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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Paybooks is one of India’s leading, budget and user-friendly online payroll solutions. The biggest attractions are its simplicity, easy-to-use pre-configured modules and user-oriented interface which makes it appropriate even for administrators/HR professionals who are first-time payroll software users.

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Along with the desktop software, it has an online self-service app for employees. Paybooks strives to provide the best online payroll services while complying with the requisite statutes, to make payroll processing and distribution of salaries a less time-consuming, more resource efficient task for your payroll/HR Department!

Various Offerings that Paybooks Payroll Solutions Provides:

Paybooks hosts two separate portals: for employees and administrators.

1. Employee Portal

The employee can log in to his/her employee self-service portal through the desktop or mobile app version of Paybooks. The mobile app is easy to use and lightweight.

paybooks-employee portal

  • Leave Requests

Here, the employee can apply for a Leave Request by selecting the kind of leave he requires (sick/paid/casual). He has to mention the date/s of the leave required and the reason for the same.

paybooks-leave requrest

Once the leave request is sent, an email goes directly to the reporting manager, who can then approve it. The status of the leave approval is also visible to the employee. The process is simple and quick, and the need for any paperwork is eliminated.

  • Expense Management

The employee can submit the work expenses for which she requires a reimbursement. The type of expense and the amount is input by the employee, and a receipt/proof for the same can also be uploaded, if necessary. The same approval workflow as the leave request is followed here as well.

  • Payslips

An overview of the monthly payslip is visible to the employee here, and a more detailed version can be downloaded by him in the PDF format.


  • Tax Planning and FBP

A unique and incredibly useful feature of Paybooks, tax planning makes life easier for both employees and employers. The employee can view taxes and deductions available under different heads such as House Rent, Medical & Leave Travel Allowance, Other Income & Losses, Provident Fund, Insurance & Mutual Funds.

It enables employees to be in full control of their taxes and helps them to make an informed choice regarding various avenues of investment and savings available to them.

paybooks-tax planning

Similarly, employees can choose their benefits from the allowances available to them. They have to submit a claim and its proof, and then wait for it to be approved.

Apart from these main modules, the employee can access various other reports such as Form 16 and the Income Tax computation report.

Paybooks makes it easy for your employees to stay abreast of various developments that affect their earnings. It gives them an easily accessible, transparent platform to help them manage their leaves, expenses, benefits, and taxes at their own convenience.

2. Admin Portal

This is where the actual payroll processing and release take place. The Admin portal necessarily has more extensive modules that are loaded with functionalities. This is evident from the dashboard itself which gives you the payroll summary (the net/gross salary paid till date), compliance reports, the most recent joinees added to the system and quick links to your most used functions.

You have the option to manage a few vital payroll processes (such as adding new employees) from the dashboard itself.

paybooks-admin portal

  • Initial Configuration

Before you start, you need to perform a one-time configuration of a few important components such as:

Company Profile: details such as the name, logo, statutory compliance details.

Company Roles: Employee logins and basic salary according to the role.

Locations: Configure settings for different branches of your business.

Leaves: Configure the leave structure according to your company policy

Holidays: Set weekly offs and add the general company/public holiday list

PF Rules: Configure the Provident Fund according to the requisite statutory requirements for the same.

Salary Components: This is the CTC breakup for each of your employees. Add/delete the components as per your company requirements.

  • Adding Employees

  1. Add a new employee simply by clicking the ‘+’ icon.
  2. You are required to add the relevant photo, Personal (name, contact details, address) and Official details (employment type, role, reporting manager, department), PF/ESI information, leave details (pro rata basis/other), and any other relevant information.
  3. Under salary configuration, all you have to do is enter the CTC, the rest is taken care of as the structure has already been configured for the whole organization.
  4. Once these details have been submitted, the new employee will show up on the dashboard
  • Run Payroll

Paybooks has a simple, easy-to-follow sequence of steps for when you want to go through with processing the month’s salaries.

paybooks-run payroll

  1. Firstly, select the branch for which you want to process and run the payroll.
  2. You will be directed to the attendance section, wherein you can upload the basic/detailed attendance in the Paybooks Excel template in case you keep manual records. In the more likely even that you have an integrated biometric attendance solution, the Biometric Sync Attendance option will import all the biometric attendance data to Paybooks.
  3. If any adjustments such as bonus, incentives and etc are to be made, you can do so with the Adjust Pay option.
  4. Now, you can choose to run payroll for a specific employee or in batches. If need be, you can keep specific employees’ salary on hold too.
  5. The next step is to confirm the payroll. You will get a summary of the earnings, deductions, and net payment that each employee is going to receive. A preview of the payslip is also available.
  6. Now all you have to do is ‘lock’ the payroll and publish the payslips to the employees. Your payroll has been processed!

You can always ‘unlock’ the payroll in case any changes are required to be made.

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  • Reports

A host of different reports are available on Paybooks. Its library of 65+ standard reports ensures that you never have to face an incorrectly formatted or inaccurate report ever again.

Choose from among various salary reports, statutory reports dealing with TDS, ESI and etc, leave reports, attrition reports, and reimbursement reports, to name a few.


If your organization needs custom reports beyond standard reports, you can easily create professional reports on the Report Designer.

So, that concludes the basic run through of how Paybooks essentially works and its most prominent functionalities.

Two bonus features that are unique to the software and must not go unmentioned are:

1. ICICI Bank Integration

Paybooks has gone the extra mile in making payroll processing that much more convenient for its clients. Its partnership with ICICI Bank makes it possible for its users to make payments to employees and have salaries credited instantaneously to their ICICI accounts.

When you initiate the payment from Paybooks, login to your ICICI Corporate Internet Banking Portal to approve it, and voilà, your employees receive the payment within minutes. It eliminates the need to visit the bank, prepare checks, issue payment orders, or any of the tedious tasks previously associated with payroll processing.

2. Payroll Outsourcing

Although this is a paid service that is separate from the regular package for users, it is remarkable nonetheless. Your organization has the option to outsource its payroll functions to Paybooks, whose payroll experts will then handle all your payroll processes while you can focus on other facets of your business.

Paybooks will take care of the end-to-end payroll activities for your firm while implementing best practices in payroll implementation and compliance with payroll laws. You don’t have to worry about payroll functions ever again, let Paybooks take care of them for you!

Paybooks streamlines your payroll processes without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, its pricing makes its plethora of features even more significant: they are a steal at this price!

Bottom Line

Paybooks has managed to provide a payroll solution that is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, but if you run a startup or a relatively new business looking to make its way up the ladder, Paybooks ensures that getting your employees paid on time and making the right benefits available to them while complying with the requisite statutory laws, takes place in a smooth, cost-effective and simplified manner.

Any functionality you could ask for in an ideal payroll solution, Paybooks has it. Features such as payroll outsourcing and the ICICI bank integration exemplify just how committed Paybooks is to making payroll processing a smooth, hassle-free activity for its users. So if your business is looking for a product to supercharge its payroll activities, Paybooks is the way to go!

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