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Last updated: May 2, 2021

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Campus 365 : No. 1 In School Management Software

Ever thought running a school was easy? No?

Well, neither did we.

There’s a reason the software market suddenly seems to be flooded with school management and administration applications and software. Schools, universities, and other types of educational institutes are all in the race to update and automate their existing systems. They have already updated their teaching methods and equipment; learning aids are now available on YouTube.

It’s time school administration systems also become easier to track, manage, and secure. A school management system makes all of this possible, at very reasonable costs too.

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And in the race to provide a smart administration solution with exhaustive, all-encompassing functionalities, MyClassCampus seems to be winning. It’s an all-in-one cloud-based Web ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with a smart mobile app version, for school administration, faculty, parents, and students. Anyone who is connected to an educational system in any manner can benefit from it.

The brainchild of 3 engineers, MyClassCampus was developed with the intention to help digitize educational institutes. They succeeded in providing an end-to-end solution to the administration, communication, and operational needs of thousands of institutes across India.

Main Components of MyClassCampus School Management Software

What makes MyClassCampus so great? Let’s take a peek into some of its unique components:

1. Wireless Biometric Attendance

MyClassCampus provides its own attendance machine, making attendance tracking of staff and personnel simplified and secure. It integrates directly with the HR module, making payroll seamless. It requires no LAN connection and is a one-time investment with free service!

2. GPS Bus Tracking System

With children, safety is a prime concern for schools and parents. This software’s GPS bus tracking system allows parents to monitor the location of their children’s school vehicle in real time. GPS tracking gives real-time updates on the app, and parents can rest easy about their children. It’s an incredible safety feature which any and every school should try to include in their transportation facilities. MyClassCampus is providing App based Vehicle tracking where you do not need to buy GPS devices and also can take School Bus Attendance on the go!

3. Bulk SMS Integration

Communicating critical information to parents and students is made super simple and doubly effective with the app’s bulk SMS integration feature. Send custom messages, notifications, scheduled announcements, and more to all or a specified set of users.

4. Secure Online Payment Gateway

No more waiting in long queues for hours to pay your ward’s fees. You can make the required payment from the comfort of your home at your convenience via your preferred mode of payment. MyClassCampus makes fee collection and payment quick, secure and accurate.

MyClassCampus has separate offerings for students and administrators. We will try and highlight the ERP aspects of the software in this review. Hence we will mostly be focusing on the admin side of things.

  • Setup

To get started, your institute has to get itself registered on the MyClassCampus website. After going through the verification process (which is super quick), you can log in to your institute account. The initial set up is simple and won’t take up much of your time.

Add your main institute’s basic details such as name, address, logo, and contact details. You can also create sub institutes if you have multiple branches of your school/educational institute. Configure settings for the year, add various departments and standards, default roles such as Student, Institute Admin, Faculty, etc. You can easily create custom roles. Under each role, you can add an extensive array of details that are usually required. Other than the given set of details, you can easily add custom fields for specific details required by your institute.

Under Master Fields, set up the basic field values and create custom field values if you need to.

  • Classrooms


Under classrooms, you can see a record of existing classrooms and create new classrooms if need be. Each classroom will have an expansive list of details, but you’ll see the basic details such as the number of students allotted, student capacity, class teacher, and status when you open the tab. You can view the complete details, modify the information, or add new information, add or modify various rights/access for faculty to specific classrooms.

  • Adding Users

Add new students to the database in bulk or individually. To add students in bulk, simply download the Excel sheet provided, add the required data for the given fields and then upload it back to the system. You can send a welcome message to the students and/or parents using SMS.

Now, you can allot students to their classrooms.

You can follow the same procedure for other users such as faculty/staff, only the details change.

  • User Rights Management

Control the rights of access of various parties to information on the app or web version of MyClassCampus. Each module of the system is visible here, and you (Superadmin/Institute owner) can control exactly which user can see/access and what they can see/access from their end.

  • Calendar


MyClassCampus provides an extensively detailed calendar for students, parents, and teachers to keep track of the schedule, events, exams and tests, holidays, etc.

Students/parents can even view the homework that has been assigned to the relevant class for that day.

The calendar also allows faculty/anyone with proper access to send a note (with/without attachments) through MyClassCampus. They can select the exact section and class, and the time that they want to send the note to, including notes to only the parents, if necessary. Notes can be sent as an SMS or simply as a note in the app. Homework and events can be similarly created periodically, and the relevant parties get the notification as you desire.

Attendance can be updated and viewed class-wise or subject-wise. The user just has to download the attendance sheet, select the relevant details (date range/subject/class) and upload it after entering them.

  • Exam Management

Tests and exams are a major component of any school/college/coaching institute. MyClassCampus makes every aspect of examinations simple for the institute as well as its students.

Create and schedule exams in the Exam Scheduler. Set the relevant details for the class/es taking the exam such as the date & time, total marks, pass mark, etc. You can also view records of any exams taken. Once the exam is over, and the faculty has entered the marks, the results can be declared. The student or parent can then view the results on the app.

Under Test & Paper, you can create question banks and then create topic wise or randomized tests. This is especially useful for coaching institutes but can be useful for schools to provide practice papers and worksheets to the students.

exam management

  • Analysis and Reports

Various reports about the student’s academic performance and attendance are available under this section. Get access to the results and reports of every single test or exam the student has taken. See the subject-wise performance of the student. Get graphical representations of the reports for better visualization of the marks.

