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Last updated: July 14, 2021

Since the past decade, several organizations have shifted towards digitization to keep pace with the growing competition. While most of these companies are reaping the benefits of digitization in the form of greater productivity and control, several others are still struggling to streamline their processes. This is especially true for document-intensive processes that require quick capturing, sharing, and approval of thousands of documents daily.

Even today, organizations throughout the world are trying their best to simplify their digital documentation, storage, compliance, migration, and approval processes. However, the entire process of document management and maintenance is quite complicated to be handled manually. This is why several Document Management Software (DMS) are being developed with advanced features that ensure better compliance, monitoring, and accountability.

Though several industries now make use of DMS solutions, they are also quite used in highly secure and regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturing, and healthcare. In such cases, the document management solution needs to be integrated with their Quality Management System (QMS) and validated for intended usage. 

Six Features of DMS

No matter the intended use, all modern DMS solutions must have the following 6 features:

1. Advanced Document Search

Any organization dealing with thousands of documents daily needs to be able to search for files easily and effortlessly. Hence the DMS in use must allow them to search and filter documents through various parameters like projects, departments, tags, document type, date, etc.

2. Easy Implementation & Usage

Organizations prefer solutions that require minimum training for their staff and are implemented easily. If the UI design is simplistic in nature and easy to understand, adaptability improves drastically. The DMS should also be able to work with the organization’s existing systems and help modernize them further. Additionally, it must support a variety of file types, allow users to preview files without downloading, and allow users to access files on the move.

3. Easy Integrations

A DMS without integrations is just a storage unit. An effective DMS tool must align itself according to your organizational workflow and ensure compliance. Integration with applications like Dropbox and MS OneDrive helps in easy syncing of files in real-time, mitigates file misplacement, and boosts productivity.

4. Customizable Permissions & Security

Most firms on the lookout for DMS tools want a highly secure solution that improves visibility of actions, provides a record of each alteration and boosts confidentiality. This means having separate user roles and permissions for viewing, editing, downloading, etc. On one hand, the application must allow users to do their jobs and get the necessary approvals, while on the other, it must ensure that only the right set of individuals can perform a set of actions designated to them.

5. Digital Trail & Control

As mentioned above, most organizations need DMS solutions that help them in versioning documents and tagging them to other users. Along with features like stamps, audit trails, and locking, functionalities like ‘Change Of Control’ (used in multi-user QMS approval) are also becoming a necessity.

6. Compliance with FDA (21 CFR Part 11) & ISO 13485:2016 guidelines

Both local and international guidelines for document management in pharmaceuticals state the need for advanced regulatory and compliance measures. This includes having a QMS vault and verified authorizations. Documents once approved must be locked up safely in the DMS, only to be seen by the designated authorities. This ensures that all modifications are traceable (with historical logs and reports) and original documents of all types are protected.

Until very recently, there was a severe dearth of applications that could offer all the above features in one solution. As a result, many businesses have encountered revenue losses due to document misplacement, version deletions, and improper monitoring. 

Thankfully, today, a few advanced document management and monitoring solutions help organizations process, tag, store, move, track, and modify large sets of documents with great ease. This review will focus on docEdge DMS — a highly innovative digital document management system that has garnered much praise from around the globe due to its innovative modules, thoughtful features, and user-friendly UI.

Introduction to docEdge DMS

PERICENT’s docEdge DMS is a All-In-One Power-packed document management system) designed to help organizations streamline their documentation process and manage them on the go while ensuring compliance. This paperless document processing software helps you handle business documents and aligns them with your company’s workflow for a truly digital experience.

Document Management System

docEdge DMS works both as a cloud and on-premise software to help organizations eliminate all paperwork while facilitating safe storage and quick retrieval. The software enables you to process both paper-based and electronic documents with equal ease while keeping track of their modifications. In addition, this multilingual solution can manage documents in bulk and offers timely notifications to the appropriate authorities to accelerate approvals.


docEdge DMS helps multiple individuals collaborate on the same document simultaneously and keeps track of each edited version. It offers role-based access to records, and all logs are stored digitally. In addition, this tool can work with multiple repositories and folders to help organizations automate the movement of files between different folders depending upon their status, importance, or utility.

