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Last updated: February 5, 2021

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Organizations in the performance marketing industry must monitor critical metrics like Conversion Rate (CR), Click-through Rate (CTR), eCPM, and RPC to optimize their campaign performance. At present, it is quite challenging to make changes manually in any of these metrics.  This is why you need an automation tool to help optimize your metrics based on your set rules.

Nowadays, there are many tracking software providing automation tools, but they are based on CR only. However, Offer18 makes a difference by taking you to the next generation with its Offer Marketing Automation tool

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What is Offer18?

Offer18 is a Premium Performance Marketing Solution for Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies with professional tracking capabilities. Offer18 helps digital professionals create their affiliate network, optimize their campaign performance, and utilize every bit of their traffic sources to generate better ROI using advanced in-built technology tools.

Offer18 is specially built for performance marketers to track, analyze, optimize, and automate their campaign performance. It is the most flexible SaaS platform with a market presence for a long time in Performance Marketing. Its services are more cost-effective with better features and a commitment to adding new technologies that might be lacking in other services providers.Offer Automation

How is Offer automation from Offer18 different?

Offer automation supports campaign management based on variations in metrics of gross and unique clicks, conversions, CR, CTR, eCPM, and many more. With this automation tool, you can be updated to get notified regarding set traffic or campaign criteria, plus it is relatively easy to use.

Now here is how it works:

  • Start by setting rules based on different metrics. 
  • Block-level can work on Offer Level, Affiliate Level, and Sub Affiliate Level.
  • Status can be kept Active or stopped. 
  • You can select advertiser, multiple offers, Affiliates, and Sub affiliate parameters as per block level. 
  • You can select the threshold – A specific number from which you want your automation rule to start working based on conversions, clicks, and impressions.
  • The data look-back can be set from 1 hour to 24 hours, which will be the duration of time for which you want your data to get checked.
  • You can also schedule a time, which implies that once your campaign is paused. You can choose what time you want your offer to resume. 
  • You can set a time duration for which you want to keep your rule running. 
  • You can set minimum and maximum values for comparing the field based on which you want to put your rule, i.e., CR, CTR, clicks, conversions, etc. You can even choose to compare types, whether you wish to keep metrics value less than a minimum value, or not between a minimum and maximum, between a minimum and maximum, and more significant than a maximum value. 
  • You can whitelist multiple offers, affiliates, and sub source. 
  • Once your campaign is paused, you can choose when you want your offer to be resumed from the configuration option and opt to be notified over mail and submit.

Benefits of Offer18 

With Offer18, you can utilize your traffic effectively without any need for monitoring. It offers enhanced reporting and provides visibility of real-time performance insights through various intelligent filters. Along with them, it provides features such as:

Anti-Fraud: With Offer18 you can ensure that no malicious traffic remains undetected. This includes blacklists, whitelists, antifraud, and tokens. The fraud detection tool can easily recognize and differentiate fraudulent traffic and fake leads or conversions and provide you alerts for actions required. 

Multiple-targeting & Event Tracking: Offer18 helps you target your audience most efficiently using its powerful targeting features. You can target customers across different languages, geographies, operating systems, and carriers, ensuring that your campaigns have the best reach. You can also create custom goals and events per campaign with Offer18 and check each campaign event’s conversion and goal.

Smart Offer: Using this feature, you can create intelligent URLs that track your traffic. These URLs also help distribute traffic based on individual criteria of though weighted traffic splitters.

Security and Scalability: Offer18 helps you create, customize, and manage several events at once with equal precision without the need for maintaining any infrastructure. All your data is secured and encrypted, ensuring that you can handle multiple campaigns smoothly with greater control and safety.

Better Reports: Offer18 allows you to use your previous campaigns and analytics reports and compare them for a clearer view of how you are advancing each day. You can track each campaign’s and affiliate’s performance, helping you understand how much each of them has contributed to your business’ growth. This allows you to make better business decisions and change strategies upon detecting flaws.

Offer 18’s white label ability allows users to promote their brand and infinite stability helps them grow their business. That’s why the leading brands show their trust and continuously migrate from their existing technology providers to Offer18.

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