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Last updated: May 2, 2021

1. Don’t Make It Hard On Yourself

If you’re fighting cold water after falling in from a boat, one of your first moves will be to get rid of your clothes; they’re not making you warmer, they’re becoming waterlogged and dragging you down. If you dive into cold water fully-clothed in digital outreach “garments”, it’s going to be a lot harder to tread water until you can get some profitable ground beneath you.

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There’s no need for you to make it harder on yourself. Instead, do a little research to help determine where those who’ve gone before you have made the way clearer through more effective methods.

For example, if you want to optimize your website to generate leads, it’s got to be qualitative, and provide value. Nobody wants to give their information to a site that seems sketchy—no matter how much value it provides. So you need to have the latest web design available on the table. Because the market is always shifting, you’ll need to update that design at intervals.

Additionally, you want to incorporate SEO or Search Engine Optimization into the site itself. The more optimized your site is for search engines, the higher the traffic. The higher the traffic, the greater the lead generation statistically.

SEO optimize your website

2. A Comprehensive Approach

SEO optimization involves more than just keywords, images, videos, and the size/construction of articles (you’re writing at around an 8th grade level with small paragraphs, etc.) Additionally, you want to measure off-site analytics, and there’s meta-tagging to consider; which involves how varying data is titled in the coding of your page.

Additionally, how you link to and from your site can increase its SEO visibility, so you’ll want to have proper back-links in articles that are posted beyond your site. Also, you might want to have a few links to sites which provide services you can’t.

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A good idea to help you additionally increase lead-capture involves putting “gateways” on your site. You don’t want to be annoying about it. For certain content—not all—require your visitors to enter in an email address or other contact information for content review. You’ll want to do this on the most value-rich content; white papers and the like.

coding optimize your website

3. Chat Boxes And Navigability

A chat-bot can be additionally effective. If you’re unfamiliar, this is when a visitor comes into contact with a little text window kind of like an SMS window on a smartphone. A ‘bot sends a message to the visitor informing them that they can provide assistance.

The ‘bot is represented by a graphic of an individual and appears to be real. If a prospect interacts with it, a message is sent to someone in sales or customer service who can respond, and actually, help the prospect—or existing client—with their query. It’s the equivalent of having someone on the sales floor at a department store to help those considering a purchase.

The navigability of your website is also a prime consideration. If people can’t get around when they find your site, they’re going to have trouble being interested in what your MSP has to offer. They’ll be too frustrated not finding the things they came to your site to find. Have services easily available.

Ensure contact information is easy to find. You should have a tab to an “about me” portion of your page so a prospect can ensure you’re the right website for what their needs are.

optimize your website

4. Promotion And Lead-Capture Strategy Optimization

Finally, promotions can help generate leads, but you can’t look like some spam site. You’ve got to have them available in tasteful ways, and it’s wise to couple email addresses or other contact information capture with their availability. Here are some more tools to help you with content maximization as well; good content drives people to your site. The better the content, the more leads you can recoup.

Bottom Line

Lead generation can be complicated, but if you use techniques like these, which have been refined through professional application over the last decade by dedicated tech marketing professionals, you’ll get more leads with decreased complication. Consider existing protocols, and where they may be positively augmented by such strategies.

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