Development Tools for 2020:

1. Calabash 

Calabash is a test automation framework that enables mobile developers, or anyone without coding skills, for that matter, to execute automated UI Acceptance Tests.

  • It supports platforms like iOS and Android
  • It can automate different types of mobile applications — native, hybrid, and mobile web

The best part is that the Calabash test can be configured to run on hundreds of different Android and iOS devices. It provides real-time feedback and validation across many various form factors, OEM customizations, OS versions, and hardware specs.

2. PhoneGap

Adobe Phonegap

PhoneGap is an open-source platform, widely adopted for cross-platform mobile app development

  • You can build applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • It lets you extend the functionality of the form with the help of plug-in architecture

In short, it is the perfect option for those who want to design a simple mobile web application with the touch of a native app. It can tap into the phone and use the features like accelerometer, geolocation, camera, etc.

3. Amazon Web ServicesAWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) come with several AI toolkits for developers. It has the facilities to help you build sophisticated applications that are highly reliable and scalable as well. 

  • You can easily create AI aptitudes using the Amazon Machine Learning
  • AWS offers Lex, an open-source tool that enables developers to integrate chatbots into mobile and web applications

This AWS Machine Learning powers a massive number of businesses — from the largest enterprises to the hottest startups — in across 190 countries.

4. PayPal


PayPal is a digital payment tool that enables businesses and individuals to pay and accept payments online. 

  • It is suitable for all sizes of businesses
  • It provides a one-touch login process, so you don’t have to enter information again and again

What’s more, individuals can process transactions overseas as well as shop by linking their card details through Paypal’s portal. However, for business transactions, Paypal charges a fee that is calculated on total sales volumes.

5. Urban AirShip

Urban Airship is a mobile push notification tool that enables developers to deliver meaningful messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

  • It enables personalization of messages to keep your customers engaged
  • It provides real-time data to understand your customers’ behavior

Many of the top companies, like Alaska Airlines, Adidas, The Home Depot, Zillow, Sky Plc, and NBCUniversal, use Urban AirShip. It helps deliver value to your customers at each stage of their lifecycle.

6. ARKit


ARKit is the biggest ARP platform that lets you create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iOS. 

  • It offers tools that let you easily create interactive augmented reality experiences with no prior 3D experience
  • It can track human movement as input to the AR scene

In a nutshell, ARKit blends digital objects and information with the environment in such a way that the users interact with the new world in an entirely new way. 

7. XCode


XCode is one of the best mobile application development tools for developers who want to create apps for iOS platforms. 

  • It has a built-in ‘Assistant Editor’ that provides users with immediate useful codes on a side pane. It enables them to finish the app faster
  •  The developers can also test their apps using this software

There is no denying that XCode provides new and smart ways to design and build software. 

Here is the list of the latest trend in Mobile Application Development Tools:

The mobile application has long ceased to be just a way of entertainment and games. Services help to optimize the workflow, time management and bring profit to the business. However, the development is constantly upgraded to give users maximum comfort.

If you are going to launch your service in the App Store or Google Play, read carefully to get the maximum information. Many tendencies were laid down years ago, but to be fully revealed and to seize the minds of both users and entrepreneurs, they are beginning only now.

1. VR and AR are no Longer on Horseback

Last year’s boom with Pokemon GO and endless tirades about virtual reality has shown this horrible trend. In 2020, VR and AR are already perceived by users as a matter of course, people have become accustomed to this technology.

Today, more and more sites get a VR-mode, which works immediately in the browser of your smartphone.

Games and applications for cardboard and full-fledged helmets like Oculus and HTC Vive, online broadcasts and 360 shorts that already receive Oscar nominations, volume concerts such as those held by Seether and Saint Asonia – the content in virtual reality become larger.

Moreover, it becomes more quality due to the growing power of mobile devices. Unfortunately, most mobile application development tools with augmented / virtual reality do not bring much value to people and money to customers/developers.

The technology and methods of mobile application development tools have not still found each other. This proves a sharp drop in the popularity of Pokemon in 3-4 months after the launch. But the main thing is that artificial intelligence is simply necessary in the virtual establishment of relationships with customers (for example, a personal assistant, working on the basis of artificial intelligence).

AR and VR will actively develop and many more new projects will appear, especially in the spheres of education and games. But it will take at least a year for entrepreneurs to learn how to make money and bring real benefits.

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2. Machine Learning Progresses  

This year we witnessed the growth of entertainment applications with the use of neural networks: MSQRD, Prisma, Mlvch, Fabby, FindFace. Recently, Google released the experimental game Quick, Draw !, which demonstrated the capabilities of the neural network and fueled interest in using the technology.

