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Last updated: May 3, 2019

Technology has a tremendous impact on the world we live in. From recycling waste and reusing spaceships to redefining the Human Resources paradigm, technology has revolutionized every industry.

In the past, HR was typically considered to be a non-innovative area in which people are hired or fired and where decisions related to salaries are made. But, with the evolution of the industry, Human Resource Management has identified talent retention, competitive compensation, and employee engagement as the human capital challenges of tomorrow. As a result of these challenges, we have seen a surge in innovation in HR departments across a range of organizations. Moreover, the role of HR has also undergone a major shift.

The utilization of digital tools and apps allows organizations to transform the HR function so as to facilitate continuous innovation. This is where the PeopleForce HR Management solution comes into play.


PeopleForce is a straightforward and scalable HR solution that supports an HR department in managing the entire workforce, along with employee-related issues and activities. It is a central system that covers almost all HR management operations. Employees can check their schedules, request time off, find out which team members will be on leave in the near future, and more.

Salient Features of PeopleForce HR Software

1. Recruitment

PeopleForce uses a Kanban-style Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to assist the HR team in posting job openings and creating hiring teams.

The system allows an applicant’s complete profile to be accessible to HR and hiring members. HR can import as well as export an applicant’s CV and a cover letter. The hiring team can provide feedback and a rating for each candidate. Thus, HR is freed from the task of sending the same application to multiple people and taking their follow-ups.

ATS dashboard

The system also keeps track of the hiring stage and updates the hiring team regarding any changes in a candidate’s status via email.

PeopleForce offers specific access permission control, in which sensitive information connected with a candidate, such as the desired salary, is visible only to the HR team. It also eases the task of sending manual feedback by providing the facility to upload the feedback template and then select the candidate to whom it should be sent. The system will automatically complete the rest of the procedure.

2. Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding is the process of integrating newly hired employees into the company and its culture. From completing the necessary paperwork to creating a new Gmail account, onboarding requires a lot of work.

PeopleForce delivers the ultimate flexibility of creating personalized onboarding workflows. The HR team can add onboarding tasks and assign responsibility to the employees concerned. The designated employees will receive a notification about their onboarding tasks whenever any new candidate is hired. The same procedure applies to offboarding workflows.  

peopleforce ats

Furthermore, PeopleForce allows a job offer template to be set up for the selected candidates. Once the candidate to whom it should be sent has been selected, the system will perform the rest of the procedure.

3. Time-Off Tracking

PeopleForce maintains a log of leave and PTO (paid time off) for all the employees of an organization. It enables employees to request leave (sick leave, without-pay leave) in a click. The employee’s line manager is notified of the leave approval and the leave balance is calculated automatically.

The system’s intuitive dashboard lets everyone see who is on leave and for what reason.


4. Reports

PeopleForce’s reporting software allows the generation of detailed reports of any data from the core HR system. From age and gender reports and headcount to employee satisfaction, reports give valuable insights that facilitate the decision-making process. All reports are easily exported to Excel and .csv format for your future reference if needed.

  • Headcount Reporting

Headcount refers to the number of people employed in a specific organization. PeopleForce lets the HR team generate a monthly headcount report in no time.

peopleforce headcount report

  • Capacity Report

In order to undertake any project, it is essential to know if the organization has sufficient resources. Gathering this information manually can be a time-consuming process. PeopleForce relieves HR of this burden. It generates a detailed capacity report for the company that enables an organization to take decisions quickly when embarking on large projects.

peopleforce capacity report

  • Employee Satisfaction (eNPS)

The HR team can send Employee Net Promoter Score surveys to employees. When the employees fill out these surveys, their anonymous feedback is accumulated in a single dashboard. From here, management can analyze the feedback to make informed decisions for the benefit of the employees and improvement of the organization.

peopleforce enps

5. Project Management

PeopleForce tracks projects against time and budget. The organization can provide the clients with their own login credentials so that they can see how the project is progressing, the time that is being invested in particular areas, and billing details.

peopleforce project cost

PeopleForce also offers integration with project management tools like Jira, Trello, and Azure DevOps. Employees just need to select the tool they are working on from the dropdown list when they add any item in the PeopleForce timesheet. PeopleForce automatically imports the employees’ tasks from Jira or Trello and updates time spent on those accordingly.

peopleforce jira integration

6. Calendar and Directory

The HR calendar keeps track not only of employee absence but also of upcoming important events, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.

Calendar month list view

As the company grows, the number of employees increases. It becomes difficult to remember who is working in which department. So, PeopleForce provides a directory where every employee’s details, such as name, role in the company, probation period, etc. are stored. Any employee’s contact details can be immediately accessed via this directory. The employee directory also stores information about employees’ billable rates, compensation and employment history, certificates and licenses, and skills. PeopleForce’s detailed permission control makes sure that any sensitive information is available only to those employees and departments that are permitted to access it.

peopleforce employee directory

PeopleForce can help automate an organization’s routine processes and set HR free to look into more creative tasks. PeopleForce has a dedicated customer support service to make sure that your experience with PeopleForce is smooth and that any technical issues are resolved in a timely manner. PeopleForce is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, so it does not have to be installed. The system remains updated and available to all your employees, irrespective of where they are located. PeopleForce also has its own mobile application, which allows you to take the HR system with you, wherever you go.

We hope we have kindled your interest. For more details about PeopleForce, you can visit their website or profile on SoftwareSuggest.

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