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We all know that “Money is the biggest Motivator for any Human”’. This is the reason people get out of their homes and go to work keeping everything aside. An Employee’s motivation and their dedication towards your company depends entirely on how accurately you are paying them. Paying consistently and on-time promotes your organization stability. Besides this, an accurate payroll system also makes sure that you are always compliant with the state and federal laws because even a small mistake in the payroll processing can affect the reputation of the business.

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Paywell is a Payroll system which assists the Accounts/HR personnel to manage the payroll operation with a lot of ease so that it is no longer remains a nightmare for the company and its employees to manage the salaries every month.

Paywell feature-rich rich, customizable and a robust agile solution for corporate and enterprise market. It will perfectly blend with medium and large enterprises payroll needs with requirements ranging from very complex to the most basic ones. It is designed to perfectly suit the industry sectors such as Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Showrooms, Banking etc.

It captures all the processes from employee joining till full and final processing which includes auto-generation of complete statutory compliances like PF, PT, TDS, ESIC, BONUS, and WAGE in a few clicks. It manages all the earnings, deductions, company contributions, benefits, provisions and everything else you will ever need. A fully tax complaint software which is updated as and when necessary.

Apart from Payroll, It also has the other HR related functionalities like Leave Management, Attendance Management, ESS and many more other modules and reports.


‘Paywell’ is a payroll software developed using the latest .NET technologies which have accompanied by the power of RDBMS like Microsoft SQL in the Backend. The powerful server-based application is also available on IOS and Android App store & Play store. Let’s have a further walkthrough to this innovative Paywell payroll system.

Paywell System Overview

  • Modules

There are many modules and features available in the system but basically, there are major 5 modules in this system. Below is the table which contains not the entire list of these modules but only a few highlights of each Module:

PayrollTime & AttendanceLeave ManagementESSESS on App
Employee ManagementAttendance ManagementConfigurable Leave RulesLeave ApplicationLeave Application
Salary ManagementConfigurable Attendance PolicyLeave EntitlementLoan ApplicationLoan Application
Loan & AdvancesShift ManagementLeave Encashment & Carry ForwardCOFF ApplicationCOFF Application
Arrear & BonusOver TimeAuto Leave CreditShift Change ApplicationShift Change Application
Other Earning & DeductionCOFFReports & RegistersMissed Punch ApplicationMissed Punch Application
Taxes & BenefitsTime SheetOSD ApplicationOSD Application
Year End ProcessReports & RegistersExpense ApplicationExpense Application
Company ValuablesApprovals (Multi Level)Approvals (Multi Level)
CTC & Income Tax DeclarationApproval DelegationApproval Delegation
Full & Final SettlementD-Punch (Desktop Punch)E-Punch
Reports & RegistersSalary ComputationSalary Computation
IT DeclarationIT Declaration
Time SheetTime Sheet
Work SheetWork Sheet
Dash BoardsDash Boards
Notification Area / HR AnnouncementNotification Area / HR Announcement
Wish BoardWish Board
Exit RequestExit Request
ReportsShare Location
Employee Profile

Paywell has many values added features and it has many such options which make use of the system so easy that it saves a lot of unnecessary data entry time for users.

Before we jump to the value-added features please find below some glimpse of the system.

1. Payroll Module

Home Screen

Paywell Home Screen

Employee Master

Paywell Employee Master

Income Tax Savings Declaration

Paywell IT Declaration

Salary Processing Dashboard

Paywell Salary Processing Dashboard

Salary CTC Master

Paywell Salary CTC Master

Salary Reconciliation Dashboard

Paywell Salary Reconcilation Dashboard

2. Time & Attendance Module

Time Sheet

Paywell Time Sheet

Attendance Register Entry

Paywell Attendance Register

3. Leave Management Module

Leave Encashment

Paywell Leave Encashment

Leave Entitlement

Paywell Leave Entitlement

4. Employee Self Service Desktop Module

Paywell Employee Self Service

5. Employee Self Service on Mobile Phone in iOS (App Store) & Android (Play Store)

Paywell Application-Menu

Paywell Application-Leave

Paywell Application-Reports

2. Major value-added features Other than Standard Payroll features

Paywell Feature of Paywell

It is very difficult to explain all the above features here as it can make the document too long so one must see the demo to get the glimpse of above-listed features.

Now let move to the operational features which are only available in Paywell and that also makes this system different from the other systems available in the market. Go to the next page to see the details.

