How New Age Mobile POS Systems Are Reinventing Food Ordering


Susan Orlain

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: May 6, 2021

Imagine yourself owning a Restaurant and your Waiters are taking Orders the traditional way by jotting down on notepads. And some customer keeps on changing orders to the extent that the waiter inadvertently makes the changes on another customer’s order! Sounds chaotic, isn’t it? Mistakes like these can’t be avoided when the restaurant is fully packed with hungry shouting customers, creating so much confusion. But if you have implemented the new-age advanced Mobile POS System in your restaurant, the whole process that lies between the 3 stake-holders: The Customer, Waiter, and the Kitchen Staff, can be easily simplified and smoothed.

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The Whole Process Of Ordering Through A Mobile POS System:

1. A Printer/Monitor set up in the kitchen prints/displays the Order as soon as the Waiter enters the list of food items, ordered by the customer in his iPad or Tablet.

2. This will enable the kitchen staff to see in real time the food items ordered, thereby empowering them to proceed with the preparation immediately.

3. The time when the Order was created is also shown which allows the kitchen staff to prioritize orders according to ‘first come first serve’ basis.

4. Once the Order is ready, the kitchen staff notifies the Waiter via the Mobile POS system. The Waiter will receive an ‘Alert’ on his mobile device that the order is ready for delivery to the customer’s table.

Reasons Why The Mobile POS System Is Getting Increasingly Popular:

hosp-restaurant-operate-pos-mobileposMaking a Customer’s dining experience the best is the topmost objective of the mobile Point Of Sale (POS) system. In this era of automation, people are always in a hurry to make it on time. The emergence of mobile POS system has shortened and quickened the process of Food Ordering and Bill Payment. Customers don’t have to wait or stand in queue anymore to pay the bill as the restaurant staff can swipe the customer’s credit/debit card right at their table itself! Moreover, the restaurant staff has the chance to stay with customers from the time they arrive until they pay, thereby providing an enhanced customer experience and customer satisfaction. 

Restaurant owners who have implemented mobile POS systems for food ordering and payments say that they have reduced the time from taking orders to serving by a whopping 50%. And according to a popular survey, 46% of restaurant owners are looking to add mobile POS systems in their establishment.

Some Awesome Features & Benefits Of Mobile POS Systems:

1. Suggests alternative dishes if the item that the customer has ordered is not available

2. Identifies menu items that the restaurant staff may upsell through color coding while taking the customer’s order

3. Photographs food items to enhance customer engagement through visual displays

4. Enhances customer experience as the restaurant staff completes the payment transaction right on the customer’s table without taking their credit card out of his/her sight.

5. The mobile POS system uses radio frequency, and hence its signal cannot be blocked by outside sources.

6. Has 3x wide range and uses just 10 percent of the total power used by a WiFi Device

7. The Battery life runs two full shifts before charging becomes necessary

The Bottom Line:

The main goal of any Restaurateur is to serve as many customers as his staff can during peak hours, and shorten the time needed to bring their order to their table. With POS Software, waiters/customers can send their order from any smartphone or web-enabled device directly to the kitchen for quick order processing. It is a fact that the implementation of mobile POS system in restaurants has helped improve customer experience to a great level. Last but not the least, it can be rightly said that the modern day POS software system has really brought about a much-needed revolution in the restaurant industry and food business!!




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