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Last updated: March 23, 2021

A visitor gate pass system helps track the movements of those accessing your facility. You can track all the entries and exits using this tool, which also provides the date-time details.

Open Source Visitor Gate Pass System

Gone is the age when a watchman or a guard would manually enter the entry and exit time of the visitors in a register. With the advent of technology, this process, too, has become automated and provided much-needed relief as well as accuracy.

The flexible and robust architecture of this system not only allows management authorities to verify the movement of individuals but also provides several other technical benefits.

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The system is chiefly divided into three types of modules:

Security gate: A software module is deployed at the entry and exit point of the building or office, which is the security gate. The guard(s) can easily register the movements as well as record the photograph of the person entering and exiting. A visitor pass is automatically printed, often carrying a barcode that the central system can read

Facility: The responsible parties in the facility can check the footage as well as access the movement details on web pages, they can also receive entry requests in the form of pop-up notifications

Admin: All security data is stored in an administrator PC. It is here that the facility can control and report on all the data. They can also change the gate pass format on this system

Advantages of an Open Source Visitor Gate Pass System

  • Accuracy of data as opposed to manually entering it, resulting in lesser cross-checking of system
  • Ability to generate reports for the facility as well as for management reporting if need be
  • The information available with the click of a button as opposed to having to wait for a long time to check the data physically
  • The system can be deployed at multiple locations and for multiple users
  • Clear Security access settings for each role
  • An easy-to-understand user interface, even an amateur can access and report on data
  • A systematic procedure of providing entry into the facility with proper fingerprinting and with a webcam-aided photograph of the visitor
  • A watchlist can be maintained to abstain someone from access, typically helpful in cases of blacklisted individuals
  • Pop-up messages/notifications for individuals concerned inside the facility
  • Custom gate pass, not just color and verbiage but also to indicate which type of visitor it is – regular or contract. Also contains who is hosting the visitor inside the facility so that the visitor can be directed accordingly
  • Easy to integrate with a barcode scanner, webcam, fingerprint scanner, printers, email, etc
  • A cost-effective tool saves on additional workforce costs
  • Highly effective in case the facility is forcefully barged into or in case of misconduct-related altercations at the entry point

Top 8 Open Source Visitor Gate Pass Systems

1. Vizitor

An Indian-made open-source visitor gate pass system, Vizitor has emerged as one of the top preferred tools for security gate surveillance systems. With the help of the Vizitor Suite, the tool provides access data on a tablet and a smartphone.

Vizitor visitor gate pass system open source


  • Digital way to access check-in data
  • Efficient storage of visitor information for perusal if the individual obtains the premises again
  • High-quality photographs of visitors
  • Real-time reporting as well as for analytics
  • Push notifications to the host, the hosts, can invite via a one-time password
  • Access cards customizable with company logos and a plethora of other information
  • Can be used to track unlimited visits
  • App on the host’s smartphone for receiving notifications, approving/denying requests, barcode-scanner enabled entry, and data access according to user-security level


  • Not desktop-supported
  • Perpetual deployment not enabled

2. Bio-Tech Visitor Management Software

A straightforward and secure way to track entries and exits in your facility is what this tool is all about. Bio-Tech can be deployed for business, commercial, educational, research, almost any type of institution with ease.


  • Easy way to track personnel as well as materials moving through your facility
  • Unauthorized entries can be restricted
  • Real-time access and reporting of data
  • Cost-effective (in fact one of the primary reasons why businesses prefer it)


  • No perpetual mode of deployment
  • Can’t be accessed on smartphones
  • Only available on Windows OS

3. TimeDESK Visitor Management Software

This software designed especially for educational institutions, and for the hotel industry, it is one of the best fits for smaller organizations as it offers a superior surveillance system at a very affordable cost.