Having all the relevant reports in one place enables the students and parents to have a complete overview of the student’s academic performance for the year, the subjects that she’s finding difficulty in, and how to go about making improvements in the same.

analysis reports

  • Material Upload

A great option for teachers to share learning materials with their class whenever it is convenient. The teacher simply has to upload the necessary materials on MyClassCampus and share it with her class. You can upload materials in bulk. The students get direct access to the material on the app; nobody gets missed out. Sometimes, textbooks or coursebooks prescribed in the curriculum may not provide the desired amount of understanding on a particular topic. Or, the teacher might simply find extra material that she thinks would add to the students’ understanding. In any case, sharing such helpful material with the students is made infinitely easier.

Keep track of various materials made available to the students by the school. This includes ID cards, almanacs, books, uniforms, laptops, sports equipment, etc. Get a complete overview of the various materials that have been handed out to the students, the number of students who have received it, and the number who are yet to receive them. It’s like an inventory for student-related material.

  • Certificate Generator

Generating standard documents can be a hassle for educational institutes. There are ID Cards, leaving and migration certificates, bonafide certificates, and so on. On MyClassCampus, you can easily design or create the standard as well as custom certificates. You never have to worry about certificates ever again.

certificate generator

All-in-One ERP Modules

These deal with the operational side of the school’s daily activities.

Some modules include Finance Management, Personalized Website Builder, Inquiry Management, Admission Management, Library, Inventory Management, HR Management, Timetable Management, Hostel, Fees Management, Complaint Management, Canteen Management, Gate Pass Management, Wallet Management, Result Module, and Transportation.

  1. Finance Management

Manage All your Finances – Company, Fees, Accounts, Expense, Salary, Wallet at one Place. This is integrated between your various Institutes where you can get auto-generated passbook for your company/trust with all credit/debit transactions. You will get ready reports to give to your CA for audit directly.

finance management

  1. Personalized Website Builder

Manage your front-end website dynamically with the inbuilt website builder. Just select any theme and make pages by yourself using drag-and-drop functionality with using 40+ inbuilt sections! You can change/modify your website with pages, sections, fonts, color as many time you want without any cost!

Personalized Website Builder

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory Management (STORE) will help you to manage all kinds of items and stocks with opening stock, closing, purchase order, remaining stock, print order, vendors, Invoices and Stock Management etc. Allocate or sell items to infrastructure, classrooms, users etc.

  1. Inquiry Management

Inquiry Management enables you to manage leads or inquiries that are coming to your institute. With this feature, you can manage inquiry status (interested, canceled, confirmed), assign inquiries to others, custom fields of users, manage feedback status, send messages/reminders based on inquiry status, generate reports etc.

  1. Library Management

With Library Management you can manage all kinds of books on the basis of category title, author name. You can also run the issue/return book process (via App and web), get Book reports, Fine details and auto book return reminders.

  1. Hostel Management

This module is great for boarding schools or other institutes that manage a boarding facility along with the school. It allows admin to manage Room Allocation, Mess Management, Hostel Attendance and Hostel Fees on the go. It also allows parents to keep track of the money spent on their ward. The parents also have various modes of payment such as Paytm to make payment to their ward’s Wallet.

  1. Transportation

Transportation is the module that enables the administration and the parents to track the full bus route of the students. It provides you with the full information of the bus number, bus driver details, and each stop along the way. It helps admin to keep track of transport documents management, Fuel Management and Route Management.

  1. Result Module

Fully Dynamic Result card generation module that enables School to print multiple result cards with dynamic headers, footers and color combinations. You can directly publish result and send result link via SMS to parents without printing Cards if you want.


Still not convinced? Read these strong points that will motivate you to implement MyClass ERP in your Campus:

  1. After sales service – They are always available for you
    1. Knowing your needs and offering continuous enhancements
    2. Offering the updates completely free
    3. No matter where you are and what you wish to accomplish, they are here for you.
    4. Commitment to address and resolve any issues you come across
  2. Analysis
    1. Their analysis team ensures to keep a check on any potential issues and immediately resolve it reducing your efforts to contact them
    2. Success is defined in growth through evolution – they are proactive to offer their service and product without you having to contact them for any glitch
  3. User rights and data management
    1. You can customize the rights of each user and keep track of the ownership
    2. Track the information and manage its security with ease
  4. Data privacy
    1. Dedication to manage the information and its privacy
    2. They are an ISO27001 certified company ensuring to offer the best protection and disaster recovery management


That concludes our short glimpse of some essential and some unique features of MyClassCampus. For a more detailed overview, you can always head over to the official website, and schedule a free demo or sign up for a free 7-day trial!

MyClassCampus has some truly unique functionalities which no other provider in the country is offering at the same price. Its extensive and extremely detailed modules strike the perfect balance between ease of use, utility, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the level of customizability offered by this software is second to none. Data security will most likely never be an issue because it is stored on the cloud under full compliance with the stringent guidelines.

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The benefits to school/institute administrators are obviously, enormous. The app provides an integrated, cloud-based solution to them for efficiently running an educational institute, be it managing and scheduling exams or processing payroll for faculty. But parents, and students, who are the actual focal point when improvements in aspects of educational systems are sought, also have a whole lot to gain from MyClassCampus. The app has done a marvelous job of promoting a greater connection between tutor and student, providing easy access to learning material, and instant notifications for everything that’s important.

Bottom Line

The developers of MyClassCampus have made every effort to make it a perfect companion for educators and students alike. If your school or educational institute is looking for an ERP solution, don’t hesitate to give MyClassCampus a chance.

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