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Last updated: May 3, 2021

Mobile devices are a constant companion of most people. They are taken everywhere and users are constantly scrolling through newsfeeds and websites. Businesses can stay connected with their consumers 24/7 through mobile marketing. It is essential for turning potential customers into loyal fans. Follow the following tips to guarantee that your business effectively reaches consumers on the go.

7 Mobile Marketing Hacks

1. Create a mobile-optimized site

When beginning to build an online profile, first find a memorable and consistent domain name that resonates with your brand messaging. While starting the process of developing the site, make sure it is optimized for mobile devices. Each section of the website should be tested to ensure it is mobile-friendly and easily navigable. This means web content should feature short paragraphs and lists that are easy to scroll through. Design your site for a direct touch. Mobile users will be selecting items with direct clicks. They should not have to zoom in to click an item. Also make sure the users can work their way through the site quickly without having to endure long wait times. Test how fast your site is by using tools such as Think With Google. It shows how well your site is performing. For example, if your site lacks speed, simplify the design of your site. Reducing the amount of code needed for a page increases speed.

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2. Communicate with customers through SMS texts

Use SMS texts to instantly connect with your customer. Most people do not like being bothered with texts that advertise a product, so offer an incentive for opting to receive messages. Promise discounts or promotional codes to ensure that customers want to continue to subscribe your texts. Advertise events or sales you are hosting to expand your clientele. Send out surveys to receive feedback on how to improve your marketing content to maximize sales and generate brand awareness. Texting enables you to be in contact with your audience at all times as it does not require an internet connection.

3. Multi-media messaging attracts more customers

Multi-media messages lead to an increase in exposure as it utilizes pictures, sound, and more text. MMS is capable of delivering a multitude of characters. This eliminates the need to use abbreviations and allows you to place links within the text. Receivers can circulate the message among their contacts to enhance the growth of your audience.

4. Utilize mobile email

With more people invested with their mobile phones or tablet, there is a new avenue for marketing through mobile email. More customers on the go are checking their messages on devices. Make sure that all links within the emails are mobile-friendly. Create content that is easy to see on a smaller device. Feature short headers, large text, and a narrow layout. Check the Google Analytics Acquisition tool to determine how many people venture to your site through email. Are people choosing to open your email based on the subject lines you have written? If not, change them and remember mobile devices limit how much room you have for the subject line. Do not use more than five to six words in the subject line and make sure it connects with the message’s content. You will also want to pay attention to how you word your preheader. The preheader is the first sentence in the email displayed after the subject line. Write text that is consistent with the message contained.

5. Create a mobile app

Designing a mobile app allows you to be visible to customers at all times. Apps allow you to feature your company’s brand as well as the products you offer. Customers gain instant access to all of your information, and you can provide them with details on sales and promotions. You can think of your app as another store front that brings in more business. Reward your customers on your app so they will continue to find it useful in the future. The popularity of your app will grow as more people find out the benefits associated with downloading it. Mobile apps also offer an easier and faster alternative to web browsing. They take only seconds to open as most of the information is stored within the app itself. Lastly, mobile apps can be shared on social media which can spark a conversation online and better expose your brand.

6. Implement QR codes on Products

Placing QR codes on marketing materials and even on your actual product can guide more people to your website. Using QR codes can prove beneficial to your company in a way that is cost-effective. It is usable for a variety of marketing materials and can set you apart from the competition. It costs nothing to produce a QR code. You simply have to choose a QR generator online such as Kaywa or Visualead. Once created, it can be easily placed on printed materials such as brochures and business cards. The tags on your products can also contain the QR code driving customers to your mobile site where they can access more products from your brand. Lastly, the process is measurable. When customers scan the code you can trace the user using web analytics tools. You’ll learn more about the individual allowing you to cater to their needs.

7. Create Video Content

Video marketing is a smart tool to use when devising a marketing plan because it sticks with the viewer’s mind. Given that it is highly visual and auditory, it’s easier for users to recall the message than if they were to simply read words. As more people remember your marketing videos awareness for your brand will grow. Customers also are able to share videos spreading the word about your business. Your SEO value will improve as more people click on your site to see the content you offer. In short, videos can attract a loyal audience as they promote customer recall.  

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