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Last updated: May 21, 2021

In recent years, the use of the internet has tremendously increased whether you search for some information or looking for products and services.

Stats show that more than 4.39 billion people are currently using the internet in the whole worldwide(Source).

Thus, it will not surprise when I say that digital ad spending is estimated to grow to $129.23 billion by 2021 from $83 billion in 2017(Source).

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For a small business owner like you, you don’t have to straight away start spending money on Facebook or Google ads. There are many competent free online marketing strategies that your business can benefit from.

What is Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital marketing strategies, or online marketing strategies, is a plan of action that can help you achieve your goals through online channels. There can be both organic and paid strategies created to support marketing campaigns.

For instance, you might have a goal to achieve 20% leads from the traffic generated from your website. You can either create a blog, organize a webinar, and more, depending on your business types.

Let’s discuss the top 10 online marketing strategies that can help grow your business.

Best Online Marketing Strategies to Follow in 2020

1. Create a Strong Online Presence

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the fundamental essence of any online marketing strategy.

SEO helps you generate organic visits from search engines to your website or blog. The main component is the keyword here. Research for the right keywords and optimize your site accordingly.

Include the keywords in the title tag, description tag, and header tags. It makes it easy for Google to find your business.

2. Do Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your prospects without having to sell them.

Now, it is not only about creating a blog. It has a vast horizon, including videos, online courses, podcasts, and much more.

However, it is an essential thing to consider that content marketing provides a roadmap for your content. That’s why your focus should be long-term results here.

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3. Build an Influence on Instagram

Since the advent of Instagram, the word ‘influencer’ has gained momentum.

Many brands have a strong presence on Instagram, trying to influence their followers with their content. Users are actively looking to buy things that are trending on Instagram.

Say, for example, you have a home decor shop. By building an active,decor-enthusiast audience, you can establish a consistent direct sales channel.

4. Make a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group is one of the most underrated online marketing strategies.

There are many FB groups with more than 100,000 members. You can always join the groups of your niche or create your own and slowly work towards growing your audience.

It’s a great forum to connect with like-minded people to share your ideas.

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5. Build an Email List

  • 91% of consumers check their email daily.
  • Over 3.5 billion online users have an email account.
  • 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications (Source)

Need I say more? It has always been found more effective than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social channels.

6. Become a Part of Amazon Fulfillment

Do you know what would be another tremendous online strategy?

Amazon is a big e-commerce platform that has several marketing benefits to offer. You can increase your visibility by including Prime Shopping, exclusively reserved for Fulfilled by Amazon sellers. It will ultimately result in increased sales.

7. Write Guest Posts

Writing a guest post for a high-ranking website works as a full-proof online marketing strategy.

You may ask why. For starters, it helps you build backlinks for your website or blog. Google gives preference to sites with good backlinks.

Besides, it’s a great way to establish your expertise with the industry.

8. Post Videos on Youtube

Did you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine online? Google remains the first, of course.

Video has been a significant trend in 2019. Users prefer videos/images over text. And when it comes to video, Youtube rules.

Youtube videos are a great way to share your content with a new audience. Plus, you can monetize your Youtube videos and earn revenue.

9. Automate Your Marketing Activities

One crucial online marketing strategy is marketing automation. There are different marketing automation tools for various tasks.

For instance, you can automate email marketing with the help of MailChimp. HootSuite is a social marketing automation tool that enables you to schedule and automatically uploads your post.

It’s an excellent way to automate repetitive tasks and save time to invest in more productive activities. It also eliminates the chances of human error.

10. Have a Landing Page

Landing pages are website pages that are built to convert visitors into a lead.

In short, it acts as your digital sales representative. Write a concise and action-oriented headline that explains the offer clearly.

You can use forms to gather your visitors’ information.


It doesn’t have to be paid marketing always. Even by using these free online marketing strategies, small businesses can compete against big companies.

Start building your online presence and watch your business grow.

So, what are you waiting for?

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

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