  • Guests can book the visit to the facility via a web-based app, which shall be further checked by the reception upon the arrival of the guest
  • Pop-up notification to the host
  • The visitor’s name and the company that they come from is entered automatically
  • Fingerprint-scanning of guests
  • Has superior access control system defined per user role


  • No Web-based deployment possible
  • Mobile devices not supported
  • Only Windows OS supported

4. MyGate Security System

Built for apartment complexes, MyGate Security System is a robust security surveillance system for gated complexes.

Mygate visitor gate pass system open source


  • Keen eye on all visitors
  • Residents can alert the security gate in case of any emergencies
  • Hosts can pre-authorize the guests
  • ID-enabled entry for residents, guests, as well as, guards
  • Hosts can control which areas of the complex the guest should have access to
  • Easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use
  • Real estate owners can control multiple properties via a single tool
  • Enforced focus on the tracking of movements of children around the property as well as their entry/exists


  • No perpetual mode of deployment
  • Only smartphone devices supported


A free and open-source Visitors Management Software, TCEDI is built for big as well as small entities. The reception can easily access as well as control the entry data of the visitor.

T.C.E.D.I. visitor gate pass system open source


  • Visitors need to register themselves at the time of entry. Some entities can get the guests to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) at the entry point itself
  • The check-out procedure is easy and quick. A receptionist can also sign-out on the guests’ behalf
  • Multilingual platform
  • Can be integrated with Joomla for syncing address book
  • Pop-up notifications to the hosts
  • Superior reporting functionality


  • Cannot back up recent entries in case of a power outage

6. Envoy

A cloud-based solution for all your visitor management requirements, Envoy is built for small and medium entities. Slowly emerging as one of the top players in this domain, this software definitely has a lot to offer.

Envoy visitor gate pass system open source


  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Hassle-free visitor registration
  • Automated pop-up notifications to the host
  • Digital signing of documents possible
  • Multiple admin accounts supported
  • Superior reporting functionality
  • Seamless integration with contact directories, marketing, and sales system


  • Perpetual mode of deployment not supported
  • Not available on Linux OS and Android

7. piLOBI

From corporates to healthcare, from SMEs to small properties, piLOBI caters to everyone’s visitors’ management demands. The company prides itself on delivering top-of-the-class technological visitors management software solutions to entities.

Pilobi visitor gate pass system open source


  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Real-time notifications to hosts
  • Visitors can use previously assigned badges for entering again with the help of QR code-enabled smart entry cards
  • Digital capturing and storage of visitors’ photographs
  • Smooth check-in procedure where the guests can sign-in using pre-registered meeting requests and an auto-generated QR code
  • Live Dashboard for reporting purposes
  • Easy to customize visitor badges
  • Enhanced security features


  • Enabled only for Windows OS
  • Developed only for iOS

8. Vizitator

Developed by an Indian firm, Vizitator is fast turning the heads of everyone in the field of visitors’ management systems. Built for the future, the app provides a plethora of features for the customers to enjoy.

Vizitator visitor gate pass system open source


  • Unlimited visitors supported
  • Customized brand logo on the visitor badges
  • Guests revisiting the facility can simply access using their registered email ID or phone number
  • Guests’ photo on the visitor badges
  • Pop-up notifications to the hosts
  • Insightful reporting metrics delivered
  • Easy and secure to install and use
  • Cost-effective tool for handling visitors’ access


  • Only accessible and available on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Not available for smartphones yet.
  • Does not have a watchlist feature

What If You Haven’t Deployed a Visitor Gate Pass System Yet?

You are perhaps compromising on many things including a shaken visitor management system, low data security, poor resource management, no long-term retention of visitors’ records, the same-old boring badges, no facial identification of visitors, no access control to central data, and of course, no reporting functionality.

When everything is going digital, why should you rely on the prehistoric paper-dependent way of maintaining records and then spending time and fortune to cross-check access-related data?

It’s time to deploy one of these superior technological solutions for all your visitor management requirements and simply lie back, and enjoy the benefits!

Kiran Bajpai is Marketing Associate at SoftwareSuggest. Her expertise lies in Software Analysis. She can never get bored of reading books, especially those related to History and Politics.

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