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Last updated: April 13, 2021

In the modern world, the advancement in technology is usually labeled as being a blessing to humans, and why not? You can connect and stay in touch with your loved ones on the internet no matter where they might be in the world. You can search anything and everything online free of cost. You can sell your products online. The list goes on.

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But where this progress is termed as a blessing by some, for some it’s a curse.

Let me give you an example. For an author who has spent hours writing original content, it is a blessing as no one can copy and post their work as their own, but what about those who are using the easy way out and copying pre-existing text? Well, this is the category for which advancement in technology is nothing less than a curse as they can’t steal someone else’s work anymore.

Now I won’t waste your time and bore you by giving your dictionary meanings of plagiarism. We all know what it is. Remember how cheating from someone’s paper or any other means in the classroom was considered unethical and the cheater was punished? Well, the same rules apply in all fields online. If you have been found “cheating” someone else’s work and posing it as your own, then boy are you in trouble.

Today the internet is being blamed for the increase in the practice of plagiarism, especially amongst the students. I am a teacher, and my sole purpose of writing this post is to educate students about all the falls in the category of plagiarism, and this seemingly harmless practice is a serious offense and can have grave consequences for them.   

So what is it that they can do to steer clear of this vice? Well, I have the answer to that. I would highly recommend using plagiarism checker, not only the students but to all the teachers. Plagiarism checker tool runs a plagiarism check on all the assignments and papers submitted by users.

Let’s talk about how it works!

How does A Perfect Plagiarism Checker Works?

A perfect plagiarism checker cross checks all papers against numerous paper databases, and if they have used someone else’s papers as their own, then they do not escape the plagiarism check.

Fret not if you are not a computer whiz! Using DupliChecker plagiarism checker is fairly easy, even for a computer novice. You have three options available to you. First, you can directly upload the content in the big rectangle box. Second, you can click the button that says “Upload file” and last but not the least you can paste a website address in the box that says URL. Then click “check plagiarism.”

The result doesn’t show just a yes or no. It shows the exact percentage of plagiarism. If the uploaded content is unique and plagiarism free, then it will say 100% unique. If the material has been plagiarized then the result will show not only the percentage of plagiarism, but it will also list the site from where the work has been copied. For checking further content, just click “Try another search” and follow the same procedure.

  •    Free plagiarism checker

Also, DupliChecker is absolutely free. You do not need to register/sign up. This plagiarism checker is free of cost which is a relief for me as I have to check several papers on a regular basis. Even though my job pays well, if I had to pay for every work checked for plagiarism then id surely be left broke. It is an excellent choice especially for students to check plagiarism in their work free of cost. 

  •    Checks for grammatical errors

Apart from plagiarism it also does a grammar check. This is a Godsend for all students. They can do a grammar check alongside a plagiarism check.

Bottom Line

In short, whether you are a teacher or a student a perfect plagiarism checker can be the best thing for you. Log on to DupliChecker and regardless of whether you are a teacher or a student, relax and leave your plagiarism worries behind.

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