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What is MOBtexting?

MOBtexting is one of India’s leading premier Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) platforms.  It provides messaging and voice Services which can be used for Sales, Marketing, Operation & Support. The platform can be integrated with any applications, Websites, CRM, ERP, and etc, providing highly integrated communication tools that enable real-time collaboration.

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Their gamut of services includes – Promotional & Transactional SMS, Short Codes & Long Codes, IVRS, OBD, Missed Call, Toll-Free Number and Click To Call.

With Mobtexting, you can empower your business with the latest in telephony technology including call analytics, and a powerful customer support system.

mobtexting review

As a company, Mobtexting is a bunch of happy people who come together to provide your brand the best, most effective digital communication solutions. They are tech-savvy, creative and equipped to deliver excellence in digital communication. Mobtexting acts as the bridge connecting you to your customers in the digital space.

mobtexting review

Getting Started…

The MOBtexting platform incorporates “Freemium” services. It provides a 7 Days Free trial account, that is accessible by any new user. The trial experience crafted for the platform is really insightful.
Once you log in as a customer, MOBtexting support makes sure that your journey with them is perfect for providing demos, personal phone calls, and follow-ups.

mobtexting review


MOBtexting’s communication platform is used by SMEs as well as established enterprises across diverse industries for the betterment of their communication needs.

Here is the list of industries where MOBtexting provides its services:

  • FMCG
  • Education
  • Tours & Travels
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Real Estate
  • Online Portals & E-Commerce
  • Advertising & Media Agency
  • Gym & Health Clubs
  • Automobiles & Dealers
  • Couriers & Logistics
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Consumer Durables

MOBtexting Services:

  1. A2P Messaging
  2. Voice & Cloud Telephony

1. A2P Messaging

MOBtexting offers end to end messaging services for every business need. With its A2P messaging platform, you can run SMS campaigns to promote your products/services/offers to the target audience in a single click. You can integrate SMS with your application for transactional messaging. The A2P messaging platform is flexible, robust, and secure with advanced features needed to get your SMS marketing live without a hitch.

  • Push Messaging

This includes,

a) Promotional SMS: Promotional SMS Gateway helps to communicate with your existing or prospective customers and inform them about discounts and offers. Launch or promote your brand, products, and services to a target audience, effortlessly.

b) Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS Gateway allows you to send important information such as Updates, Alerts, OTPs etc. to your customers and engage them on a regular basis. Transactional SMS services do not contain any kind of promotional tone.

c)  Pull Messaging: 2 Way SMS (Short/Long Code):  You can integrate 2 Way SMS with your marketing campaign to track your marketing ROI & engage your target audience.

2. Voice & Cloud Telephony

Beyond the messaging solutions, MOBtexting offers an integrated ecosystem of voice services that take an enterprise‘s communication to the next level. In combination with our SMS gateway technology, these unique voice services are powerful, innovative, and highly interactive.

a) OBD- Outbound Dialer: Automate and optimize your outbound calling procedure to fulfill your business needs in a shorter time span

b) Missed Call: Tap customers from regions with low internet or smartphone penetration

c) IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Power your business communication by greeting customers with a professional IVR and routing them to the right team based on their input.

d) Toll-Free: Build brand recall with your 1800 number

e) Click 2 Call:  It enables your team to make a genuine connection with your customers while acting as a huge time saver

f) Audio Conferencing:  It ensures that your meeting stays on track and individuals can get connected to ongoing calls easily.

g) Caller Masking: Increases accountability and decreases the potential of conflict between the customer and vendor.

A glimpse of MOBtexting’s Features:

  • Messaging Service Dashboard

mobtexting review

  • Voice & IVR Service Dashboard

mobtexting review

  • 2 Way Messaging Dashboard

mobtexting review

  • Lead Management Dashboard

  • Manage Dashboard

mobtexting review

MOBtexting Mobile App Features:

MOBtexting has its own mobile application which can be used to trace or get an end to end summary of business calls. The App is available at the Google Play Store.

The MOBtexting app incorporates essential features of the desktop version which are crucial to your b business communication process. Some of them are listed below.

1. Text To Speech: Text written by you will be converted into a speech file which can be played as soon as you get a customer call

2. Music On Hold: You can set up your own brand or custom music while the caller is on hold.

3. Live Call Transfer: Easily transfer calls while speaking with one agent to another using the DTMF Key

4. Intercom: Replace your office Intercom System with MOBtexting’s Cloud Telephony System in an easy and convenient manner

Mobtexting application review

Mobtexting application review

5. Voicemail: Let your customer send recorded voicemail messages in the event of the unavailability of any agent. This can be sent through email also.

6. Download Report: Download the full report with 100% transparency. There are separate reports for each individual service

7. Live Web Interface: See all live activities on the MOBtexting dashboard

8. Live Call Reporting: Get your call Analytics, Reporting and Call Status Live

9. Detailed Analytics: A simple analytics system which can make reporting much smoother

10. Call Pattern Analysis: Analyse the call pattern in all aspects like Location, Time, Call Record, and more

11. Call Tracking: Track each and every call with the Live Call Tracking feature. Each and every piece of communication can be recorded

12. Dispute Resolutions: Easy way to handle escalation by dedicating a separate number for the escalation hotline

13. Productivity Enhancement: Enhance better Productivity and Communication using MOBtexting Cloud Telephony Services

14. COD Order Confirmation: Use Two-Way Authentication for COD orders- Verify the user for Cash on Delivery

15. Automated Feedback Collection: Collect feedback through multiple channels: Missed Call, IVR- DTMF KeyPress, Two way SMS, OBD etc

16. CRM Integration: Easily integrate your CRM and increase customer engagement. Also helpful for assigning tasks to agents

17. Remarketing: Get customer data from the MOBtexting Panel and use it for remarketing

18. Unlimited Channels: There are no channel limitations on MOBtexting. You can technically receive an unlimited number of concurrent calls

19. Block Callers: Avoid Getting calls from unwanted callers. Block an unwanted caller at any point of time and get rid of fake callers

20. API Integration: Integrate MOBtexting APIs with any system. The simple and developer friendly API can be customized to the nth point

21. Role-Based Login: Get agent log in details as per the role and responsibilities set by admin

22. Custom Sender ID: Avail free and custom Sender IDs as per your brand name which can be used to automate alerts

23.  Web Call/Dialer App: Dial any Indian number by copy-pasting it from anywhere on our Dialer Application which is inbuilt in the application

How, When & Where MOBtexting Can Help?

Bottom Line

MOBtexting solution and services will simplify, redefine, and strengthen your customer engagement. It will automate customer interaction and will help you with product and service promotion.

With MOBtexting Cloud Communication Platform, you can reduce the cost and complexity of the communication process across Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Operation & IT.  It offers a world-class customer experience to establish your business as one of the most reputed brands in the market.

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