3. Other Exclusive operational highlights available only in Paywell

Toggle directly from Admin to ESS without logging out.It is possible that some of your employees may need both the employee as well as admin access at the same time. In most of the payroll software available in the market, you will have to log in twice, one as an admin complete the task and then log out and log in again to use the ESS module. But with Paywell if you are granted access to both admin and ESS module an option will be visible on the Home screen window so by clicking on ESS you can switch to ESS and the same way you can click on Admin and switch back to admin. So now toggle directly between Admin and ESS without logging out.
Manage Leave Applications of SubordinatesIf you are a production or a manufacturing company you will be having labors who might be inefficient with computers and software. In that case, they can visit their supervisor or the Department Head who can from their own Login ID apply for leave or can help their subordinate with all the assistance needed.
Wishing BoardA wishing board will be available on every employee dashboard from where he will always be reminded of birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and job anniversaries of his colleagues. Make sure you make the most out of this feature and collect as many sweets as possible.
Salary Processing with Various Analysis & ReconciliationPaywell will help you with the various analysis before you actually proceed with salary processing, for example it will show you the current total salary comparison with Previous month total salary and CTC based total salary so one can get the idea of how much difference it has compared to other month and CTC. Also, the same comparison can be seen as Department wise, Company wise, Grade wise, Designation wise &, Branch wise. You can also see the graphical summary of all these data based on the parameters discussed above. Also, you can see the graphical representation of Total salary for past months & Overtime paid in past months and the same can be seen department wise. Once you are done with the analysis next you have the reconciliation screen where you can actually compare the employee wise, each component-wise current salary with previous month salary. So if you see any major spikes or downs so you can take the appropriate action. Also, it has the wonderful grouping feature which one can understand only on seeing that drag and drop grouping feature gives so many salary data insights.
Operate multiple companies from the same LoginIf major group operating multiple companies than this Paywell feature is something interesting for you. You will able to handle more than one company from the same login & screen. After a successful Login, all you need to do is select the company and all the data for that company will be available in a snap. In Paywell company wise & branch wise transaction access can be controlled through user rights.
Schedule important ReportsThere are tons of report available in Paywell. You can easily set up an email schedule to receive the reports you feel are important. The supervisor will no longer have to visit the HR for different kind of reports every now and then. Even the HR time will be saved as they don’t have to keep a note of sending the emails every coming day or week. Suppose a supervisor wants to know how many employees were present on the previous day and how many hours they worked he can schedule to receive it every day at 11:00 a.m.
Desktop punchCompany valuables given to employee can be trackedIt is possible that you might have a remote office where there are only 2-3 employees working and to invest in a biometric machine can be a little costly. This is where Paywell will resort you.D- Punch will track the working hours for the employees based on the time he was working on his desktop. As soon as the employee switches on his machine the check-in time will be logged and as soon he logs off his check-out time will be logged. All the valuable items of the company that is with the employee can be entered like the unique identification number, issue date, issuing Department, Issued by etc. When the employee is leaving the organization it can be known which items of the organization he was assigned and who he needs to submit those to complete the exit formalities. Paywell exit approver master will have information about who from which department is in the charge of the valuable item and the formalities that need to be completed when an employee is leaving the organization. Here in the given example For XYZ Ltd to get the approval from the accounts department the employee first need to get an approval from the responsible persons from the HR and IT. Once the approval has been made at the lower level than it will send for the final approval from the accounts department.
Meeting ManagementPaywell helps you to set up a client and department meeting with a lot of ease. It will send a meeting request to all the people who are required during the meeting. You can set the meeting schedule, decide on the meeting agenda, know how many have accepted or denied the invitation and do a lot more.
Control Over Employee PresentismThis module will help you maintain a minimum workforce on a particular day so that there is no hindrance in the ongoing work so that you are able to deliver the promised work to your client on given time. You can set the rules by yourself like the number of employees that should be present on a particular day, the number of leaves granted, their type and the number of leaves that can be availed all can be done from here. To understand this better suppose that you set the rule that at least 80% of your employees should be present on a day. You have 10 employees out of which two have already applied for the leave so the criteria are fulfilled. Now when a third person applies for the leave he will be forbidden to do that.
WorksheetIt’s necessary to keep a track of activities your employee is doing for the entire day. If you are not tracking this they will not have a sense of responsibility. They can easily make an excuse and to get out of the situation. Therefore the worksheet entry page is created where employee inputs all the activities he is undertaking throughout the day. Based on this you can also do the cost analysis as this module is synchronized with attendance management. If an employee doesn’t log his activities effectively he will be marked absent for the day by the system.
An extremely useful tool for cost analysisBesides all these features, Paywell will help you deal with the cost identification, cost minimization, and cost consequences associated with a project under consideration. Let us understand this with the help of an example: suppose if you are a manufacturing firm with 2 plants, 100 employees, and one corporate office then you divide the employee’s salary at 60% to plant 1 and 40% to plant 2. Once the salary is processed you can easily know the costing of Plant 1 and Plant 2 and how much contribution is coming from each plant. It also comes with School Payroll, which will do the cost analysis of a school based on class, subject, teacher, division stream etc. For example, for the 9th class, you can determine the cost of teaching maths. In fact, Paywell can also give you the flexibility of setting the time-table from the payroll system itself.
“E-punch” & “Share Your Location” feature in Paywell Employee Self Service AppIn the mobile app, they have the facility for E-Punch which will be extremely beneficial to track the working hours of an employee who is on some onsite trip. The E-punch facility will track the location of the employee automatically. If you feel like your employees are not where he should be you can ask him to share his location. The app is synchronized will Google maps, hence it will fetch the details of address that is registered within 300 meters of range. This address is not editable so you will exactly know where you employee is and there are no chances of him deceiving you. The App is easily available on both Android as well as IOS platforms.

4. Report Management Module

  • Report List Home Screen

Paywell Reporting Management

  • Report Data Selection Filter Screen

Paywell Report Data Filter Selection

  • Report Scheduler Screen

Paywell Report Scheduler Screen

  • Sample Salary Slip

Paywell Salary Slip

The Final Verdict

What we discussed about Paywell is just a drop of the ocean this software is a lot more than this. It has got everything you need to run your organization smoothly. It is designed in a way that it will fulfill the requirement of any type and size of the organization. So if you are looking for some revolutionary payroll tool then you should definitely give this one a chance. Its features and functionalities will definitely help you change the game of your business.

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