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Last updated: August 7, 2020

Are your sales, recruitment, HR, and accounts teams working in silos?

If so, help them break the barriers with an integrated AI-enabled Sales, Recruitment, and HR Platform.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and powered by AI, Oorwin is the first of its kind integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ATS (Application Tracking System) and HRMS (Human Resource Management System) platform that enables you to bring all your work in one place. Right from identifying a new sales opportunity to winning more deals, recruiting quality candidates, enhancing the employee experience, and delivering customer satisfaction, Oorwin can be the single source of truth for your business.

As it encapsulates several solutions on a single platform, it demonstrates a wide range of features and functionalities which are unique as compared to its competitors. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the platform.

A Look Into Oorwin – AI-enabled Integrated Business Platform

1. Dashboard

As you log into Oorwin, you are greeted with an intuitive dashboard. It provides a holistic view of different activities across the organization. Moreover, Oorwin has predefined dashboards for different user roles. Each of these dashboards is customizable through settings and the users also get to pin the dashboard they would like to see when they log in. Some types of dashboards include,

  • User Dashboard: Let’s say; you are a recruiter. So, once you log into the system, the dashboard gives you an overview of job posts, interviews, active jobs, and more.

oorwin user dashboard

  • Team Dashboard: It comes in handy when you have multiple teams across the board. You can view which teams have been up to what in a day, week, month, or any given period.
  • Executive Dashboard: As the name suggests, it is for administration/management. The admin can view all the activities across teams right here.

oorwin executive dashboard

Oorwin has also come up with yet another dashboard with enhanced UI that is more user-friendly and engaging. And their clients love it! You, too, can have a glimpse of it here,

oorwin new executive dashboard2. Sales or CRM

Right from managing all of your clients, prospects, and vendors at one place to opportunity tracking, running sales campaigns, and more, it looks into every aspect of your sales cycle. Moreover, if you have a database on other systems, Oorwin helps you with migration, training, and implementation with no charges.

  • Accounts

It lets you manage all your accounts here. You can add, merge, import, export, and filter account details as per your requirements. In case you don’t know much about a prospect or client, Oorwin helps you get insights into it as well.



a. Customer Insights: As you enter the organization name in the Account Name field (as shown in the image), Oorwin will fetch details about the customer.

b. Type: One more interesting thing about Oorwin is that it lets you define your client type and you can create your own nomenclature.

c. Search Contact: Let’s say you want to work with an organization but do not have contacts for that company, Oorwin helps you get that with its “search contact” feature. It searches for all the available emails on the web for the company. It even lets you determine the source from where you receive these email addresses.

Here’s how it works once you add an account,

oorwin search contact

So, even if you don’t know anything about a company or anybody there, you can still add them to your CRM and nurture them.

  • Opportunities

Opportunities are what help you onboard clients and so it is crucial to have visibility into the opportunity funnel or lifecycle.

oorwin opportunity

Oorwin lets you keep track of your opportunity journey here to win more deals. Depending on the progress with any lead, you can move the opportunity from one stage to another. For example, Proposal to Negotiation to Contract, and so forth. This helps the team stay updated and mark the progress of any lead.

As you close a deal, you need to send contract papers. Most of the organizations send them via email and ask the client to sign and send back which takes up a lot of time. But with Oorwin, this is not the case. It has a digital signature-enabled in-built document customization tool that lets you initiate a contract right from the system. The client can sign the document directly on his system and send it back to you. Congratulations, You’re good to work with the client now!

  • Campaigns

Manage all your email campaigns directly from Oorwin’s campaign manager which provides not just mass mailing capabilities but also real-time tracking and spam compliance. You can also get insights about how many emails have been delivered, bounced, read, unsubscribed, etc. Even better, you can go ahead and bucket them into hotlists right here!

3. Recruitment

What kind of permutations and combinations is your recruiting team using to find the right talent? Skills to candidates, candidates to jobs, or jobs to candidates? Well, you can map it all with Oorwin which is indeed an all-in-one platform that takes care of all the aspects concerning your recruitment process.

