Simple, Affordable, Modern Backup and File Recovery: How to Have It All?



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Last updated: August 26, 2020

Enterprises splurge money and resources for data protection and management. This is needed because data forms the core of all the organizations. Data drives processes. And if there is a compromise with data management, operations can come to a halt. This was supposed to happen a while ago.

But now we have efficient cloud-based solutions that provide features like data backup, file recovery, cloud synchronization, remote wipe, and others that simplify data management operations. These cloud storage services are affordable, flexible, scalable, and at the same time, doesn’t compromise with the data security.

Why should you ditch traditional backup and recovery methods and adopt the modern ones? Let’s find out.


Drawbacks of Traditional Backup and Recovery Approach

Enterprises have realized the risks associated with maintaining an in-house data backup and recovery system. But still, around 58% of the small businesses are not prepared to handle data loss. Since traditional backup and recovery methods are very complex, redundant, and expensive, the businesses fail to maintain a reliable architecture for data protection.

An in-house setup comprises of computer systems, servers stacked with hard drives or tape drives, and tools for operations like archiving, disaster recovery, deduplication, and so on. In addition to these, you have to deploy an IT team to facilitate data backup and recovery operations. As you can see, you will incur a hefty amount of expenditure for securing your data.

Additionally, cybersecurity issues have become more prevalent these days. And most of the businesses aren’t sure how to handle these attacks, thereby increasing the risk factor considerably. If the system is attacked, it requires significant data recovery measures. Companies fail to comply with their Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), resulting in loss of data and time.

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New Age Backup and File Recovery Approach

There is no point investing in traditional backup and recovery systems when you have access to modern solutions, such as cloud storage. When you opt for the latter, you ensure enhanced security and seamless accessibility to your data.

Let us look at the positive aspects of these systems.

  • Simplified Data Management

The cloud-based solutions eliminate the need to install complex infrastructure and deploy a team of IT professionals. As the data is secured on off-site servers, there is no need to manage infrastructure, except for the system that enables you to manage the organization’s data. The cloud-based solution makes it easier to upload, organize, move, restore, share, and configure data.

The risk of data loss is reduced significantly with the integration of cloud storage services. For example, the document management system lets you recover deleted files lost due to accidental deletion, version update, and so on. In addition to file recovery, cloud-based storage solutions facilitate data synchronization, backup, collaborative working environment, third-party tool integrations, offline access to data, and much more.

  • Cost-Effective

When you maintain an in-house infrastructure, you cannot choose to upgrade equipment at frequent intervals. You have to install it once for all. This means, even if there isn’t enough data to back up, you have to invest in the equipment. Moreover, a dedicated team of IT professionals is required to configure and operate the setup. With the cloud, you do away with all these hassles and save a considerable amount of money as well.

The cloud storage solutions follow a pay-as-you-go model. You opt for the services as per your requirements, and you will pay for the resources you use. By using cloud technology, organizations can save money otherwise spent on infrastructure and human resource. For instance, by moving to cloud services, Goldman Sachs was able to reduce expenditure on IT staff by almost 50%.

  • Efficient Functioning

Cloud storage, backup and file recovery solutions offer flexibility and scalability to the users. In terms of flexibility, cloud facilitates collaboration with team members, editing documents instantly, sharing data in encrypted form, and much more. The cloud synchronization feature saves a considerable amount of time. The data synchronizes effortlessly across multiple systems connected with the cloud. The version history feature enables you to restore the previous version of an updated file.

When it comes to scalability, cloud furnishes scalable solutions to customers of varying sizes. You can buy services on a pay-as-you-go model, thereby allowing you to spend on what’s necessary. You can scale up and scale down as per your requirement. Since using the cloud keeps your expenditure at the minimum levels, you can expect seamless scalability without much liability. Using cloud services ensures high productivity levels. According to a report, collaboration technologies, such as cloud, can increase productivity by 400%.

The secure environment of data centers protects your data against damage, whether it’s a cyber attack or a natural phenomenon. Moreover, the servers rarely experience any downtime. This ensures that the employees always have prompt access to data. Since the cloud operates at a faster speed, the deployment time is reduced considerably, which in turn, increases the work efficiency of the employees.

The Final Words

According to our analysis, cloud-based solutions trump over on-premise data management solutions. What are your views about the latest backup and file recovery cloud solutions? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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