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Last updated: August 20, 2021

Omnichannel customer support software allows you to streamline multiple communication platforms into one simple, user-friendly interface. provides support for multiple types of transport, including live chat on websites, email, WhatsApp, etc.

Operators can benefit from using both Windows and macOS software as well as Android and iOS mobile apps. All the software works parallel to each other. For example, one can start a conversation with a client from an office desktop computer and continue it on the go using a mobile phone.

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The same applies to the visitors who can start a conversation with your customer support team using a live chat chatbox on your website and then continue the same interaction using Whatsapp or email. The transition between different methods of message transport is made as seamlessly as possible. automatically determines the most suitable carrier depending on the availability of each of them.

For example, a visitor opens the website’s chatbox, talks to your customer support representative, and closes the browser window after a while. If it were an ordinary live chat, your business would have lost the customer. But will automatically send your operator’s messages to the visitor’s email address. When the emails are replied to, all the answers will be added to the same customer-operator conversation as if the visitor didn’t close the browser.

Very much the same happens with Whatsapp and other messengers transport. While chatting with an operator, a visitor can scan a QR code or open a link to the chat in there, for example, Whatsapp. The new chat in the messenger will be automatically connected to the current conversation.

Customer Support

Free version support provides you with shared email domains and phone numbers. And you can always upgrade to Professional features with your customer support email and phone number.

Using a private customer support email gives you a unique opportunity to streamline incoming emails to the same omnichannel customer support software you are using for your website live chat.

So you can get rid of many different pieces of communication software and use just one: The fewer software you use – the more productive your customer support team, the faster is the response time, the cheaper it gets to maintain that, and it all benefits your bottom line.

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