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Last updated: August 5, 2021

For your business to exist without an accounting solution, is not entirely impossible but it is definitely improbable and imprudent. With the market overflowing with user-friendly accounting software, it is an injudicious decision to make your finance team burn the midnight oil and sweat without any fruitful returns. Adapting to a new Accounting Software has been easier than ever before; with few seconds for installation and a customizable approach.

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Pi.TEAM is a new player in the town for Accounting and Inventory Software. With its ‘Simple’ Accounting motto; it is easy to adapt and even easier to implement. With an open API, Pi.TEAM can be easily integrated with your existing software base. It is multi-GST, multi-currency and MULTI-featured!

Here is what Pi.TEAM has to offer:

An all-inclusive, easy to read and completely customizable dashboard. As soon as the user logs in, the dashboard greets him with brief information which drives the course of his action. The numbers show him; both his sales and the revenue. The analytics graphs interpret the valuable data for all type of users. All landing pages of the software are accessible from the dashboard itself.


Be it retail or B2B marketing, Customers are always the priority. To cater to each individual customer needs, you can save your customers as your contacts and manage them as easily as you manage your personal contacts. Professionalism with a personal touch.

A contact of the customer includes customer details like multiple email IDs, addresses, and contact details. Professional details like VAT number, GST number, etc. can be stored and accessed easily.



The software is enabled with multi-currency and multiple geographical locations. GST compliant invoices can be created in a jiffy. Invoices of recurring nature (weekly, fortnightly, monthly and custom) can be sent punctually with the recurring invoice feature. With Pi.TEAM, one can never miss out due to negligence.
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With Pi.TEAM, You can create Products, Assets, and Services. With the automatic updates in each section, Inventory can be maintained easily. Thus, eliminating the need for Inventory management software.

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Managing transactions with Pi.TEAM is even easier than managing them in real life! Automatic updates according to the user preference are made; one can override them when needed. Tabs for Invoice, Payments, Credit notes, Refunds, Returns, Inventory updates are available under Accounting transaction.


General Ledger (GL) accounts can be balanced easily with this best accounting software. Adding a custom GL account for specific transactions is enabled. The GL accounts keep a complete record of company financials. This helps in creating financial statements and reports. With a two-factor authentication security, it is even safer than your bank vault.

Multiple reports are required by the Government. These mandatory reports along with other supporting in-depth reports for a comprehensive analysis are also supplied. This feature eliminates government follow-ups.


Minutes of the Review:

  • The Notification and Announcements section of the Software reveals that the creators have customer’s best interest at mind.  They are ever enthusiastic to provide their users the best service in the market.
  • The Software is priced a bit higher than its competitors.
  • The Software stays true to its motto, ‘Simple’ Accounting.  As Easy and Simple as ‘ABC’.
  • With the feeling of Startup brotherhood, the creators are providing their startup product at an affordable rate to their fellow startups.  

If you do not mind going the extra mile for some genuine benefits, then Pi.TEAM is a perfect match for you!

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