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Last updated: March 26, 2021

Are your sales and marketing teams working in silos?

If yes, your organization needs to invest in customer relationship management technology! 

CRM serves as a unified repository for customer information that can be accessed by anyone in the organization – sales teams, marketing executives, tech support, or finance personnel. This empowers them to make better strategic decisions, ultimately leading to increased bottom-line results.

Today, multiple tools are available in the market that empowers your sales team to access real-time data and work smarter. While there are tons of deciding factors, here are a few winning ones –

  • You need to get a CRM that is reasonably priced. After all, you don’t want to overshoot your budget and eat into revenues!
  • Quick installation and low learning curve for widespread adoption by all important stakeholders.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface so that you don’t spend weeks or months training your sales teams.
  • Your CRM software should be designed to empower salespeople and make life easier for them, not more complex.
  • Customization plays a huge role in CRM platforms as every organization has its set of unique needs.

There’s fierce competition in the market, but one name that fulfils all these criteria and more is Pipeliner CRM. Let’s dive deep and understand more about Pipeliner and its advanced functionalities in detail.

Introduction To Pipeliner

Pipeliner aims to drive exceptional engagement amongst sales managers and teams through its advanced CRM technology. The CRM system is simple and intuitive, resulting in faster user adoption and ultimately translating into faster return on investment.

The best part about Pipeliner is a sales-friendly interface where everything is visualized – it removes the need to have dedicated full-time administrators and streamlines sales processes! It has advanced reporting features and enables users to drill down deep to analyze key performance indicators. 

High on integration capabilities, Pipeliner can sync information with any other organizational system to migrate or import your data. The artificial intelligence-enabled mobile application helps sales personnel remain up-to-date by accessing real-time data. It increases productivity as team members can collaborate and communicate all the time, even on the move.

Let’s now look at the prime features of Pipeliner, the innovative software that has taken the CRM industry by storm!

Key Features of Pipeliner

Though advanced in functionality, Pipeliner has a highly navigable interface, making it easy for sales personnel to understand and use all its key modules. Multiple dynamic features set Pipeliner apart from other CRM variants in the market.

1. Account Management

In Pipeliner, the primary data form is the account. The system makes it easy for users to view accounts in different ways, such as:

  • Compact View

The most convenient view, the Compact view, displays all vital information about a particular account in a single window. This includes the account activities, contacts related to the account, and other business metrics such as leads, opportunities, account hierarchy, and notes.

  • Pipeline Or Card View

With the pipeline view, you visualize where your live opportunities are placed in the sales pipeline. Salespeople can easily drag-and-drop opportunities from one stage to the next as they move down the funnel.

  • Bubble Chart  View

A three-dimensional map of your opportunities, the bubble chart view depicts in which sales process stage the deal resides, its close date, and size.

  • List View

With the list view, you get to organize all your accounts in a column or row format and can customize them according to business requirements.

Pipeliner makes it easy to merge two different accounts into one at a later stage. It also provides a bulk update feature that allows you to update numerous accounts with the same data. This reduces manual effort and saves time for your sales team.

Pipeliner does more than just listing accounts – it enables you to map the organizational structures within the accounts so that you know the high-value opportunities to focus upon! Since several accounts may be related to each other, you can use the Parent account feature to add a parent account and assign multiple accounts under it.

Importing contacts from the Organizational chart to the buying center is also super easy with Pipeliner. This enables you to understand who is influencing the purchase, and you can create visual representations of hierarchy and buying influence to make better decisions.

2. Dynamic Contact Management

With Pipeliner, while accessing a contact, you get all the information related to it, such as opportunities, notes, activities, tasks, emails, and previous social communication in a single view. This allows you to get all whatever data you need, without switching screens or applications!

As with any functional CRM, all the fields within the contact view are customizable in Pipeliner. You can associate activities and reminders to contacts and also automate email notifications to know about events. The auto-profiling feature makes it easy to fill in contact data fields – all you need to do is enter the email address. Pipeliner adds in the images, social media accounts, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Since one contact may be related to multiple accounts, Pipeliner CRM allows you to connect multiple contacts to multiple accounts. You get to view all contact history and can come to know about past interactions with a particular contact. 

3. Smart Lead Management

Leads are the bedrock of sales! Pipeliner’s intuitive and visual lead management functionality makes it easy to nurture precious leads and move them down the sales pipeline. You can enter lead details manually, import them through. CSV files, or capture information from customized web forms.

