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Last updated: May 15, 2021

Photography is a field meant for passionate professionals that have an eye for detailed visual storytelling. Why should talented photographers waste time in preparing payment invoices when they can be focusing on their craft?

Well, nowadays there are many free photography invoices that are available for download and can save busy photographers tons of time and effort. These templates are tailor-made for the photography business and are available in Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

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The best part about using free downloadable invoices is that there is no need for photographers to start from scratch to charge their clients and get paid on time. The photographers can easily make minor modifications and send the invoice to a client – it’s a valuable document that main purpose is to notify clients to pay a monetary amount for the services that have been rendered.

Photographers can utilize structured invoicing software where they can manage, edit, and modify invoices with ease. Many tech-savvy photographers also use accounting software to manage invoice templates and finances in an organized manner.

Types of Photography Invoice Templates

Creating the perfect invoice may seem to be daunting for photographers, but having access to downloadable convenient blueprints makes it much easier. However, just like in other industrial fields, here to it is far easier to categorize work in domains so that you can use a customized photography template, depending on the nature and scope of the project.

If you are a budding photographer, the volume of free photography invoice templates may overwhelm you. It’s important to know what you want so that your invoice creates a great first impression on clients. Here’s a compilation of the best invoice templates for photographers that are free to use, and edit:

1. Freelance


There is a lot of demand for freelance photographers that work independently. Freelance photographers pick up projects of their choice and are not bound by working with anyone specific organization.

Having the right invoice tool for freelancers is a great asset, as it allows them to bill clients as soon as their work is completed. Clients can showcase their work on social media, and leave positive reviews so that freelance photographers can get more business through positive word-of-mouth publicity.

Format: Word

Download Freelance Template

2. Event Photography


Nowadays most people want events such as social gatherings, occasions or corporate functions covered by a professional photographer. Event photography is an upcoming domain, and it is important for professionals to utilize a pre-build invoice template to charge their clients for hourly services or per-project rates.

An invoice template for an event photographer should allow them to fill details about the event and their pricing so that there is no confusion about the total amount generated.

Format: Excel

Download Event Photography Template

3. Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Capturing a bright vivid portrait is nothing less than a form of art. Portrait photography is a specialized domain and a separate emerging form of the craft.

Photographers charge their clients the actual cost of the portrait pictures, along with any other expenses incurred such as costumes, location, or frame size. An invoice template for portrait photography will help professionals demand the right compensation for all the hard work that goes behind creating the perfect portrait.

Format: Excel

Download Portrait Photography Template

4. Wedding Photography

Wedding Photograph

A wedding is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. Clients expect top-notch photography for weddings, as they do not want to compromise on quantity or quality of pictures.

Pre-built invoice templates for wedding photographers have the option of including the number of functions, coverage time, the total number of final proofs, and the option of online viewing of images.

Format: Word

Download Wedding Photography Template

5. Photography Services

photography services

Along with large-scale projects, there are many allied services that are performed by photographers. They edit photos or provide studio equipment for rental, all of which are chargeable services.

Invoice templates for photography services should allow photographers to provide a clear description of the service rendered and the associated costs. A free downloadable invoice template will help photography professionals clear dues at a faster pace in a professional manner.

Format: Word

Download Photography Services Template

6. Real-Estate Photography Services

Real Estate Template

Real-estate photography is coming up in a big way. Many companies hire the services of photographers to shoot pictures of properties or image portfolios of rooms.

Real-estate photography invoice templates should contain details about the client, the session details, and any other charges such as transport cost that has been incurred.

Format: Word

Download Real-Estate Photography Template

7. Photography Assistant Invoice Template

Photo Assistant Invoice

At times, it is not possible for photographers to adequately cover a large-scale function on their own, and they need to hire assistant workers. A photography assistant invoice is a document that informs that client about the various breakdown of costs that are associated with hiring an assistant.

The invoice for a photography assistant should contain a description of the project for which the employee was hired, hours of work performed, and the per hourly or total project rate.

Format: Word

Download Photography Assistant Invoice Template

8. Commercial Photography

commercial template

There is a heavy demand for the services of commercial photographers as they are able to create powerful visual images of brochures, magazines or business cards.

The commercial photography invoice template should contain the client information and the breakdown of costs for the final prints of the pictures. Sending out quick invoices can help commercial photographers get paid in time for projects and add credibility to their vast portfolio of work.

Format: Word

Download Commercial Photography Template

What to Include In Your Photography Invoice?

While it’s great for photographers that they have access to a range of free downloadable invoice templates that can be used to charge clients, one worrying aspect maybe the question of what should be included in a perfect invoice. They definitely do not want to annoy or lose clients due to inaccurate or incomplete information on your photography invoice.

Well, to help you ensure that you not missed out any vital detail, here is a checklist of some pointers to include in your photography invoice:

  • How to contact your photography agency or company for future work projects
  • Detailed payment instructions
  • Item-wise cost breakdown of what is owed for a completed project
    Total financial amount due
  • Date and sessions of the project/event


Photography is a skilled profession that demands immense time, commitment and passion. There is no way that photographers should waste their time on document preparation or administrative tasks when it can be avoided by using modern time-saving tools.

It is important for photography firms to have access to pre-build invoice templates that can be customized for any kind of photography assignment. The quality of your invoice document will have a major impact on your firm reputation as well as the long-term profit margin. So, make sure to try to utilize the best free photography invoice templates for successful image projection and happier clients.

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