  • Jobs

Oorwin simplifies the job adding process with its extensive email plugins; thus, eliminating manual data entry. It has plugins for Outlook, Gmail, Chrome, and Office365.

Whenever you have an active job opening on your email, all you need to do is click on Job Parsing. It’ll pick up all the relevant information, including job description, and only require you to enter some primary data. You can choose which recruiter or recruiters you want to work on this and the job will get added automatically on Oorwin.

Furthermore, it offers you several ways to market your job openings — the more your reach, the higher the chances of getting the right talent.

oorwin jobs

a. Publish: You can publish the openings on different job boards, social media channels, and even to your website just with a single click from the system.

b. Vector Mapping: The search begins by specifying the criteria and assigning the weightages to the mentioned criteria.

If there is a particular keyword or skill that you are looking for, then you can mention that in the filter and the results of the matches appear. The ranking is done in the order of most number of matches found for the keywords mentioned.

c. Semantic Search: Oorwin’s semantic search capabilities makes use of AI to associate similar keywords and produce accurate mapping and results.

Eg: For instance, if you’re looking for a candidate for a JAVA Developer, the keyword search would just look for matches with Java Developer and give rank the results as per which profile has the most number of matches. This may not be the right approach in most cases. With Oorwin’s semantic search, the system has the capability to recognize the keywords associated with JAVA Developer and then rank the results based on matches to the keyword or associated keyword. Now if someone is looking for a JAVA Developer – JAVA Consultant, J2EE Developer also become relevant and get scored accordingly. The results are ranked based on the weightages assigned and thus the ranking of the candidates becomes far more scientific

d. Text Recruiting: Oorwin also supports bulk messaging, i.e., you can send out job details via SMS to candidates directly from the platform.

e. VoIP Integration: Eliminating the dependency on desk phones or mobiles and the subsequent reimbursements, Oorwin also provides calling capabilities through VoIP integrations with providers like Vitel Global, VOIP Office, and 3CX. It also publishes reports for all the calls made from the platform.

f. Social Media Job Marketing: You can also post your jobs on different social media handles with a single click.

oorwin social media job marketing

  • Resume Harvesting

You can create a resume search on job boards without logging in different portals. All you need to do is enter your search criteria and the system will automatically retrieve the relevant resumes. The process can be further streamlined by mentioning the number of profiles required and timelines and Oorwin’s AI-enabled technology will do the rest for you. Resume harvesting helps you save time with grunt work and instead focus on other crucial business functions.

  • Add Candidates

While it is simple to add a job, it’s even simpler to add candidates into the system. If you find pertinent candidates, all you have to do is click on Parse, by integrating with the plugin and the candidate will be added to the system.

  • Oorwin Intelligent Search

Oorwin gives you access to semantic search, which no other ATS would offer. For instance, you’re looking for a candidate skilled in JAVA, the semantic search capability pairs this skill along with other complementary skill, say Python. The pairing increases the candidate score based on the weightage assigned for skills in the selection criteria. The ranking of the candidates thus becomes far more scientific.

oorwin intelligent search

This skill also comes as an added advantage for junior recruiters.

  • Email Integration

Oorwin’s email integrations not only help you mail directly from the portal but also enlist all the email conversations with a candidate, prospect, or customer. Thus, recruiters can now centrally keep track of the candidate journey also making the handover process from one recruiter to the other easy and effortless.

4. Bench Marketing

  • Resource Pool

If you rely on bench marketing, Oorwin has got a Resource Pool for you. It will help you manage W2’s, H1B transfers, OPT/CPT, all the consultants, and internal members on a single platform. Moreover, it has plugins for all these activities to accomplish tasks seamlessly using integrated mass emailing/texting and hot-listing.

  • Job Grabber

With this feature, you can automate the process of pulling out all the possible jobs from different job boards, prime vendors, clients, and various sources for any given criteria and timeline.

This feature helps in reducing the bench time significantly for the resource pool thereby improving productivity.

  • Training

This helps you keep a tab on the training sessions across the organization. It provides information about the trainer and the trainees. Besides, you can track the complete training process here.

