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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Personalized marketing is the current trend. In fact, you cannot ignore its importance since the contemporary digital customer prefers customized content and data-driven campaigns that address their goals and interests.

According to research, leading brands use 50% more data-targeting and segmentation as compared to those industries that are not performing well in the market.

In fact, if you target buyers with personalized marketing, they are more likely to promote your products on their social media handles. And since so many shoppers prefer online shopping, customization is the norm of the day.

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Personalized marketing, as the name suggests, involves customized, targeted campaigns, curated after capturing meaningful customer data. When you combine vital information from buyer profiles with attractive ad campaigns, you successfully send individualized emails, SMS, products, and experiences, which cater to the customer demands.

For instance, a simple step such as addressing the user by his/her name goes a long way in generating a personal connection as compared to more generic communication.

With the investment in the right technology, software, and algorithms, you can better analyze and collect data. Then you can curate specific content and offers targeted to individual shoppers. The results? When people see the items they want being displayed more on their profiles, they spend less time and effort in searching for products they need. This leads to increased customer loyalty, retention, and acquisition. 

In order to make it easier for you to understand the several benefits of personalized marketing, below we have outlined 10 brilliant examples of brands that have taken customization to another level.

10 Brilliant Personalized Marketing Examples

1. Target

Whenever anyone purchases for the first time in Target or even interact with the brand, he or she is issued a Guest ID number. This particular number is then used to store important data, which includes the buyer’s demographic information, his/her ethnicity, employment details, and history. The number is then further utilized to keep a track of the person’s buying habits. 

In one case, the marketing department of Target was able even to create a “pregnancy prediction” score, which would point toward which ladies were in the early stages of pregnancy. Remarkable right? Once this trend is established, Target utilizes its resources to target the customer with offers related to those items which the shopper is very likely to buy.

2. Amazon

Amazon obviously takes the center stage when it comes to personalized marketing. There is a tool called recommendation software, which sends suggestions to shoppers, based on their requirements and catering to their individual personalities.

This not only results in multiple impulse purchases but also compels buyers to place more than one order at a go. Amazon, with the application of this strategy, reported an almost 30% hike in sales the next year after they used the tool in the previous year.

personalized marketing

3. Marie Curie

Marie Curie implemented a campaign called The Great Daffodil Appeal that inspired customers to donate for a charity cause. This would then collect the donators’ geolocation data and interlined this with its own database of collection sites.

The step enabled marketing analysts to create a customized map containing the details of the supporter’s nearest collection sites. As a result, the brand then used targeted email campaigns based on collection history and former buying trends with Marie Curie. The strategy resulted in a steep rise in the number of new sign-ups that year.

personalized marketing

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4. Cadbury’s

Cadbury used a tactic that used the unlocked potential of personalized videos, a wonderful introduction by the social media giant Facebook. They gave shoppers an emptional glimpse of their past year moments with the brand and then spoke to customers about their personal preferences in chocolates. It went as far as to curate specific Dairy Milk flavors that would match the buyers’ information on their Facebook profiles.

When interested users decided to interact with Cadbury, an automatic clip would feature their personal info, including social photos and other details. The result? This remarkable campaign with a beautiful personal touch caused an increase of 65% in the click-through rate and resulted in a whopping 34% conversation rate.

5. Matsmart

Matsmart is a Sweden-based sustainable food retailer that used Facebook to promote awareness about its products. It segmented its target buyers and then introduced several campaigns that were divided as per demography.

The ads, featuring curated items according to customer profiles, led to a surge in revenue, that recorded an increase of over 80% to its last-year sales.

6. Starbucks

We all know how Starbucks takes up its personalized marketing efforts a notch with several innovative policies, such as issuing paper cups with the customer name. There is also its gamified mobile app which engrains the brand’s rewards system with shoppers being able to customize and order drinks through the application.

Buying history and locations are some of the information used by Starbucks to create this marvelous customized experience. After the launch of the reward system, the company’s sales increased to $2.56 billion.

Personalized Marketing

7. O2

O2, in its effort to realize the potential of personalized marketing, launched the ‘tariff refresh’ ad so as to generate more response from mobile users. The brand used data such as device location to come up with targeted messages for their buyers.

The customized marketing campaigns highlighted those stores which contained the users’ most-preferred items. This approach resulted in an increase of around 130% in their click-through rates.

Personalized Marketing

8. Netflix

If you are a Netflix addict, you must have seen the recommendation tab always showing you notifications about new shows or films that have recently landed on the platform. The streaming giant uses an algorithm to measure viewers’ watching history after which it sends out suggestions. Even its respective catalogs are curated to display those titles which a particular viewer is more likely to watch.

According to a statement by a Netflix employee, “This is yet another way Netflix differs from traditional media offerings: we don’t have one product but over 100 million different products with one for each of our members with personalized recommendations and personalized visuals.”

Personalized Marketing

9. Coca-Cola

You must have come across the popular ‘Share a Coke’ slogan from Coca Cola. This was a type of personalized marketing launched by the brand in 2012 that targeted to create an emotional connection among customers by spreading the love for the company.

They simply replaced the generic drink logo with individual names and then asked people to promote their love for friends and family with the hashtag #shareacoke. This resulted in a steep rise in revenue for the brand.

personalized marketing

10. EasyJet

EasyJet, in the wake of its 20th anniversary, introduced a personalized marketing campaign that focused on flier’s traveling past with the airlines. They launched an email campaign that requested customers to share individual stories, which included their itineraries with EasyJet.

The messaging also went a step further to ask them about the next destination in their minds. This led to enhanced open rates and more click-through rates.

personalized marketing


As you can see, the right approach to personalized marketing can reap remarkable benefits. All you need to do is to devise the correct strategies in order to gather the relevant data.

Once you have the information, you can use data-driven, personalized marketing campaigns to attract customers by stressing on their interests, purchase history, and browsing trends. With constant improvement and optimization, you can take your venture to the next level.

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