You can get a visual representation of leads from Pipeliner CRM’s Pipeline view. It simplifies identification by identifying assigned and qualified leads. The Pipeliner CRM has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, so you can move leads along the pipeline and convert them to opportunities. You can also send them to marketing or sales personnel for further nurturing.

Smart Lead Management

When qualified leads enter the pipeline, they enter the first sales stage. You can customize all sales stages in the pipeline according to your unique organizational requirements. Customization is the key – Pipeliner allows you to set specific tasks or activities that have to be completed before leads can move to the next stage, thereby streamlining the process!

4. Opportunity Tracking With The Powerful Sales Pipeline

There’s no doubt that the interface is the most powerful feature of any CRM system. Pipeliner has a holistic Pipeline view that is a graphical representation of your sales process with clearly defined stages. You can check the status of opportunities in each sales stage and get to know if they are overdue or need attention. You can assign labels to opportunities so that sales personnel know which opportunities to focus upon at a glance.

As with leads, you can assign tasks and activities to each opportunity and track real-time progress. The Pipeliner CRM fitness feature gives you insight into the health of opportunities, letting you know if they are likely to close and by when. The best part about Pipeliner is that it makes your entire sales process completely transparent. You get relevant information on the total opportunity value, due date, and sales velocity for every opportunity in the pipeline!


5. Dynamic Target

If you are looking to motivate your sales team, Pipeliner’s dynamic target feature can come in handy. It reflects the overall result being focused on by the sales team and keeps their goals visible right in front of them!

Dynamic Target

The perfect tool to motivate your sales personnel and drive excellence, dynamic targets provide constant visual motivation. There are various target views such as unweighted sales target, weighted sales target, ranked target, balanced target, and real target. You can also utilize key performance indicators in the target view and compare indicators and timeframes for deeper analysis.

6. Email Integration

With Pipeliner, you get complete email integration right within the system. This means that you can view emails, respond, and store them right within your CRM portal. You can check email in the Feeds section in the opportunities and contact view of Pipeliner, making it easy to track communication. Pipeliner integrates with both MS Outlook and Gmail so that you can email clients from these service providers directly.

7. Dashboard

With the Pipeliner sales key performance indicator dashboard, everyone in the organizational hierarchy can view critical data to make smarter decisions. 

There are 27 in-built KPIs that sales managers can use to instantly visualize business operations for a specific representative, a sales unit, region/ territory, or entire sales team. These include win rate by opportunity value, pipeline velocity, lost reasons, and drop-off rates.

Pipeliner CRM Dashboard

The KPI view is completely customizable, and users can apply different filters to slice and dice data views. This enhances the visibility of all your active sales pipelines and enables you to take the right action to increase bottom-line results!

8. Mobile CRM

The Pipeliner mobile CRM application gives you access to contacts and account information, even on the move.  Sales personnel can get information on contact history, communication, and moves opportunities down the pipeline, from anywhere in the world!

Mobile CRM

The mobile application is a huge asset for sales teams as they can visualize the KPI dashboard to analyze opportunity values and get an overview of all current pipelines. Pipeliner enables you to filter data and customize fields to get the exact information that you need. This helps you make informed decisions and achieve strategic business goals faster!

9. Integrations

There is no doubt that integrations are crucial for any CRM system’s market success! Pipeliner understands this and enables users to integrate with more than 50 popular business applications.

Mobile CRM

Sales personnel do not need to worry about sending emails right from Pipeliner as it integrates with email integration programs. They can also track and manage campaigns as Pipeliner integrates with marketing automation applications. This streamlines data import and export, ensuring that your employees do not spend hours on spreadsheets – they can share and transfer data with the click of a button! 

The Final Word

We give Pipeliner a definite thumbs up! With a loyal and growing customer base, Pipeliner is the one-stop CRM solution for sales teams across the world. Having tons of innovative features that help clients manage sales efficiently has proved to be a market leader in the CRM domain!

Pipeliner’s unique intuitive interface makes it easy for quick adoption, even by non-technical users. It also provides robust offline capabilities through its navigable mobile CRM application that facilitates accessibility anytime and anywhere!

Reinventing the CRM story, Pipeliner has miles to go and tons to achieve in this digital age! So if you want to influence your salespeople with intelligent data positively, go right ahead and invest in Pipeliner. It can help your organization boost its sales game and increase all vital bottom-line results exponentially!

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