You can create, share, preview, search and store multiple file formats and templates in docEdge and merge or split them according to your needs. You can also add specific document workflows, assign files to individuals based on their organizational roles/responsibilities, and configure rules for different departments. docEdge DMS also lets you generate QR codes for specific folders, which can be pasted on docs for better discoverability.

docEdge Public

PERICENT’s docEdge DMS offers QR code and OCR support along with ‘Hot Folders’ for easy and error-free document uploads. The solution swiftly integrates with your email and a host of other applications to offer a seamless document management experience.

docEdge DMS is also HIPAA compliant, making it ideal for healthcare and life sciences companies. However, it can be utilized by any type of organization to simplify their documentation process.

Intrigued already? We haven’t discussed the best features yet!

Best Features of docEdge DMS

Now that we have a fair idea about what docEdge DMS is, let us delve deeper to discover some of its best features that make it truly remarkable:

1. Document Scanning & Capture

As mentioned previously, docEdge DMS helps you capture files from multiple sources like emails, desktop/mobile devices, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. It supports various scanner types and enables all the contents of a document to be searchable.

docEdge DMS

Thus while searching documents, you are not restricted to searching by file names only but can also search using its content for quick retrieval. Additionally, its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes finding documents much easier. The following image shows the various methods by which docEdge DMS can capture files.

docEdge DMS can be integrated to automatically capture files generated from SAP or ERP reports. Documents can also be searched using metadata or indexed by date, author, source, etc. It also features a zonal OCR functionality that allows you to download any particular portion of a document and mark, highlight, hide or sign it.

docEdge Scanning and Capturing

2. Document classification & tagging

Using docEdge DMS, documents can be classified into various categories. Files can easily be segregated by type, client, department, and control using its intelligent classification features. Not only does it offer controlled access to documents, but docEdge DMS also detects document types and organizes them according to their characteristics. You can also add notes, add subtasks or delegate them to other users.

3. Intelligent Search & Indexing

docEdge DMS helps you to customize your search greatly to yield the desired results. You can search documents by their name, contents, author, title, tags, etc., and add exceptions to your search. Not only does the software consider semantics for text-based searches to showcase the most appropriate results, but it also lets you use various indexes for narrowing down your search results.

docEdge Search and Indexing

4. Notifications & Subscriptions

docEdge DMS ensures the security of your business documents by providing instant alerts and notifications on every change made to documents or files mapped to you. Even when a document is moved to a different folder/subfolder, you are instantly aware of the same through your registered email ID. You can also add reminders for pending approvals to ensure that no deadlines are missed.

docEdge Notifications and subscriptions

5. Customizable Workflows

With docEdge DMS, you can significantly customize who or where your documents go to and when. You can create workflows, schedules, and approval steps for different departments and view the status of documents in real-time. docEdge DMS tracks and displays workflow history for each file and provides clear visibility of each alteration done at any given time. Different teams can configure roles for themselves and create their own approval cycles for greater efficiency.

6. Simplified Auditing

PERICENT’s docEdge DMS empowers organizations by ensuring that documents have clearly laid out workflows and access rights. Besides searching for documents using different criteria, you can also escalate approvals, get alerts on process deviations and manage exceptions digitally using docEdge. Moreover, the software presents the entire document cycle before you to ensure that none of the changes made miss your sight.

7. Storage & Archiving

Besides ensuring that your business documents are never accidentally deleted, docEdge DMS ensures that all older files are kept safely for the long haul. The system can be configured to store files with encryption which can be retrieved later. You can also create custom document renaming and retention policies for old documents.

docEdge Storage and Archive

8. Multi-tenancy

docEdge DMS allows multiple users to collaborate on the same document and allows numerous instances/departments within their servers to have their separate document database. The super-admin user can manage multiple such departments, customize user access (for viewing, editing, and document downloads), transfer information into different databases, and manage multiple user groups simultaneously.

9. Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are highly advanced and secure electronic signatures that confirm the signer’s identity and authenticity for the documents signed. docEdge ensures user authenticity by offering unique and encrypted signatures that are trusted for compliance and verifiable.

docEdge Digital Signature

10. docEdge Mobile applications

docEdge DMS also has both iOS and Android applications that connect with its central repository. Using mobile applications, you can add, edit, view, download, and search documents on the move with enterprise-class security. Even when you are traveling, you can take a snapshot of any physical document using your camera and upload the same to the central repository in seconds.

Apart from the above benefits, docEdge DMS comes with API integration and an attractive one-time payment mode, which has made it all the more popular.

USPs of PERICENT’s docEdge DMS

docEdge DMS offers several innovative features that set it apart from others and put it in a league of its own. They are as follows:

1. Dashboard

docEdge DMS offers a simple yet powerful dashboard using which you can easily monitor all your document-related activities. You can search for documents easily through several search filters and can perform multiple operations through it conveniently.

2. Annotations

docEdge DMS enables you to collaborate with different team members by highlighting and commenting on various parts of a document. It allows you to add annotations in different file formats and delegate them to your teammates by mentioning them directly in specific portions of a file.

3. Stamps

With docEdge DMS, you can create custom stamps with dynamic text for quick document signing or approvals. You can customize these stamps with colors, text, and coordinates for better branding and easy recognition.

4. Auto-Naming

docEdge DMS also has an auto-naming feature that allows it to name documents based on the folder they are placed in, the date/time, department, or user creating it. This improves discoverability and prevents important digital documents from getting misplaced.

5. Retention Policies

Another useful feature of docEdge DMS is that it allows you to create customer compliance as per your organizational policies. You can define policies for a specific group or type of documents, and schedule actions as per policies using its Retention Policy tool. This helps you optimize storage and performance and manage files better throughout their lifecycle.

6. Comprehensive File Permissions

With docEdge, you can configure comprehensive role-based access for different files. You can choose which users would be able to view, edit, import, print, download, rename, delete, sign and comment on each document to enhance data security.

7. Document Generation & Online Editing

docEdge DMS allows you to generate different types of file formats directly within the application. It allows you to work with all major document formats like .doc, .XLS, .ppt, .pdf., .TXT, .pdf, .zip, .rar, .vcf, .jpg, .svg, .MP4, .flv, .wma, etc. Additionally, it allows you to modify them on the go with online editing.

8. Auto-Versioning

docEdge allows you to track and maintain each version of a particular document automatically. Even the minutest changes are kept track of by the system to ensure that no modifications go unnoticed. For documents having attached files, docEdge creates double versioning to ensure that even attachments are stored safely. It also enables you to add notes for each new version for easier recalling.

9. eSigning

docEdge DMS allows you to go completely paperless through its eSigning feature. It enables you to add your signature digitally to documents for better verification and easier approvals.

10. Complete File Support

Using docEdge DMS, you can easily process, approve, reject, delegate, sign and assign documents. You can create custom workflows for multiple departments and choose where and who your files are routed to after each level of approval. This automates approval processes completely, saving time and improving organizational efficiency.

11. Folder Rules

Just like documents, you can also configure document checklist maker and checker rules for each folder in docEdge DMS. The assigned maker and checker would receive notifications according to the configuration.

The Final Verdict

docEdge DMS software has an array of compelling features that make it a highly useful application for digital document processing and management. It allows users to create, modify, share, track and delegate documents with great ease and precision. It offers easy scanning and storage for a variety of document types and ensures that all their versions are kept track of. 

The above features make docEdge DMS a must-have application for any organization dealing with complex documentation workflows or bulk document processing. We discovered no shortfalls in the software and are therefore inclined to give PERICENT’s docEdge DMS a ‘perfect ten considering its features, usability, and innovation.

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