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We live in a digitalized world, making it imperative for organizations to invest in the right technologies that enable remote administration of multiple devices. As organizations transition towards flexible work arrangements, it becomes necessary to have the proper IT infrastructure to maintain operational efficiency.

While there are many professional remote IT management tools available in the market, MPA Tools is one of the best in the domain. Today let’s delve deeper into this transformational tool and learn more about its objectives, features, and unique advantages.

Introduction To MPA Tools

A powerful and user-friendly modern device management software, MPA Tools is an all-inclusive solution for Help Desks and system administrators. 

An agentless remote management application, MPA Tools is a must-have business tool that can simplify IT administration tasks and minimize problem resolution time. It is highly cost-effective compared to similar solutions in the market, making it affordable for all kinds of organizations. So let’s get started and learn a little more about MPA tools and their significant features.

MPA Tools Server

Key Features of MPA Tools

MPA Tools serve as an essential toolkit for system administrators of multiple devices to provide quick support and problem resolution. They do not require any infrastructure to manage or servers to provision; hence they are low on maintenance.

MPA Tools are powered with intelligence to bring device issues to system administrators notice for quick troubleshooting. Some key features include:

1. Modern Device Management and Troubleshooting

MPA Tools are agentless and allow system administrators to keep full control of their infrastructure.  They facilitate complete back-end device management without any user interruptions. The best part about MPA Tools is that they provide quick information about remote computers, even if they are not online. This ensures efficient and reliable troubleshooting and management.

Device Management and Troubleshooting

2. Multi-Computer Device Management

With MPA Tools, you can manage multiple devices and easily see when computers are online, offline or are rebooting. System administrators can manage computers directly from Active Directory or Azure Ad. 

MPA Tools also allow you to create and save your list of computers. It enables sharing of computer lists with team members for seamless collaboration.

3. Remote Administration

MPA Tools are all-inclusive for Help Desks or system admins to troubleshoot issues faster. They can configure their buttons for quick access to custom tools. 

Remote Management

Built to provide complete information about remote computers, MPA Tools enable you to view essential data and gain access to remote devices. You can easily view reboot statistics, pending actions, and change history on the remote computer to identify and resolve potential problems.

4. Modern Support and Troubleshooting

With MPA Tools, you can instantly review the state of disks and devices. Administrators can get available and installed updates and view installed applications precisely as they appear in add/remove programs. 

The computer properties page lets you know when a computer was rebooted the last time and whether there is a reboot pending. Infused with intelligence, MPA Tools bring to attention any existing hardware or operating system issues to quickly resolve technical problems.

5. Task Automation

MPA Tools enable you to automate repetitive IT tasks and run them on multiple computers. This allows administrators to conduct custom health checks, execute IT scripts, and force the installation of patches. You can also share action sequences with team members for better visibility and task collaboration.

6. Automate Routine IT Tasks

One of the biggest benefits of MPA Tools is that it automates routine IT tasks such as stopping services, copying files, and restarting computers. MPA Tools have over 30 action sets that easily allow IT administrators to create sequences for typical IT scenarios. This enables the completion of complex workflows from a single console, saves tons of time, and reduces human error.

7. Create Custom Health Checks

With MPA Tools, system admins can remain proactive to support desktop or remote server environments. Customized periodic health checks allow admins to check hundreds of servers after patching or the scheduled reboot. Admins get an overview of all activities or get to know if any patches were installed, number of active sessions, and check if the system drive has sufficient disk space.

8. Create Unified Reports

MPA Tools enable users to generate reports with customized fields from any data source. You can easily combine information collated from custom scripts, registry, wmi, sccm, and intune into one view. The reporting capabilities are rich and extremely easy to use, making it a must-have business feature. 

Create Customized Reports

9. SCCM Client and Collection Management

MPA Tools enable users to manage all devices right from the SCCM console. This ensures that you can troubleshoot and resolve all client issues quickly. Just a glance allows you to view SCCM client properties and review client activity. It will enable you to detect client issues and recognize stale or inactive clients.

SCCM Client Actions


MPA Tools make it easy for you to install and uninstall clients. You can open client logs on multiple computers to quickly compare and troubleshoot problems. The best part is that you can work with hundreds of clients simultaneously, without any hassles. MPA Tools enable you to compare collection membership on multiple computers and create customized inventory reports. You can also easily compare site configurations on multiple computers.

10. Intune Device Management

MPA Tools list all devices run by Azure active directory. This means that users can easily run intune device actions on hundreds of objects and generate reports. You can view the device compliance state and compare it to other computers.

Multiple Device Performance

With MPA Tools, users can easily troubleshoot device issues and errors by reviewing properties and comparing them to similar devices. You can also design custom action sequences and reports for better efficiency. 

The Final Verdict

If you are on the lookout for Remote Management Software that simplify and improve IT administration tasks, end your search at MPA Tools! It gives you the big picture from one console and enables seamless remote administration of multiple computers without hassles.


Taking the plunge and choosing an IT productivity software may seem challenging. Organizations should scan the environment, assess their business requirements, and get the best deal from a credible service provider. Veles software is the top pick in the domain of modern device management software. Here are some compelling reasons to choose MPA Tools without a second thought:

  • It provides a diverse suite of remote management tools that do not require users to maintain any complicated infrastructure.
  • MPA Tools have machine logic infused in all applications to bring pressing issues to administrator attention at the earliest for proactive action.
  • The solution is designed by infrastructure architects with over 20 years of field experience. The system is highly user-friendly and can be used by IT professionals of any level.
  • MPA Tools easily work with multiple systems Active Directory, SCCM, Intune, and Azure AD.
  • MPA Tools do not require any complex configurations and are very fast to set up. They are great for routine day-to-day management and support for networks of hundreds of computers.
  • Compared to market variants, MPA Tools is highly affordable and gives a high return on investment.
  • MPA Tools enable users to automate repetitive tasks and run them in a controlled manner. They can save workflows and stop execution in case of any error.
  • With MPA Tools, you have all Windows administrative tools running together in one place – it increases operational transparency and facilitates seamless troubleshooting.

Nowadays, all types of organizations from diverse industries depend on technology for everyday functions. Machines, devices, and remote computers are a staple for operational efficiency.

In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to invest in modern device management and remote administration tools. These solutions make it easy to remotely monitor and manage servers for network devices from a unified portal. While the market is flooded with various IT productivity solutions, very few come near MPA Tools regarding price, functionality, and value additions.

So, go ahead and invest in MPA Tools to manage devices remotely – it is the best professional platform for help desks and system administrators that can simplify IT operations and increase your bottom line!

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