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Last updated: April 24, 2019

Data Storage is a risky business. Let’s face it! There is the ever-present risk of hackers breaking into your system and stealing confidential information. No company, regardless of its size or stature, is safe. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common.

What you need to secure your company’s data is a robust, super-secure digital asset management system that can stand its own when it comes to cybercriminals. Moreover, such a system should be lightweight, intuitive and above all, cloud-based, so that your employees can have the data they need at their fingertips.

The system described in the above paragraph is none other than ‘pCloud.’

pCloud is a cloud-based digital asset management platform that allows you to store, secure and share all your digital content – be it documents, videos, audios, and more – effortlessly. It is meant for both individuals and businesses. So, whether you manage a company or need a data storage platform for your freelance work, pCloud has got you covered.

What sets pCloud apart?

We see many new data storage and management solutions crop up with each passing day. But, what makes pCloud different?

  • Real-time Synchronicity

pCloud has a user-friendly interface that allows users to locate files quickly. Additionally, it also provides real-time synchronicity, i.e., any changes made to any data is immediately visible across every device and to every user.

  • Robust Security

The need for exceptional security is obvious when it comes to such a platform, but pCloud goes above and beyond the basics. It provides an additional layer file protection called ‘Crypto,’ which is meant for sensitive files. The files are encrypted locally on the user’s system and then uploaded onto the cloud, which means that no one, not even pCloud administrators can decrypt the data. 100% security and privacy are guaranteed with pCloud.

  • Linux Support

pCloud is one of the few cloud storage providers which support Linux. Even mega-popular solutions like Dropbox provide selective or limited Linux support, at best. pCloud is a boon for Linux users.

Salient Features of pCloud Digital Asset Management PlatformpCloud Family1. File Management

Of course, the main functionality of a data storage solution is file management. What’s excellent about pCloud is that it offers all the benefits of cloud storage at a speed that’s 5x that of its competitors. Additionally, it’s desktop app acts as a virtual HDD, which allows users to access and work with content in the cloud without using any local space.

web interface pCloud

Access is easy, no matter which device you are using – desktop, mobile or tablet. Files are easy to manage, with quick search and filter options
pCloud has no size and speed restrictions; you can upload files of any size at the maximum speed possible.
As for storage limitations, there are none. You can upload any files, even if they are gigantic HD videos. Uploading and downloading is solely dependent on your internet speed.

2. File Sharing

pCloud makes file sharing and collaboration with other users seamless, whether or not they use pCloud. You can invite users to share folders, and set permissions to View or Edit. Suspend or modify the permission any time you want. If you’re going to share a file for a public audience, you can merely generate a download link that anyone can access. Similarly, you can create upload links that allow people to upload documents directly to your pCloud. The Public Folder on this platform even enables you to generate upload and download links which can then be shared with anyone.

Make file sharing simultaneously effortless and secure with pCloud.

pCloud for iOS3. Branded links

What are Branded links?

You can easily share a single file, or a bunch of files and folders with someone through a Download link and also give people download permissions to the content.

Just a simple link is not enough to make a strong impression on your audience. That is why we created Branded links.

When you turn on Branding, you can leave your Brand’s footprint.What is a Branded Download link

When people click on your Branded link, they will be sent to a page which can have your unique signature- you can add your Brand’s logo or an album cover for example. You can have your Headline which defines the content you are sharing, and its description- You can even make a business card by adding your contact details, or you can tell your brand’s story in short.

4. Encryption + Security

As mentioned before, it makes sure to provide top-of-the-class security. It uses TLS/SSL encryption. Safety is the priority at pCloud, so at any point, your files are stored on at least three server locations. If you feel the need for an additional layer of security, you can subscribe to pCloud Crypto. It provides client-side encryption, which means that no one except you will have the keys to the files stored in the cloud. These files never leave your device without encryption.

Fun fact: pCloud challenged hackers from all over the world (including those from MIT, Berkeley, etc.) to break into pCloud Crypto, and they failed. You can rest assured that pCloud’s security layers are unbreakable.


The service uses AES 256-bit file and folder encryption, an advanced, reliable algorithm that remains a standard used by many governments and organizations. This is an algorithm also used in many cloud solutions like Dropbox, Google One or iCloud.

Consumers also benefit from private key encryption in 4096-bit RSA. These allow user authentication and decryption of secure data. As a reminder, the RSA 4096-bit standard is beyond the recommendations of the ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) in terms of data protection.

