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Last updated: May 20, 2021

What drives business success is effective, impressive, and agile marketing. It is the only contrivance that ensures the maximum reach of your business in the consumers’ market and brings your business in the limelight.

As technology has paced up almost every aspect of our lives, how marketing can be remained untouched. Gone those days when marketing was limited to telemarketing and leaflet distribution. 

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Now, it can be done in numerous manners which were never unveiled before. This type of marketing is known as multi-channel marketing and is ready to yield a growth-driven output with nominal investment. Before we move any further, it’s better to know multi-channel marketing from a little closer. 

So, what is multi-channel marketing? 

Multi-channel marketing is a marketing process that brands your business/product/service using the multiple platforms in one go. In this category, marketing is done at multiple channels like radio, TV, newspapers, social media platforms, events, emails, and so on.

In general, multi-channel marketing is carried out in below-mentioned ways

  1. Mobile-based marketing

Mobile is more than a gadget. Today, it has outgrown its traditional function of call making and can be used for business promotion, marking the present in virtual space, even conduct business operations. With more than 2.70 billion smartphone users in the world, the mobile phone is one of the most effective marketing tools.

While the average user will click, tap, and swipe around 2,617 times a day, getting noticed through mobile is easy for a business. Businesses are using mobile apps, SMS, and emails to promote their businesses and churning high conversation rates.

2. Online media platform 

The online platform is indeed a powerful marketing place. You can build a dedicated business website, promote your business son various social media pages, take part in affiliating marketing, and even create an online constant to promote your business.

3. Email marketing 

Sending a promotional email with a powerful marketing message is also another multi-channel marketing type that is cost-effective and result-oriented. 

How to improve your multi-channel marketing effectively? 

Omnichannel marketing is the core of customer-centricity and this fact is undeniable. However, the success of multi-channel marketing lies in the diligent use of the various platforms, understanding customer behaviors, and choosing what is best suited are some of the key factors that require your attention while moving forward. 

Here is how you can make your multi-channel marketing effective

  1. Understand the right platform need for you business need 

If you want to yield out the result from your multi-channel marketing then you must figure out the utility of the right platform for your business. Through multi-channel marketing offers various platforms, not everyone is suitable for your business. For example, Facebook and Instagram are the ideal platforms for jewelry, fashion, and lifestyle sort of businesses while LinkedIn is an ideal place for B2B business marketing

2. Know your customers well

The main target of any sort of marketing is a customer. So, having a great insight into customer behavior, accessibility to the market, and purchasing patterns is more than imperative before you mover any further. 

3. Target the customers with the right program

Once you are aware of customers’ buying behavior, it’s time to pitch them with the right program. If you are thinking to launch an online media campaign for business targeting an age-group of 50-60 years then we might fear that you will witness a low conversation rate.

Online social media campaigns are more popular and result-oriented when the target customer group is of 18-40 years as they are active on an online platform. For targeted customers older then this age-group launching a print media marketing program would be better and more effective. 

4. Keep the focus on a marketing message 

Your marketing message plays an important role in the success of your marketing program depends on the impressiveness of your marketing message. It should be precise, crisp, and attractive enough to grab the targeted customers’ attention. 

5. Pay attention to the content presentation 

Your marketing content presentation plays a crucial role in the success of your multi-channel marketing.  If you are doing print-based marketing then logo and coloring should be captivating while in case of online platform promotion using catchy phrases is the key. If you are writing a blog about your service/product, keep in mind that the content should be to-the-point and educative.

6. Proper customer data handling 

If you are running multiple marketing programs then having sync in all of them is important. If your online program is generating organic traffic for your website and offline program bringing walk-in then all of the customer data should be properly gathered and analyzed without wasting a single unit. 

7. Have a robust query handling system 

So, you have launched the right marketing program on the right platform. 

Do you have a customer-care system to handle queries? 

If not then we are afraid to say that your marketing efforts are only half good. After seeing your campaign, prospects might have some queries in their mine and would like to clear the doubts by contacting you through phone, email, SMS, or voicemail. Addressing their queries with the right solution is important if you want to see the success and improve customer service with a help desk. 

8. Get the right software 

Call center software brings great relief when you need to handle your customers’ concerns. You can set-up multiple extensions for different marketing campaigns and handle the call traffic easily. It also acts as customer feedback software wherein you can directly be asked for feedback about product/service/marketing program and do improvisation based upon the inputs. 

9. Track the output of the campaign

Launching your marketing campaign without knowing its impact on the real-world is the sheer resource wastage. Some customer feedback software applications are there that perform real-time utility of your marketing programs, capture the data, and analyze the data yielding efficacy of each campaign. Get them without giving a second thought.

10. Re-market without any hesitation

Nothing is more crucial as existing customers and they are the most loyal income source. So, don’t hesitate to re-market your new product/service based upon their past purchase history. 

The Crux

The efficacy of multi-channel marketing stands second to none. However, it is important to move forward diligently. So, pay attention to the customer behavior through efficient customer feedback software, choose the right platform(s) and channel(s) for marketing, take note of every data, and make the right use of it.

Sawailal Jangid is a Content Analyst at SotwareSuggest. He does researches and analyzes software to educate and advice to the business managers to streamline their business. In his spare time, he loves to do sports activities.

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