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Last updated: May 20, 2021

If you want to win over your customers, you need to provide a seamless customer experience to them. 

Your priority should be building active and reliable customer service. This is where you need a multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

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It can be highly disappointing for your customers if they have to wait for hours in line to talk to your customer service. In fact, if a customer is unable to reach out to you in the first two calling attempts, the chances are that they will never call you back. 

Multi-level IVR can help you handle such critical situations. 

What Is a Multi-level IVR? 

An IVR, or interactive voice response, is a telephony system that interacts with callers through voice or numeric inputs. In other words, it is an automated call response system that has many self-help features in it. 

A multi-level IVR means it has more than one layer of menu options and can extend up to n numbers of levels. It offers a precise approach for filtering callers and then connecting them to a live agent of the particular department. 

How Does an IVR Work? 

It works in a straightforward way. When a consumer calls on your IVR-linked number, it gets answered by automated voice response. This automation is programmed at the backend. 

After greeting the caller, IVR presents a list of menu options and guide them further in the process. 

For example, when you call bank customer service, this is how IVR generally presents menu options.

  • To check account balance, press 1
  • To block your debit or credit card, press 2
  • For loan-related queries, press 3 … and so on

Based on the responses received, the calls get directed towards the required department. 

Why Do You Need a Multi-Level IVR Solution? 

A multi-level IVR solution acts as an auto-receptionist. The system gives your company a competitive edge in the current business market. 

The best thing is that an IVR solution can be beneficial for both the business and the customer. Let’s look at some of the benefits that it has to offer. 

1. Establishes a Brand for Your Business 

An IVR solution allows you to set a welcome greeting for your callers. 

Even if you are a startup with a limited workforce or budget, it makes you look like an established brand. 

Welcome greeting reflects your professionalism and makes your business look renowned. This makes your callers think that you have a large customer base and multiple departments. 

Thus, it gives your brand image an edge and creates a lasting impression in their mind. 

2. Makes Calling Process Error-free

Another significant advantage of the multi-level IVR solution is that it makes the whole process less prone to error. 

Since the whole process of receiving and routing calls is automated, it reduces the risk of any lapse with an IVR solution. Besides, it doesn’t even affect the call process when the company faces a sudden surge of calls. 

The call system is programmed at the backend, and thus it increases the accuracy of transferring the call to the right department. 

3. Increases Customer Satisfaction

Today 40% of customers prefer self-service over human contact.

Instead of speaking with a support representative, they first want to find answers themselves. 

Self-service provided in the IVR system can help reduce hold time for starters. And secondly, the customers don’t have to be dependent on agents for every small issue. They can avail the self-service option and get the queries answered. 

Thus, it improves your customer satisfaction level. Remember, the customer satisfaction level is not based on the quality of the product alone. It also depends on the kind of customer service you offer. 

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4. Provides 24*7 Customer Service

Having a customer service round the clock can assure your customers that they can contact your business any time. 

Using a multi-level IVR solution, customers can quickly get their basic queries resolved even at non-business hours. This gives them the satisfaction level and also establishes trust amongst the customers. 

With an IVR solution, you don’t even have to invest in heavy infrastructure or hire a large workforce. 

Furthermore, during festival holidays, you can easily incorporate a message announcing the non-availability of business at that time. 

5. Saves Time and Money

Everything about a multi-level IVR solution boils down to a single fact. And that is, it saves time and money. 

For starters, with cloud-hosted IVR, the process of installation gets pretty quick and easy. You don’t need to invest much time in understanding how the system works or configuring the complex setup. 

Furthermore, cloud-based solutions aren’t a costly affair. These are based on a subscription model and saves you the trouble of investing a heavy amount in hardware. 

Deploying IVR also cuts down costs in terms of not having to hire a dedicated professional human receptionist to answer every call manually.

6. Gives Access to Call Data for Analysis

IVR can give you detailed information into call duration, abandoned calls, received calls, and more. 

You can then analyze this information to get a deep insight into your agents’ performance, customer trend, and more. 

To stay competitive, you need to analyze your business process and try to fill the gaps, if any. Call analytics can help you with the same. 

7. Smart Advertising

A smart marketer knows how to promote its product or service. 

One easy way is to replace the call holding time with an automated voice promoting new offers and products being offered by your business. 

It is considered as one of the most innovative and reliable marketing strategies. Because there are higher chances of customers listening to this promotion when compared to other approaches. 


Now that you have understood the importance of IVR and how you can use it to your advantage, it’s time to create one. 

A multi-level IVR can actually yield good results if you have a well-optimized solution in place. 

Here’s a checklist to certain things you need to keep in mind while designing your multi-level IVR structure – 

  • First announce the message and then provide options to press
  • Don’t hide the ‘connect with the agent’ option
  • Don’t try to oversell your product or service in every message
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