10 SEO Extensions For Chrome: Marketers Can’t Live Without


Aniruddh Parmar

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: November 12, 2019

Google chrome is most people’s favorite browser owing to its versatility. One reason for its popularity is the vast number of tools that are readily available for use and which have made the lives of techies a cakewalk! And not to forget the way it can be customized for use. It is a boon for all the SEO experts out there to improve the search engine rankings.

We have listed out 10 Chrome extensions that have made it easier for SEO optimizers to play the ranking game effectively. 

10 SEO Extensions for Chrome to add Right Away

1. MozBar

SEO extensionMozBar is an all-in-one free SEO tool that is widely used by SEO experts worldwide due to its compatibility with Chrome. You can get instant metrics that can be customized as per search engines or regions to know what works best and where! There’s a highlighter function available that helps you to highlight the keywords and organize the links on the page for future use.

Experts use this extension for Link building and identifying the strategies that actually work. This helps in having an edge over the competitors in the same domain. You can also know the content of your competitors that’s going viral and see what is the best fit for you to create content. You can upgrade to Mozbar Premium and get the additional functionalities that can help create content which sells and gets you leads.

2. SimilarWeb

SEO extensionRight from knowing your customer preferences to knowing what your competitors are up to, SimilarWeb helps you scavenge the information and sort it out from the internet. It helps you figure out various SEO and content strategies that you can implement to keep up with the market trends and reap the benefits. You can get all the important analysis on the go and stay ahead in your race with your competitors. 

Make informed decisions after knowing what is working for your customers and competitors through the myriad features available in SimilarWeb. It generates various insights that can be useful to pitch your products and services at the right time and in the right way. 

3. GMass

SEO extensionThis chrome extension helps you with scheduling your emails, send mass emails and other such automatically monitored activities related to mailing. Sending out follow-up emails is no longer a tedious task because all you need is GMass! 

You can schedule and customize this extension as per your requirements. It also connects with Google Sheet making the process of extracting your email lists easier. You can send out your current campaigns as replies to the messages and powerful analytical tools help you get the metrics to check the performance of your email campaigns. Use it and make your life easier when it comes to curtailing the mailing list!

4. Grammarly

SEO extensionThis extension is a boon for the content creators! There’s a lot that it does apart from just checking grammar. This includes suggesting the voice and tone, alternative suggestions, plagiarism detection and much more. Grammarly uses AI and natural language processing to help improve the quality of content generated. 

Grammarly is also available on Android and iOS mobile phones as apps for correcting the content. It is compatible with almost all text-field websites and keeps giving suggestions even for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc. Upgrading to premium version gives added benefits of including citations and detecting plagiarism.

5. LastPass

SEO extensionWith so many logins and signups, you are bound to forget the passwords! You might have lost the count of Forgot Passwords done before signing in to the apps or websites. Well, LastPass remembers all your passwords for you! Be it for your personal social media accounts or the organization authentications, LastPass helps ease Login process and makes it quicker!

It simplifies your online shopping too with auto filling of your shopping and billing details. LastPass helps generate stronger passwords and allows storing of records like membership codes or loyalty code too. You can also make it accessible to the people you trust in case of emergencies. It is secure to use and is accessible on all devices. 

6. Clearbit

SEO extensionClearbit makes it easier to connect with the employees of any company along with the organization’s details worldwide. It gives access to the email IDs of people so that you can have the list handy for your campaigns. You can get the job titles of people that you are searching for along with other useful details.

This extension is a boon while using Gmail to get things done quicker. Also, this extension is readily integrated with the tools that you use for SEO purposes. This, in turn, helps in getting the data directly to all those tools. The data can then be easily circulated with your sales team, marketing team or analytics team to serve various purposes. 

7. Keywords Everywhere

SEO extensionBe it monthly search volumes, CPC or ads competition, Keywords Everywhere has every data to get you an edge over your competitors. Such statistics help you generate content that is searched by users. This extension also tells the CPC paid by advertisers as per the keywords.


Keywords Everywhere give results similar to your target keywords thereby reducing your overhead of searching the right keywords for content generation. When you use this extension, there is no longer the need to switch between your keywords tool and Google keyword planner. Create content around the keywords that people search for effectively with this extension. 

8. SEOquake

SEO extensionThis is an all-in-one SEO toolbox that you can have to get SEO data on-the-go! You can do an on-page SEO audit, get internal and external links on webpages, compare domains and URLs and much more to quake your SEO efforts. SEOquake also gives you all the required data in the form of a report that can be used to perform further analysis.

Make your SEO efforts in the right direction with the easy-to-use features available in this extension. It also helps with detecting any unwanted issues with the search engines to optimize your website pages for SEO purpose. 

9. SERP Trends

SEO extensionSERP Trends for chrome is an extension that gives the data for search results identifying the dynamics that indicate if the website has gone up or down in SERP, or has just appeared or not changed the position at all. It also gives the difference compared over a period of time. This helps you to create SEO strategies to either remarket your previous content or generate new ones. 

SERP Trends is lightweight and easy to use and has ready-to-use features. Accelerate your SEO and optimize it to stay on the top in the search-engine ranking game. 

10. Google Analytics URL Builder

SEO extensionWith the help of this chrome extension, you can easily track the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics. It’s a feature-rich extension that can read web addresses readily and has a collection of tags to accelerate the tagging which can then be edited or stored as per the need.

Google Analytics URL Builder also generates the final URL automatically. There is immediate support available if you lose your way while using the extension. It doesn’t collect any information from the users. 

Wrap up

You can dig deeper and check out other extensions on your own and let us know about your experience too. Hope this list will be helpful and will be an add-on for your SEO efforts!

Aniruddh is Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest. Ready to grab a cup of coffee anytime if you want to talk about tech, cars, businesses or cricket.

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