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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Writing is hard. Writing for an assignment for your college class or a blog is hard. Writing an email to prospective buyers of your product is hard. No matter what you do, if you haven’t put in considerable time honing your writing skills, chances are it’s going to be difficult for you to write an email with a 100% open rate or a winning paper on Greek mythology on your first attempt. And of course, you can put in the time needed to become a fairly competent writer, but if you’re facing a time crunch, you can always go for writing services online. But if your plan is to do it yourself and to improve as much as possible,

Here are a few tips for better online writing:

1. Have a clear goal

Before you start any piece of writing, ask yourself what its purpose is. Is it meant for a prospective investor? Is it meant to appeal to a particular target audience? Is it to convince your readers to buy a particular product? Focus on the ultimate goal of your piece in order to maintain a consistent flow of information throughout the piece.

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Titles are more important than you think. Especially on the internet. Your title needs to be relevant to the content but should also catch the reader’s attention in a way that prompts them to read the content in the first place. Writing catchy titles is an art in itself. It becomes doubly important when writing subject lines for marketing emails.

How to Increase your Web Traffic” does not have the same ring as “Need More Web Traffic? Try these 5 Simple Hacks!

Go through a number of options and opinions on various titles before you decide which one you want to settle for, and which one will bring in the most readers.

3. Mind Your Language

A callback to point #1: know who you’re writing for, and decide on the tone of your article/email accordingly. On the internet, you would ideally never use a very formal tone. While addressing blog readers, a casual tone is adopted by most writers. For prospective clients, you’d want to adopt a friendly but professional tone.

4. Link Hyper Carefully

If you’re linking to a specific part of your website in an email, or to a particular source of information to back your claim in an article, insert the specific hyperlink in the exact part of the text that pertaining to that information. Make sure that the link is not broken, and that it shows the reader exactly what they need to know. If you’re plugging a link to an HRM software in your email, the link should redirect to the exact software you’re talking about on your website.

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