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Last updated: July 5, 2021

Efficient management of critical work processes is the key to success in the current competitive business environment. All organizations need to get work done, and workflow automation can help them increase efficiency with proven ROI. 

Companies across the globe are moving towards automated platforms to help them manage business processes and approval flows. One such solution that is a market leader in its domain is Pipefy – an intelligent workflow automation system that standardizes processes, automates manual tasks and enables continuous improvement.

Pipefy is a comprehensive software that has been designed to bring together all organizational stakeholders in a unified platform. It enables your clients, partners, vendors, and internal teams to collaborate and streamline end-to-end processes in a single platform.

So let’s get to know what this application is about and what makes it ideal for all kinds of enterprises.

Introduction To Pipefy

Good workflow management can help you rise above the chaos and tackle your functional processes easily. Customized workflows are an invaluable asset for organizations as they reduce operating costs and cut down the time spent on manual tasks. Pipefy is all about powerful workflow automation. A leader in business process management, Pipefy was founded in 2015 to provide a solution to the inflexible and costly tools available in the market.


Pipefy is a powerful workflow management software that allows teams to have better control over their operations, centralize requests, and deliver fast results. Widely popular, Pipefy has a growing base of over 30K satisfied customers spread across 215 countries worldwide. Some of its prominent clients include Visa, Volvo, Santander, and Kraft Heinz.

Now that you are hooked let’s understand what makes Pipefy stand apart from other market competitors.

key differentiating factors

1. Fast Deployment

Pipefy is easily customizable, meaning its users can design customized business-specific processes in a couple of minutes!

2. Pre-Built Workflow Templates

Investing in Pipefy allows users to access pre-designed workflow templates for common processes – just customize them and get started!

3. Smooth Stakeholders Interaction

Pipefy allows external and internal stakeholders to input information for business processes and keep track of those requests even without a Pipefy account.

Interaction with Stake Holders

4. Data visualization

With Pipefy, it becomes easy to extract process data to track team’s efficiency, get insights to improve the  operation and make better decisions.

5. No-Code System

Pipefy is a no-code platform that empowers citizen developers  to deploy their own automated workflows even without technical skills.

6. Integrations

Pipefy enables you to build even more efficient workflows with more than 500 software integration options that ensure the automatic and error-proof transfer of information between parties.

In the next segment, we will be discussing the key functionalities of Pipefy to understand how it works better. So, let’s dive in and check out its features.

Key Features of Pipefy

Most organizations face challenges with unstructured communication and repetitive, time-consuming processes leaving them little time to focus on strategic goals. This results in employee disengagement and inefficient process management. Pipefy can help you tackle these problems with an array of innovative features that drive productivity.

With Pipefy, users can manage all sorts of business processes. The platform is flexible and works for a diverse range of departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Customer Service, Marketing, and many more. 

It offers a pre-built template library with ready-to-use workflows that incorporate the market’s best practices.

Pipefy is a leader in this space because of its unique features for all people involved in the process: from the ones who create a request to the manager overseeing the operation.

1. Requester View

Pipefy enables requesters to create submissions easily through emails, forms, and service portals. 

2. Public Forms

Public forms can help you interact with people who are not members of your organization but aid the process somehow. You can make the form accessible to ‘outsiders’ through either a shareable URL that will take you to a customized homepage or embed the form to your website landing page.

Pipefy Public Forms

The best aspect is that Pipefy enables users to completely customize public forms and share them to make them public. It is a fully standardized procedure that allows the form to be received by the analyst with all the information they need to start the process. 

3. Portals

Pipefy’s portals feature is a smart solution that enables organizations to unify and store requests in one central location. Simply put, it allows you to group forms from your teams’ processes in an organized way to avoid rework and save time.

With Pipefy, you can customize portals by adding the company logo and changing the background. It lets you display all service request information, policies, rules, and guidelines on a single page for quick access.

4. Request Tracker

Customers, employees and vendors can also follow the status of each request they opened. After submitting the form, the requester receives a link to track the live status of the request and take timely action.

pipefy Tracker

5. Agent View:

Once the service request has been created, it is received by the agent or analyst for quick response and action. Pipefy has numerous useful features to enhance agent efficiency and simplify workflows.