5. Human Resources

Once you complete the recruitment process and hire any candidate, you can onboard him/her as an employee and that’s when Oorwin’s HRMS comes into play.

oorwin hrms

Right from Employee Management – Permanent and Contingent Staffing, Employee and Managerial Self Service, etc. to onboarding with Workflow approvals, document management using digital signatures, etc., the module has it all.

Employee Onboarding

  • Documents

Oorwin displays the list of documents by employee, type, document status, and expiry date. You can even automatically trigger reminders for documents that are about to expire.

  • Immigration

The immigration dashboard is an intuitive interface that lets you manage your LCAs (Labor Condition Application) and I9s directly through the platform thereby helping you stay compliant with the standard norms. There are also automated reminders that can be configured for missing Public Access Files (PAF). 

Employee Management

  • Timesheets

It enables you to collect the time your employee spends working at client locations. Thus, you can bill them accurately. You can set the timesheet cycle like weekly, monthly, or by dates. Moreover, it gives you an insight into the submitted, approved, rejected, and invoiced time. It also marks working time, leaves, and holidays all highlighted in different colors.

oorwin timesheets

  • Invoices

Right from invoicing candidates to collecting payments from clients, you can manage the complete invoicing cycle here. Depending on the timesheets, you can auto-generate invoices. It even integrates with accounting systems like Quickbooks to automate invoices, making the workflow seamless and audit compliant.

oorwin invoices

  • Time & Attendance

It records the time right from your employee’s check-in to check out. It logs in the total hours an employee works every day.

time & attendance feature in oorwin

Furthermore, it even keeps track of the employee’s leaves and holidays.

Along with these, Oorwin’s Human Resources take care of employee skill training, expenses, assignments, and many more.

USPs of Oorwin

While Oorwin’s features and functionalities across Sales, Recruitment, and HR systems in the form of an integrated platform and mobile app make it a one-stop solution for any business, there are yet some USPs that add more value to it. Some of these include,

  • Reports

With Oorwin, you can create customized reports spanningacross recruitment, sales, jobs, and even calls. It lets you work with the format you are comfortable with. Moreover, you can download the reports or auto-schedule them for any chosen frequency to make informed business decisions.

  • Customization

It offers role-based customizations; thus, ensuring every user gets a unique experience when they use the platform. Every form or page across the platform is highly customizable. You can add, delete, or edit any of the fields and set access control for different roles. Even better, you can even create your own roles and also map them in a customizable hierarchy. The users even get to choose their login screens.

  • Integrations

Oorwin offers a wide range of integration abilities with various tools and applications. Some of them include,

a. VoIP Integration: With remote working as the new normal, Oorwin offers integration with virtual business phone systems. It comes in handy when you need to place/receive calls irrespective of where you are. It eliminates the need for a phone or even reimbursements as you can make calls right from the portal and the reports can be tracked for all calls.

b. VMS Integration: Integrating with VMS helps you increase service levels, win more business, and improve productivity. Oorwin has got 30+ VMS and is yet adding more.

c. Job Boards: This represents a mix of free and paid job boards that you can integrate into and expand your reach.

d. SMS: With this integration, Oorwin gives you an option to send text messages to all the candidates or target audience irrespective of the geography.

e. Plugins: With plugins for Chrome, Outlook, and Gmail, you can directly access notes, jobs, resumes, and comments right from your mailbox without switching the application.

Summing Up

With 50+ suppliers, vendors, and third-party service providers, the Oorwin marketplace lets you build a system for seamless collaboration within your organization.

While its CRM encapsulates all the client, vendor, and prospect information in one place, its Recruitment system creates a repository of resumes to search internally and use them when required. It empowers businesses with single-click job postings and significantly reduces the time to hire by automating most of the processes. Furthermore, it even helps in smooth onboarding of candidates with features in the HR system for storing and tracking documents, timesheets, invoice generation, and leave management.

If you are managing business processes on siloed systems, Oorwin can help you bring them on a single platform or a mobile making it a seamless experience for your organization.

You can know more about Oorwin either from its website or its SoftwareSuggest Product Profile Page.

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