The company also announces a backup of the files on at least three different servers to ensure their integrity in case of failure.

To go further, pCloud offers the pCloud Crypto tool available in a 14-day free trial, by subscription (5 € monthly or 48 € annual) or a lifetime-purchase- 125 €. This feature built into mobile and desktop applications makes your data even safer. Through an additional layer of security to the data with client-side encryption; the keys are only available to the user and are not uploaded or stored on servers. Even pCloud as a service provider is not able to view your files.

The company even had fun with a community challenge that involved hacking Crypto’s encryption key for a reward of 100,000$. After six months and 2860 participants, no one was able to cut their service.

  • 2-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication also referred to as two-step verification is a method of confirming user’s identity by asking password along with providing some additional information when he logs into pCloud. When someone learns your password, the two-factor authentication restricts them from accessing your pCloud account.

5. Synchronization + Backup

Businesses, as well as individual users, need to make sure that their files are always backed up, in case a certain device goes missing. With pCloud, you can synchronize instantly between the storage platform and multiple devices. Simply set the required parameters for data syncing and pCloud Drive will perform the synchronization automatically.

Backup is seamless: turn on the Automatic Upload feature, your mobile data will be backed up to the cloud instantly from then on. Similarly, pCloud Drive backs up data from the folders you’ve selected on your PC. Even if something happens to your device, you won’t lose your data. It is safely backed up with pCloud, without you having to pay anything extra.

6. Integrations

Lastly, pCloud provides numerous integrations, which is crucial for a good digital asset management system today. First off, there are social integrations with apps like Facebook and Instagram. So you can back up photos with the click of a button. You can have custom integrations with the platform’s API offerings, and it is in the process of developing various plugins for other platforms as well! You can even back up your WordPress website, including all its media and files with pCloud.
Photographers, here’s your catch!
You can now upload your latest image edits directly to pCloud and also share them instantly with the export plugin for Lightroom. This is done with the help of Lightroom’s export interface.
pCloud’s Adobe Lightroom plugin is available for Windows as well as MacOS.

7. Embedded Music Player

Unlike other cloud providers, pCloud offers embedded Audio Player that can play your favorite songs as soon as you upload them on its platform. You can create your playlists or play songs in Shuffle or Repeat mode.

Music player

No matter where you store these songs, it automatically saves them in the Audio Section. There are two ways of uploading the audio files – you can either use the Upload section or drag and drop it.

You are even facilitated to sync the audio contents from your smartphone to the web via pCloud Sync.

Thus, you can have fun with the Audio Player while editing.

8. Pricing Plans

1. Lifetime Plan

pCloud offers two Lifetime plans – Premium & Premium Plus.


Premium Plan offers you with lifetime 500GB storage space. With this, you can share large files regularly without any hassles.

Some remarkable features of this plan include:

  • 500GB Download link traffic
  • Usage of the owner’s storage space in case of shared folders
  • Personalize Download link for branding
  • Access to trash history of 30 days

Premium Plus

In this plan, you get lifetime 2TG storage space. If you require sharing huge files daily, this plan is for you.

Along with such a big storage space, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Download link traffic of up to 2TB
  • Download link branding with your title image, headline, and description
  • For shared folders, usage of only owner’s storage space
  • Track and restore files of up to past 30 days from Trash

2. Family Plan

You can enjoy lifetime secure storage with just a single payment. To avail of this benefit, you can buy the pCloud Family Plan. This plan enables you to share up to 2TB lifetime storage with any of your five family members. Moreover, it preserves your as well as your family members privacy by providing personal space. It enables you to select the amount of storage each family member can have.

Well, there’s more striking benefits associated with the pCloud for Family:

  • Access to 2TB Download Link traffic.
  • The folders that are shared use only storage space of the owner.
  • Track as well as restore older versions of the files that are on your pCloud account. This file accounts to last 30 days.

You can make use of this plan if you run a startup or a small scale business that involves about five employees.


As of now, it would be clear that pCloud is an excellent choice for your data storage and management needs, whether you’re an individual or you run a business. Get top-notch security, seamless synchronization and comfortable sharing for each one of your files. Collaborate with team members and friends in a secure environment; you never have to worry about data breaches on its servers.

pCloud is the digital asset management assistant you’ve been looking for! For more info about its features, visit its profile on SoftwareSuggest or go to the pCloud website.

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