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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Virtual private networks offer an essential way to improve privacy during an online browsing experience. They work by protecting an online connection through encryption and running public Internet traffic through a private server owned by a third-party company. When the VPN user activates this application, their identity is masked, and they enjoy an anonymous browsing experience. Premium VPN software offers a range of features that improve the protection and provide a better user experience.

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Features of Premium VPN Software

  • Unlimited Data

The first thing to look for is unlimited data, as heavy Internet usage can go through a data cap quickly. Users who want uninterrupted access to online streaming platforms are especially in need of an unlimited amount of data. Make sure that it’s truly limitless, and not something that gets throttled once the user reaches a certain amount. It’s also helpful to not have to track the data usage every month or being worried that it will give out at a critical time.

  • Unlimited Connections

The typical person has multiple devices that use an Internet connection, and it’s essential to have privacy for all of the devices that go online. When a premium VPN offers unlimited connections, everyone in the household and all of their systems have no problem getting access to this solution. Another thing to consider is nontraditional devices that could use privacy – such as video game consoles and smart TVs. Get a VPN trial to test it out on the devices.

  • Good Customer Service

Beginners using a VPN may have a lot of questions that they need answers to before they can properly use this service. Excellent customer service is available 24/7 and is friendly, approachable, and happy to help at all times. Users also want to look for an extensive set of resources for self-service. For people who prefer to look up information on their own or aren’t able to reach out directly to customer service.

  • Broad Platform Support

So many devices connect to the Internet and use different operating systems. A premium VPN should accommodate a full range of platforms beyond the basics. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are a given, but that leaves a lot of other systems in the dark. Linux, router, and browser-based plugins go a long way towards extending VPN protection over the entire electronic ecosystem.

  • Leak Prevention

The DNS that the VPN service used should have leak protection measures in place. This feature stops third-parties from being able to see identifying information of the users via their DNS. The VPN provider also needs to have a private DNS that’s exclusive to their service.

  • Strong Encryption

A good VPN has bank-level encryption for all of the data that goes through it. With this secure encryption in place, even if a hacker manages to intercept the data, they are not able to understand any of it. The reason for this is that encrypted data requires a key for it to become readable. Without access to the core, the attacker’s left with a bunch of useless information. They can’t brute force the key, so even if they tried to throw a lot of resources at the problem, it wouldn’t do them any good.

  • Protection Against Ads and Malicious Software

In addition to improving the privacy of the internet connection, a premium VPN should also stop ads and malicious software from bothering users. By building ad blockers and anti-malware software into the VPN, the browsing experience becomes a much better one. It’s difficult to realize just how many ads are bombarding people on the Internet until they’re all removed from a web page.

  • Kill-switch to Stop the Connection

Sometimes the connection between the user’s computer and the VPN service can drop, which could potentially lead to exposing private browsing data. A VPN can have a kill-switch that activates in this situation. As soon as the VPN app detects that the connection is lost, it completely severs the connection with the Internet to prevent any possible breaches.

  • Whitelisting Support

Some websites, such as those for banks, have security measures in place that don’t allow VPN services to connect to them. It’s helpful to have to whitelist available for those apps and sites, which would enable them to circumvent the VPN and connect regularly. That way, the user doesn’t have to disconnect and reconnect the VPN every time they need to check on their bank account or pay a credit card bill.

  • Multi-hop Connections

Want to add even more privacy to an online browsing session? Use a premium VPN that supports putting traffic through more than one of their servers. The user can send it through ones that are in entirely different countries to stop tracking and potential identification while they use online resources.

  • No Logs

In the event of a data breach, if the VPN doesn’t keep any information on its users, then there’s nothing for someone to steal if they do break-in. A no-logging policy is an essential feature to look for in any VPN. Double-check to make sure it’s the right level of no-logging. Some companies minimize their user’s data that they keep, while others lack usage tracking but still have useful information available.

  • VPN Masking

In restrictive countries that don’t allow a free Internet to exist, they crackdown on VPN services since those get around the government-level censorship. VPN masking stops a third-party from realizing that a VPN service is in use. As far as they can tell, the internet usage is normal and not a matter of concern. This type of traffic wouldn’t be blocked through the built-in firewalls and filters that these types of governments frequently have in place. It also protects people from getting access to content that is critical of those countries or otherwise contains information that they don’t want online users seeing.

Premium VPN services offer a lot of value for the money when people choose the right one. This guide will make sure that all of the essential features are covered during this selection process.

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