However, the potential of this sphere is much larger and more important than just fun applications for processing photos and video.

And although few entrepreneurs have realized what opportunities AI opens for business, in 2016, we began to receive requests for the use of machine learning to implement business tasks in applications.

Virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, the identification of content in Google Now, the recognition of text and images that have got into the camera of the smartphone, these tools are the trending in the market.

Last year, this direction was developed along with the update of the operating systems of mobile devices and the release of many components of the “smart home” for Apple and Android.

There are more and more applications with neural networks like Prisma or Artisto. Smart artificial intelligence begins to appear in video games. It adjusts to the user, memorizing his habits and preferences.

This technology opens up great opportunities for both users and developers. Soon, each service will interact with assistants, and much of what is now done manually will take over artificial intelligence.

3. More Unity Apps!

The power of the devices have grown, you can not nurse with them anymore because now they support Unity. The game engine allows you to create cross-platform mobile tools, thus elegantly closing the cross-platform issue.

With special relief, it’s worth signing Android-developers: the problem of thousands of screen resolutions is solved in two clicks.

Of course, for iOS users, the question appears quite ambiguous, because native Swift applications will be optimized many times better.

In any case, the cheapness and possibility of a once written application to run on any device already attracts customers.

The trend of dividing large multi-functional services into narrowly focused solutions has been already observed for several years.

For example, Foursquare and Swarm, Facebook, and Messenger. Instagram has released a whole bunch of applications for editing photos and video: Hyperlapse, Layout, Boomerang.

Maybe, soon we will see even more new functions from world brands, realized in separate applications.

4. Mobile Commerce

Google Wallet and Apple Pay are gradually replacing the usual bank cards. Make purchases with their help much easier – just press a few buttons, and the product is yours!

In comparison with 2018, the tendency to make purchases with the help of mobile applications has almost doubled. According to forecasts of Business Insider, by 2020, sales through mobile payment systems will amount to 266 billion dollars.

Very soon, all advanced online stores will update their applications, adding features Apple Pay and Google Wallet, which will lead to increased sales.

In addition, the potential for m-commerce is to be launched on devices such as a smartwatch, and you will see that this direction will continue to grow for a very long time.

5.Mobile Security

Self-destroying messages, encrypted messages, and complete confidentiality are the main things users need now. These functions were presented in the update of instant messengers from Apple and Google, and that is why such applications like Snapchat and Telegram are popular.

Users no longer want to hear the phrase “data leakage” or “hacking account.” And while this is in demand, this trend will only increase.

Beacons technology spreads more and more, becoming closer to ordinary users. The main purpose of this technology is to blur the difference between online and offline.

You could notice that Youtube is announcing its new offline mode this year. Devices that use the OS IOS already have this technology named IBeacon. IBeacon technology with location information can show the necessary information about each retail enterprise.

Based on the IP geolocation technology allows you to track the needed location, which is very convenient for the user. This is especially important for the retail and travel sectors. It goes without saying that companies like Uber have done most of this function.

Consequently, more functionality will be created, more applications – starting from usual virtual guides, information sources, ending with games with geolocation.

However, it is unlikely that a technical revolution will come in this direction. Beacons continue to grow in breadth and cover more and more areas where a person could get all the necessary information in the right place without having an Internet connection.

Trending mobile application development tools 2018 are focused on reducing the load on the battery and phone memory. Now, Applications are designed to be more lightweight for the convenience of users. In addition, in conjunction with updates to versions of iOS and Android, developers improve the performance and speed of applications.

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6. BtW

A Facebook survey shows that 73% of people have mobile devices. Each wearable device is innovative and useful. With Apple Watch and Google Glasses, worn-out technologies are one of the hottest topics in the technology world.

Recently, we have seen a lot of noise around the fashion and textile industry, adapted to wearable technologies. Be sure, such a boom in the near future will occur in every industry.

If you have got some ideas of the marvelous mobile application, don’t be afraid to realize them. Do not forget that the standard requirements never change. If your mobile application were user-friendly, innovative, data-driven and interactive, it would become successful.

Wrapping it Up

By choosing the right resources or we can say mobile application development tools, the mobile app development company can successfully build the application. A lot of other things also need to be considered before making an app, such as market research, app competition, and more. Choose your mobile application development tools wisely and watch your business grow. 

Chirantan Patel
Chirantan Patel is the Product Manager at Softwaresuggest & Callhippo, an Inc. 275 company that researches and analyzes software to educate, advise, and connect buyers and sellers of business technology.

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