6. No-code automation

One of Pipefy’s most advanced features is automation to eliminate steps in processes that need not be performed manually to save time and reduce errors. With the automation feature, you can set up rules to trigger an action if a particular event occurs. It works on the simple ‘If-Then’ logic where if a predetermined event X happens, then a predetermined action Y will occur.

Let’s take an example of automation in your sales pipeline. You can set an automated process that every time a sale is closed and the card is moved to done, a new connected card will be created in accounts receivable. This will reduce work and instantly connect a closed sale with the accounts receivable transaction.

The automation rule works with triggers and actions. You can choose events based on a new card creation, or when a card is moved, a field is updated, or recurring activity. Various actions can be triggered, such as creating a new or connected card, moving a card, or updating a field value. Pipefy’s automation feature is a real winner as it removes repetitive work and reduces the possibility of human error.

7. Process Views

Pipefy allows agents to switch between pipe views to choose the one that suits their work mode best. With Pipefy, you can view processes on a Kanban board or a simple list view.

Kanban is the original pipe view that makes it easy to visualize processes and plan future actions. The Kanban board is a popular lean methodology tool with cards as items that can be moved through phases in an organized manner.

With Pipefy, you can easily customize every step of the process in the Kanban view. Right from naming the stages to applying automation rules and setting customized fields, Pipefy makes it super easy to use the Kanban view to identify bottlenecks and speed up processes.

Streamline Process

Agents can also apply the list view in Pipefy that takes all the information from the Kanban board and lists it into a stack of information. The list view works well for pipes with many stages and allows users to view consolidated details at a glance quickly.

8. Conditional Logic

One of Pipefy’s most useful features for analysts is applying field conditionals to various pipe forms and phases. This allows you to display or hide specific fields based on the value inserted in other fields.

Pipefy lets you apply conditional logic to start forms, public forms, and phases. It can be used to skip certain fields or ask for additional information based on the value entered in a previous field. Conditional fields are a smart way to increase the complexity in forms and phases to collect relevant data.

9. Integrations

Another feature that helps agent’s work is integrations. Pipefy allows users to orchestrate their operations from a single place. The integrations work in both ways, sending and receiving information from external software.

Pipefy integrates with more than 500 software, from complex ERP integrations to simpler daily software, such as G-suite and Docusign, automating the data flow and reducing the chance of errors

10. Manager View

As we know, a manager’s job always involves number crunching and drill-down analysis. Pipefy makes it easy for managers to make quality decisions by analyzing in-depth reports and checking out workflows in real-time dashboards.

11. Reports

With advanced reporting capabilities, Pipefy is the ideal tool for managers as it allows them to filter, combine, and analyze pipes data. Key decision-makers can easily extract information from various cards in the pipe in an organized spreadsheet format. With a user-friendly interface, Pipefy makes it easy for managers to create, edit, and store reports to access information whenever required.

The Pipefy reports feature can provide users a 360-degree view of organizational processes at every level. Managers can analyze the time spent at each pipe phase and check productivity. They can keep track of all the activities an employee is working on different pipes and generate key performance indicators for team members. Fully customizable, Pipefy reports can easily be exported in spreadsheet format to save time and seamlessly transfer information.

12. Dashboards

An invaluable tool for managers, Pipefy has clean and intuitive dashboards that allow you to display all vital process metrics. There is no need to plug-in third-party business intelligence apps – Pipefy is a comprehensive solution that lets you create customized charts and tables to visualize processes better.

pipefy Dashboard

With a simple no-code interface, Pipefy makes it possible for non-technical users to create smart dashboards to analyze real-time information. You can choose bar graphs, pie charts, pivot tables, or calendars to display data in a visual format. Dashboards can help users instantly understand their workflow performance and get in-depth insights to take proactive process improvement actions.

The Final Verdict

Pipefy is a smart user-friendly platform that enables users to orchestrate all operations from one source. Its most significant strengths are the no-code automation, that reduces manual and repetitive work, and the stakeholders interaction, that makes it easy for customers, employees and vendors to request and track their demands within the platform. 

Pipefy gets a definite thumbs up for its navigability and simplistic interface! It’s a holistic solution that provides services for $18 per user for a month, so you can check if it fulfills your operational requirement. So do try out Pipefy to automate your workflows and save time – it’s the best automation tool in the market and can exponentially increase your bottom-line performance!

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