Top 4 Open Source Fleet Management Software to Try in 2021

Parul Saxena

Parul Saxena

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Last updated: February 22, 2021

Just like many industries worldwide, the domain of logistics and transportation is going through digital transformation. More and more businesses are choosing fleet management software to take their businesses to the next level. In a nutshell, fleet management software increases the productivity of a business by saving costs (fuel, maintenance, optimized routing, etc.) and provides compliance with the legislation.

Top Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

However, with the variety of available solutions in the market, the choice is not that easy to make. To select the right solution, one has to study each solution thoroughly. It’s all about the right mixture of pros and cons. However, small and medium T&L companies are first looking at their price when picking up the software.

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With that idea in mind, we’re going to see what open-source fleet management software is there in the market. Let’s make an informed choice! So, without further ado, let’s see what solutions are in store for fleet managers.

1. Akveo

Targeted mostly at small and medium companies, the Fleet Management Dashboard by Akveo is a robust open-source fleet management software with lots of useful features. To perform up to its best capabilities, the software requires a GPS tracking solution. The dashboard provides fleet managers with a comprehensive analysis of business performance. The free of charge template comes up with five modules: 

  • Admin dashboard
  • Revenue analytics
  • Vehicles
  • Trips
  • Maintenance

Fleet Management Dashboard

Upon the installation of the dashboard, fleet managers can:

  • Process fleet data in one place
  • Plan diagnostic and maintenance
  • Track a fleet in real-time
  • Plan routes and workload
  • Have access to financial statistics

According to the company, the template offers a solid foundation for further customizations. Therefore, to help logistics businesses effortlessly integrate the solution, Akveo offers two customization plans, Standard and Enterprise. Each of these plans contains predefined options, so it’s easier to choose what plan works best for a certain business. Visit the solution’s page, and check out the full overview of the solution and corresponding customization plans.

2. Odoo

An open-source platform, Odoo offers a cloud-based solution with the integration to GitHub, so that software engineers can easily test new features. The solution makes it possible to analyze such parameters as service records, contracts, and vehicle tags in a convenient graphical representation.

Odoo Dashboard

Odoo Fleet lets you add detailed descriptions of your vehicles, including make and model, registration number, chassis number, number of doors and seats, color, and more, so managers can quickly identify each vehicle in a fleet.

The software can monitor fuel consumption and track mileage by reporting odometer readings and predict maintenance and repairs. In addition, the software also comes with a vehicle maintenance function that offers daily tracking of all needs related to vehicle maintenance.


GPSWOX is a multifunctional GPS solution for small and large businesses. The solution offers a free starter plan that you can try before making a purchase. The free account is heavily limited in features, but if you only have one vehicle to track, this might be a good solution.


The main functions of GPSWOX include real-time tracking, change notification, history and report, geo-fence, mobile, and SMS gateway. The free plan offers tracking of a single vehicle in real-time and a mobile app. However, the company offers various paid plans with extended functionality: Lite, Basic, Pro, and White Label plans.

Tracking reports can be exported in several formats, including XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT, and more. Reports provide information such as the GPS tracker’s name, driving time, stopover, distance traveled, and more.

4. Samsara

Samsara provides a unified system for fleet management, safe driving, and compliance. It is cloud-based, so it does not require installation on your computer.

Samsara Fleet Management Software

Notable features include GPS tracking, trailer tracking, routing and dispatch information, refrigerated truck monitoring, and camera integration into the dashboard. Besides, the solution meets ELD and FMCSA regulations and helps monitor driver behavior.


Undoubtedly, the year 2021 will be groundbreaking for the T&L domain. The development of such technologies as big data, telematics, and virtual assistance reinvent the way the industry operates. Fleet management and tracking solutions help fleet managers effectively manage their businesses. 

Slowly but gradually, the use of data is growing among industries worldwide. Fleet management solutions play a vital role in managing a fleet and offer plenty of customization opportunities. With the right solution, fleet managers can make informed decisions that influence the bottom line of their businesses directly. Surely, it’s impossible to include all the solutions in this article. Nevertheless, the other honorable mentions worth your attention are: 

  1. Silent Passenger
  2. MyGeotab
  3. GPS Insight
  4. Fleet Genius
  5. Fleetsoft

Whether you manage a fleet of, say, 20 or 100 cars, fleet management software lets you get more done in less time. Proper fleet management solutions can save time, money, and working hours if implemented correctly. All the software in this article offers a free version of its fleet management solution. The thing about free software is that some of them may not offer the latest technology and industry standards. However, for anyone new to such software, this article’s solutions provide enough to get started.

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